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Aquarius and the Internet

by Michael Star ©1998
STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine.

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In Astrology, the Sign of Aquarius is associated with:
  • large groups,
  • alliances,
  • friendships,
  • universal truths,
  • ideals,
  • insights,
  • innovations,
  • inventions,
  • electronics,
  • computers,
  • networks.
This is what the Internet is all about!

 Image of constellation of Aquarius.

Aquarius is also the Sign of Astrology itself, so an astrology Web site on the Internet was clearly "in the stars" for a computer programmer and astrologer named Michael Star who has the Sign of Aquarius on the cusp of his 10th house of career!

image of The Star card XVII of the Rider Tarot deck ©U.S. Games Inc. In the Tarot, The Star card is associated with the astrological sign of Aquarius. A coincidence? Or was it Synchronicity that led to the choice of "STAR SIGNS" for the name of this astrology Web site and the unique astrology software that creates the horoscope readings presented here?

The astrological glyph of Aquarius looks like two rows of water waves; and its symbol is the water bearer. Yet this intellectual sign is not a Water Sign - it's actually associated with the element of Air!

Is that a paradox, or just two typical traits of Aquarius - being unconventional and unpredictable? Perhaps you'll find the STAR SIGNS Web site a little like that too.

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