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Unique Gift Gift Ideas
for Astrology Lovers

Horoscope gifts give the giver an attractive astrological air of being...

Who wouldn't want to give or be given a gift with so many astrological attributes? ;-)

One-of-a-kind Personal Horoscopes

Michael's printed personal horoscope readings make great gifts. Or you can have them emailed to a far-away friend on the Net, with a copy emailed to you (enter "cc me" in the Special Instructions box on your Order Form).

For more information on Horoscope Readings printed on beautiful designer paper stock, see Printed Readings.

Michael's Horoscope Readings as Gifts or Presentations

The "Six Pack" of five personal horoscope readings plus a Natal Chart makes an interesting and unusual birthday gift for only $15. Click here to see what they say about these horoscope readings.

The "Six Pack" makes an interesting inter-active gift for a bridal shower. Some of those intimate details from the bride's personal horoscope readings are guaranteed to garner a few chuckles, comments and quips from her bridesmaids and relatives! And the printed "Six Pack" readings make a memorable and inexpensive personalized gift for the wedding party members too (ask for a 62-character inscription at the top of each reading). People love to read these horoscopes out loud to their friends, or swap and compare each other's readings - so try them at any office party, shower, stag, or family gathering.

For Valentines Day two lovers could exchange Romance Secrets Readings on each other, or read their Cupid Compatibility Reading and Mating Rating. (Emailed within 24 hours after Order Date.)

For that last-minute gift, order a horoscope reading by email and have it printed out on your own printer in 24 hours or less.

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