What Attracts Women?
Be the Woman Men Adore - And Never Want To Leave!
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What Attracts Women?

Astrological Answers by Michael Star.
A Romance Astrology article
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How a woman's Sun Sign and Mars Sign reveal her preferred types of men. Click the links for each Sign below.
(When you ask "What's your sign?" that's the Sun Sign you are talking about.)

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What Attracts Women?
What's her "type" of Man?

Her Sun Sign and Mars Sign are the Answer

(c)1998-2016 by Michael Star

(This page is copyrighted and may not be published or sold without the permission of the author. All rights reserved.)

Links for each Sign are located below. Find the astrological Sign which contains the Sun in a woman's birth horoscope, then read the matching description by clicking on that Sign's link below. The Sun Sign is what the average person answers when you ask "What's your sign?"  

by Michael Star
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Then find the Sign which contains Mars in the woman's horoscope chart, and click on that Sign's link. If Sun and Mars are in the same Sign, the attraction to that type is extra strong!

For convenience, the typical dates the Sun is in a particular Sign are listed in brackets. If the woman's birth date is the same as one of these "cusp dates" given here, you may find that the Sun Sign for the date one day before or after that date is more appropriate. This is because in some years the Sun moves into the next Sign one day before or after these typical "cusp dates" - and it also depends on what time of day the Sun actually crossed the Cusp. Click here for more information on Cusps.

We can use these convenient "cusp dates" for the Sun because our calendar was designed to conform to the apparent motion of the Sun. But the position of the planet Mars does not conveniently match our calendar; so you will have to look up its position on the exact month/day/year of birth from the listings in an astrological or naval "Ephemeris", or obtain an inexpensive computer-calculated "natal horoscope chart" or "astro chart" based on the birth data.

Before you look up your own Mars Sign, you could try a little experiment by reading all twelve paragraphs below and then choosing the one (other than the one for your Sun Sign) which best describes the second "type" of man who attracts you. Is it the same "type" your Mars Sign predicts? Has your dating history included a significant number of partners who have that Sun Sign?

The Mars and Venus Sign for anyone born from 1940-1959 can be found in this simplified ephemeris on-line.

(These "types" also come into play when a woman is attracted in a platonic (or romantic) way to another woman because she admires her "style" - the way she expresses herself in her appearance and actions.)

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Click on a Woman's Sun Sign (star sign)
then come back to click on her Mars Sign too.

SUN or MARS in ARIES (SUN is here MAR 21 - APR 20)

SUN or MARS in TAURUS (SUN is here APR 21 - MAY 21)

SUN or MARS in GEMINI (SUN is here MAY 22 - JUN 21)

SUN or MARS in CANCER (SUN is here JUN 22 - JUL 23)

SUN or MARS in LEO (SUN is here JUL 23 - AUG 23)

SUN or MARS in VIRGO (SUN is here AUG 24 - SEP 23)

SUN or MARS in LIBRA (SUN is here SEP 24 - OCT 23)

SUN or MARS in SCORPIO (SUN is here OCT 24 - NOV 22)

SUN or MARS in SAGITTARIUS (SUN is here NOV 23 - DEC 21)

SUN or MARS in CAPRICORN (SUN is here DEC 22 - JAN 20)

SUN or MARS in AQUARIUS (SUN is here JAN 21 - FEB 19)

SUN or MARS in PISCES (SUN is here FEB 20 - MAR 20)

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(1) If a man were to read these same descriptions which match his own natal Sun Sign, he may find some strong similarities between the traits women with that Sun Sign seek in a mate, and the ways he tends to express his own masculine side. It is natural for a man to quite unconsciously shift into a mode of expression matching his own Sun Sign "type" when in the presence of women he would like to impress.

(2) If a man were to read these same descriptions which match his own natal Mars Sign, he may find some strong similarities between these traits the same Mars Sign women are attracted to in a lover, and the kind of women who make him feel or act more masculine or "sexy", or who draw out his masculine energy (which is similar to his own Mars Sign "type").

If you've found someone you are interested in, and know their birth date and year, you can get a 10-15 page analysis of your mutual attractions and reactions by ordering a Cupid Compatibility Horoscope C1 by Michael Star. If you can provide accurate birth times for both of you, you will also get a "Mating Rating" with scores from 1 to 99% on each of seven relationship factors, such as Infatuation, Friendship, Loyalty/Longevity, Rapport, Physical/Sexual, Karma, and Difficulty.

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