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Personal Horoscope Readings

by Michael Star

Phone: 905-891-7436 (near Toronto, Canada)

Are you planning an event and looking for a unique and very entertaining personal experience for the guests at your company party, convention, or corporate function? Everyone reads their horoscope online or in the newspaper, but those are short and simple and over-generalized forecasts based only on their zodiac sign. I can give your guests an interesting and insightful personal horoscope reading based on their own unique birth data - month, day, year, town (and the exact time, if known) - not just their "zodiac sign".

A Memorable Experience

People are thrilled to get their own reading, and there is usually a line-up of enthusiastic guests waiting for their turn. When I also give your guests a printed reading to take home, they have something to remind them of your business and your event. Often they will trade print-outs and have fun reading what their friends' horoscopes say about them.

Clear and Concise, Not Confusing

The horoscopes are written in plain English in my own words and style, and are quickly (and silently) printed using astrology software I wrote myself. They leave out any confusing astrological "jargon", so the message is clear and concise. The writing is interesting and the information is insightful - and what could be more fascinating than something that's all about you?

A Variety of Live Entertainment

I also do short Tarot card readings, and can provide other entertainers to help serve a larger number of guests. A three to four-hour party which offers your guests a choice of several types of interactive entertainment provides a great afternoon or evening break during a sales convention or seminar - or is an entertaining event in itself!

Also consider providing an assortment of these types of entertainment at a company promotion, open house event, "stress relief day", "employee appreciation day", golf day dinner, awards ceremony, retirement party, Christmas party, or picnic - or even on a moonlight cruise! And don't forget the annual United Way fund raising campaign - to present a mix of interactive entertainment at an in-house event during business hours can be a fun way for company employees to personally contribute to the fund-raising campaign by paying for the personal services these entertainers provide.

Astrologers (interpreting your horoscope chart)

Tarot card readers (interpreting the cards you choose)

Palm readers (interpreting the lines in your hand)

Psychics (some use cards or personal objects)

(cartoon-style portraits on paper)

Henna artists (designs painted on skin with henna dye)

Temporary tattoo artists (washable images applied to skin)

Musicians - singers, piano players, flute players, guitar players, bands

Karaoke or Disc Jockey (Deejay) services.

Fitting the Theme

THEME PARTIES.  Horoscopes and card readings and psychic readings are often the featured entertainment at corporate conventions or promotions using "The Future Is Now" or "The New Millennium" as a theme, or at "psychic night" parties. They are great entertainment at company Christmas parties, customer appreciation parties, employee morale-boosting parties, new product promotions, store openings, or open house events. They work well in large venues like convention halls or trade shows, or in intimate surroundings like a restaurant or banquet room. They fit right in with events having "Monte Carlo" or casino or Halloween themes.


EXPERIENCE.  I have appeared at the Canada Day celebrations in Ottawa and the Millennium Party celebrations at the CN Tower in Toronto. As one of the few Toronto astrologers who do public appearances, I have worked at many large corporate events in Toronto for banks, insurance and computer companies, and accounting and law firms; at book stores, libraries, colleges and clubs; in nightclubs; at street festivals and fairs; and at charity fund raisers. (At many of these events I have been accompanied by Maggie the pretty and perky palm reader, who also does Tarot card readings.)

There are people who appear at psychic fairs and other events, and who have purchased software which prints some form of horoscope reading they can sell, but they are not astrologers themselves. Unlike them, I am a professional astrologer who makes my living providing personal horoscope readings. And I wrote my own software (and all the interpretive text) to produce a person's horoscope chart and create printed readings quickly and inexpensively. I sell these readings on my 300-page  Web site which has since 1996 become one of the largest and best-known astrology sites on the Internet, serving close to a million page-views per month. I write all the daily and weekly and yearly horoscope columns and many of the articles on Astrology and Tarot which are available for free on my Web site. I have also lectured and taught beginners classes on Astrology and Tarot in bookstores and public libraries.

So when you get a live and impromptu horoscope or Tarot reading from me, it is coming from my years of experience as an astrologer and Tarot reader, and not from some memorized patter or minimal understanding of Astrology. I never know what I am going to say to the person until an insight pops into my mind, so your guests may hear some surprising things about them!

I also do my best to book only "real" psychics and experienced readers to work with me at your event, the kind I respect and would go to myself - and not the "fake" kind you often find on those psychic 900 lines advertised on television or the Web. (Did you hear that the famous "Miss Cleo" turned out to be just an out-of-work actress born in Los Angeles, not some mystic seer from the Caribbean?) We want to enlighten as well as entertain; and though we like to have fun doing it and make it fun for you and your guests, we also take our work seriously.

How It Works

You are a guest who comes to my small table and sits with me in private. I ask for your name and birth data and enter it into my notebook computer, which instantly calculates the positions of the Sun and Moon and Planets and other astrological factors in your birth horoscope.

You get a personal, unique and accurate written horoscope reading, which is printed silently on a small portable inkjet printer while we talk.

You also get a verbal "character reading" from me while your horoscope is being printed, as I refer to your planetary data showing on the screen of my computer. Based on my knowledge of Astrology, I tell you what it reveals about your personality - not just how you act, but WHY you act that way. If you and a friend want to listen in on each other's reading, that's fine with me.

Later, you might want to share or swap the printed readings with a friend or mate, to help you understand each other better - or just for fun! You have probably never seen such intimate things about yourself written out in a clear and concise fashion.

See the Samples

There are links below to web pages with SAMPLE READINGS, so you can see the type of information you would be getting if you ordered that reading for yourself. Since time is usually limited at an event with many guests, I usually do just one or two of my most popular and "fun-to-read" one-page readings, the Romance Secrets or Psyche Secrets readings.

It usually works best to offer each guest a choice of just one or the other, which saves time and allows every guest a chance to get their own reading. (At a large event with hundreds of guests, it is best to simply do the popular Romance Secrets reading and avoid having to wait for people to make their choice or ask questions about which one to choose. This leaves more time for the verbal reading and lets me accomodate more guests per hour.)

Canadian Content, Original and One-of-a-Kind

My horoscope readings are different from the kind you see elsewhere on the Web, and are not available elsewhere. I don't print reports generated by the same commercial software many other astrologers use, but have spent years creating my own plain-English interpretations and software. The reading your guests receive will be unique - and uniquely their own. Even the one-page Romance Secrets reading has over 25,000 possible variations.

Below is a list of all the horoscope readings I offer. Those shown in red can be printed on-the-spot at your event and offered "free" to your guests, because the cost of one or two of these printouts is included in my personal appearance fee. If  I spend five minutes with each guest, I can do 12 verbal readings and 12-24 printouts per hour, or about 48 readings in four hours. To serve 100 guests in four hours you would need to hire two astrologers (or one tarot or palm reader in addition to myself).

If you need something to keep your early arrivals entertained while they wait for a dinner or presentation, I can just produce the printed readings, at the rate of about one per minute.

You can read a description and see a sample by clicking on the underlined link. If you make a serious booking enquiry, I would be pleased to email your own personal reading as a free sample, so you can actually see their accuracy and appreciate the entertainment value of what you would be providing for your guests.

* Romance Secrets Part 1
* Romance Secrets Part 2 (best with birth time)
* Psyche Secrets (your secret motivations)
* Relating Secrets Part 1
* Relating Secrets Part 2 (best with birth time)
* Seduction Secrets (what turns you on)
* Compatibility Analysis with Mating Rating (2 persons)
* Career Counselor and Success Secrets (birth time required)
* Karmic Gifts and Lessons (birth time required)
* Weekly Forecast
* Monthly Forecast
* Birth Chart

These are real  personal horoscope readings  about you, your mate, or your children, written by Michael Star in plain English, which sell on the Internet for USD $5 to $25 each. Unlike any others, they are  real astrology  presented in an enlightening yet entertaining style.

If you wish to have the readings printed on your own special paper, simply supply me with 8.5 x 11 inch, 15-20 pound stock when I arrive at your event. (It must leave space for printing within 1/2 inch of the top and bottom, and within 1 inch of each side.)   I can also print one line to promote your company or commemorate the event, which would appear within the header of each reading.

If you need an "ice-breaker" event, or an incentive for your guests to meet and mingle and stay longer (or come earlier), ask about "The Birth Date Game" - my unique program which prints name tag labels to wear, which show a guest's birth date (without the year), a 4-line description of traits based on their personal horoscope, and one or two birth dates of people they should try to find and meet in order to win a prize.

Fees for Services

Fees  are based on an hourly rate per astrologer or other entertainer, with discounts for longer periods. Travel expenses outside the Greater Toronto Area would be negotiated separately.

For charity fund raising events, the readings could be sold to participants for a fixed fee that provides a nice profit for the charity; or a corporate sponsor could guarantee the appearance fee and all the proceeds could go to the charity. (This is a fun way for an office to raise funds during the United Way Campaign, or for a non-profit club to raise funds from its own members and friends. You can sell easily the individual readings to your own people at a price which provides a nice profit after the hourly fee is deducted - such as $10 for 2 printed readings.)

The longer readings can be printed afterwards if time permits, or ordered and sent the next day by email, if some guests wish to order them on their own at a special price. Offering the extra readings is at your option, and if you do not wish me to display an Order Form card or do special readings afterwards for those who request them, that is perfectly okay with me. But since I offer a 20% commission on those paid readings, it could be applied to reduce the fee you pay for my appearance.

PHYSICAL SET-UP.  Myself and other "readers" such as Tarot or palm or psychic readers can work from a small table with two or three chairs and a reasonable amount of light (or from a sofa and coffee table). It is best to have us located where loud music or other noise will not make it too hard for your guests to hear us speak. For my portable computer and printer, I will need access to a source of electrical AC current (although I can work for 1-3 hours on my own batteries if necessary). The caricature or henna or tattoo artists need a well-lighted area and about an eight-foot square space to set up their equipment. If you are running and outdoor event, please consider "wind control" and a shelter from possible rain (a tent or canopy with side panels is best).

WORKING WITH ORGANIZERS.  I welcome inquiries from corporations, charities, event organizers, corporate party planners, event planners, meeting planners, entertainment agencies, booking agents, caterers, other entertainers, and private individuals. I am used to working professionally with agents and party planners as a sub-contracted entertainer, and would be pleased to either deal with your agent or event planner, or deal with you in person.

OTHER ENTERTAINMENT.  I can also book additional entertainers for your function or party, such as tarot card readers, numerologists, graphologists, palm readers, caricaturists, and temporary tattoo artists (plus a few good piano, flute, or guitar players, and singers). I am sensitive to your need to project an appropriate "image", so I will be sure to ask how you would like us to dress for the occasion. Normally we would dress in neat-but-casual or business-style clothing, but if you feel some kind of costume would be appropriate, just ask!

PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT.  I and my associates will act in a professional manner, and do our best to accommodate your wishes to help make your special event an enjoyable experience for your guests. We will arrive on time and be ready to start working at the appointed hour, and will act in a courteous and respectful manner towards you and your guests. I carry a cell phone with me so that you or the designated contact person can keep in touch in the unlikely event that some unforseen circumstance might delay my arrival, or might require a last-minute change of location or start time.

For more information, contact Michael Star:

Telephone: 905-891-7436
(Just west of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A 905- local call from Toronto GTA, Mississauga, Oakville, and Brampton.)
Mail Address:
Michael Star
Michael Star Co.
81 Lakeshore Road East #51
Mississauga, Ontario

What They Say About Michael Star's
Personal Horoscope Readings

Available on the Web since 1996 at
"The information was incredible and insightful. I will be contacting you in the future for additional readings.
My check is on its way to you. Thank you again - you are very gifted."
- R.W. on from U.S.A.
"I read the readings and I must say WOW, that you were basically right on.
I am very impressed, and plan to have a few more."
- S.G. on from England
"I enjoyed your readings enormously!"
- J.L.P. on from U.S.A.
"Wow!!! ... This is the most complete reading I have ever had...
I appreciate the way you do not use astrological "jargon" in your readings."
- A.V. on from U.S.A.
"Michael, I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for sending the readings so quickly and to tell you that I was very impressed with them.
I will definitely be checking back to your page for future orders and will recommend your service to others. I was IMPRESSED!"
- D.R. on U.S.A.
"Whoa!!! Thank you very much for my readings! I have enjoyed them.
I have had other readings in Astrology before, but these really "get me" in a big way. ...I'm turning 40 soon and this reading has really affirmed my commitment to living from heart and soul and from vision and integrity.
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and gifts with the world!"
- M.W. on from U.S.A.
"I greatly enjoyed the readings I received on my daughter.
My husband and I were amazed by the accuracy, and happy to perhaps gain a little insight on her."
- J.S. from U.S.A
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