What Attracts Men?
Be the Woman Men Adore - And Never Want To Leave!
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What Attracts Men?

Astrological Answers by Michael Star.
A Romance Astrology article
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How a man's Moon Sign and Venus Sign reveal his preferred types of women. (Use his Sun Sign - as in "What's your Sign?" - if you don't know his Moon or Venus Sign.) See links to each Sign below.

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What Attracts Men?
What's His "Type" of Woman?

His Moon Sign and Venus Sign are the Answer

©1998-2018 by Michael Star

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Links for each Sign are located below. If you don't know what Signs the Moon and Venus were in on your birth date, try reading all twelve descriptions for the Signs and see which one or two best describe the type of woman which attracts you most. These descriptions will also be relevant (to a lesser extent) for your Sun Sign, so you might try reading the paragraph for your Sun Sign too.

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Find the astrological Sign which contains the Moon in a man's birth horoscope, then read the matching paragraph for that Sign by clicking on the link below. The Sun Sign is what the average person answers when you ask, "What's your sign?" - but the Moon Sign is not known by the average person, and is quite complicated to determine.

However, his Moon Sign is the best indicator of the type of woman he sees as his life partner, the potential mother of his children, and the type he is most comfortable with on an emotional level. (It also indicates the type of person of either sex he is most comfortable with as a platonic friend or roommate. Check out your own Moon Sign type to see who you are most comfortable with.) You will probably need to get a birth chart produced by an astrologer or computer program to find out the Moon Sign.

(The Venus Sign and Mars Sign for anyone born from 1940-1959 can be found in my simplified ephemeris by clicking this link.)

Then, find the Sign which contains Venus in the man's horoscope chart, and read the appropriate Sign paragraph by clicking on the link for your Sign below. This is the best indicator of the type of woman he is attracted to as a romantic partner, and the type most suited for an intimate relationship.

If Moon and Venus are in the same Sign, the attraction to that type is extra strong!

If the man's birth date is the same as one of the "cusp dates" given for the Moon Sign in any table you may be using, be aware that the Moon moves almost half a Sign (12-14 degrees) in 24 hours, so you need to know the time of birth to be sure which Sign the Moon was in. You may find that the Moon Sign for the date one day before or after that "cusp date" is more appropriate. This is because the Moon changes Sign every 2.5 days, approximately.

We can use those convenient "cusp dates" for the Sun because our calendar was designed to conform to the apparent motion of the Sun. But the position of the planet Venus does not conveniently match our calendar; so you will have to look up its position on the exact month/day/year of birth from the listings in an astrological or naval "Ephemeris", or obtain an inexpensive computer-calculated "natal horoscope chart" or "astro chart" based on the birth data.

Before you look up your own Venus Sign, you could try a little experiment by reading all twelve paragraphs and then choosing the one (other than the one for your Moon Sign, if you already know it) which best describes the second "type" of woman who attracts you. Is it the same "type" your Venus Sign predicts? Has your dating history included a significant number of partners who have that Venus Sign?

These "types" also come into play when a man is attracted in a purely platonic way to another man because he admires his "style" - the way he expresses himself in his appearance and actions. (For a gay male, these "types" will also apply to the type of man who attracts him.) Both men and women are likely to find many of their most "comfortable" friends have their Sun in the same Sign as their own Moon. The Moon is about how you feel comfortable, safe, and secure in ANY close relationship; while Venus is more about how you give and receive affection, and how you act to attract partners (as friends or lovers) or get attracted to them; and, especially for men, it symbolizes the kind of person you view as your ideal lover.

Your Mars Sign indicates the type of person who attracts you on a purely physical and sexual level - the type you could feel "lust" for.

It also indicates how you unconsciously "act to attain" the object of your desire, which may be quite different from your usual "style" as indicated by your Sun Sign, if your Mars is in a different Sign. For about 11 out of 12 people, Mars will be in a different Sign than their Sun.

Venus is about how you passively "act to attract"; while Mars is about how you assertively "act to attain" - so you could say that your Mars Sign indicates your style of acting to "woo and win" the one you see as a potential exciting sex partner.

If your Venus and Mars (or theirs) are in the same Sign, the attraction is doubly strong to that type - but remember that Venus is about love and affection, while Mars is only about lust and sex.

It's great to feel both kinds of desire for one partner - but romantic affection and sexual lust are often separate kinds of feelings, and you can be attracted to two different types on two different levels.

One of the best indicators of a marriage with a mutually satisfying sex life is when the man's Mars is in the same Sign as the woman's Venus. And if they are both near the same degree of the Sign, the sexual attraction is super-strong and may never fade, even if the relationship ends. (This may account for the phenomenon called "ex sex" - where couples who have ended the relationship get sexually attracted and end up having sex with their ex-lover even after they are separated or divorced.

To a lesser extent, this mutual sexual attraction also applies when the woman's Venus and man's Mars are in the same Element, such as both being in Fire Signs like Aries or Leo or Sagittarius; or when the woman's Venus and man's Mars are in Signs which are separated by one other Sign, such as Aries/Gemini or Aries/Aquarius.

When the woman's Venus and man's Mars are in Signs which opposite, such as Aries/Libra, the saying "opposites attract" is true; so there can be a great sexual attraction, but also some difficulties due to the innate differences in style. This is often an indicator of a sexually "hot" (but also aggravating) relationship, or a "love/hate" affair. Think of a "Liz and Dick Burton" or "Lucy and Desi Arnaz" kind of relationship when there is this kind of Venus/Mars opposition.

If you're a woman who wants to check out your own Mars Sign or that of a potential romantic partner, see my article on What Attracts Women.

To see how ALL the planets in your birth chart and that of a potential romantic partner combine to produce the complex relationship that is yours alone, order my Cupid Compatibility Horoscope with "Mating Rarting". You can read about it at the Cupid Compatibility page and order it at Order Form 2. If you can provide accurate birth TIMES for both of you, you will also get a unique Mating Rating which rates seven basic factors in your relationship on a scale of 1 to 99 per cent, and is an excellent overall guide to the potential for happiness in a particular romantic relationship. (It is also very revealing when you order a Compatibility Analysis on a past relationship or marriage and then compare it to one for a current relationship. Sometimes you can see a "pattern" which you are unconsciously repeating in your choice of each new lover.)

(If you don't know the man's Moon or Venus sign, click on the link below which matches his Sun Sign. The description there will apply to his Sun Sign to some extent, but not as much as for his Moon and Venus Sign.)

What Attracts Men with MOON or VENUS in:

| Aries | Taurus | Gemini | Cancer | Leo | Virgo |

| Libra | Scorpio | Sagittarius | Capricorn | Aquarius | Pisces |

Find your Venus Sign if born 1940-1959

Click to learn the Secrets.

Be the Woman Men Adore - And Never Want To Leave!

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(1) If a WOMAN were to read these same descriptions which match HER OWN natal Venus Sign, she might find some strong similarities between the traits men with that Venus Sign LOOK FOR in a LOVER, and the ways SHE tends to EXPRESS her own femininity. It is natural for a woman to quite unconsciously slip into a mode of expression matching her own Venus Sign "type" when she is in the presence of men she would like to attract or flirt with.

(2) If a WOMAN were to read these same descriptions which match HER OWN natal Moon Sign, she might find some strong similarities between these traits men of the same Moon Sign LOOK FOR in a WIFE (or mother of their children), and the kind of man who MAKES HER FEEL SAFE and secure and protected. There is a good chance her own choice of mate will have similar qualities (or he may have his Sun in that Sign).

If you've found someone you are interested in, and know their birth date and year, you can get a 10-15 page analysis of your mutual attractions and reactions by ordering a Cupid Compatibility Horoscope C1 by Michael Star. If you can provide accurate birth times for both of you, you will also get a "Mating Rating" with scores from 0 to 99% on each of seven relationship factors.

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