Clinton and Lewinsky Compatibility Horoscope
by Michael Star
A Celebrity horoscope reading in
STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine.

The Cupid Compatibility Horoscope reading C1 Heart to Heart

As interpreted and written by Michael Star:
A PERSONAL Reading of the UNIQUE Birth Charts of two romantic partners, using the astrological technique called Synastry. See comments.

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On this page a full Cupid Compatibility Horoscope report with "Mating Rating" for Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky is reproduced so you can see what a typical compatibility horoscope reading would look like. This one-of-a-kind compatibility horoscope reading is usually 10-15 pages long, depending on the number of astrological factors influencing the relationship. You may see a written description of this or any other Readings by selecting the appropriate hyperlink below.

I hesitate to publish a personal horoscope reading like this, even when public figures like United States President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky (former White House intern) are considered "fair game", but now that the details of their affair have been admitted by both partners, and made public by all the news media, I have decided to use this highly-publicized relationship as an example of what can be revealed by my Cupid Compatibility Horoscope report. Under the law, a "public figure" does not have the same right to privacy the average citizen enjoys, and after the media coverage and the public release of the Starr Report by congress, Mr. Clinton and Ms. Lewinsky certainly don't have much "privacy" left to be protected.

But please rest assured that neither I nor any other professional astrologer would ever disclose your own confidential birth data if you gave it to us to do a horoscope interpretation for you - not without your permission. Unless you are dealing with a trusted advisor, you probably should keep your exact birth TIME to yourself, for when combined with date and place of birth it allows anyone who knows Astrology to do a very detailed analysis of your life and your personality. You share the same birth year and day with many thousands of people, but may only share the exact birth date AND time with one or two individuals in the whole world. That makes you and your birth chart unique.

When you order a personal Cupid Compatibility Horoscope and provide the birth time for you and your partner, I will assume that you know the birth date and time because your partner has given you permission to reveal his or her birth time to me, and given you permission to see the compatibility analysis of your love relationship and any comments about your partner included in this analysis or any other types of personal horoscope readings you may order from me.

Comments on the Compatibility Horoscope for Bill and Monica

In light of what you have probably learned about the Clinton-Lewinksy relationship and their sex life, I think you will get a few chuckles out of some of the unintentional double-meanings in the wording of this particular Cupid Compatibility Horoscope report. I know I did!

This sample reading is typical of a reading I would do for any couple having the same birth data; and no words have been changed to make it fit the Clinton-Lewinsky relationship in particular.

Every paragraph is determined by a particular relationship between the planets in the birth horoscopes of the two partners in the relationship, using the astrological technique called Synastry, and the software I wrote just fits my own interpretation in my own words to each of the corresponding astrological factors it has determined are relevant to the relationship, or to the individuals involved. (That's why I can do this compatibility analysis for $25 instead of the $100 or more I would have to charge if I needed to take the time to do it all by hand. In fact, my analysis software looks at so many complex factors, I don't think I could even do all this by hand! I certainly could not do the complex Mating Rating at all, without the use of computer calculations.)

What is notable about the Clinton-Lewinsky compatibility horoscope analysis is that it indicates a rather high karmic attraction between Bill and Monica; and also a higher-than-average compatibility in all seven Factors of the Mating Rating, including a low Difficulty Factor. What appear to be missing are certain aspects between Venus and Mars which indicate the highest degree of both initial AND lasting sexual compatibility and satisfaction (and which often show up in marriage relationships). There are, of course, other factors which do indicate sexual and romantic interest, but not these important Venus/Mars aspects.

The reading also shows that both Bill and Monica have very strong personalities, and that Bill Clinton in particular has an extremely high degree of charisma and dominance which is obvious now to anyone who has observed his presidency. Both have strong Leo characteristics, and need to live "larger-than-life", be noticed, and be approved or applauded. Like the other Fire Signs of Aries and Sagittarius, Leo is a risk-taker; and because it is a Fixed Sign, Leo values loyalty and has persistence beyond resistance. Bill Clinton is actually a double Leo, having both Sun and Ascendant in Leo. Both have Moon in Taurus, which explains the tendency to seek comfort from sensuality and "oral" gratification.

To help reduce the size of this page, and to let the reading flow easier, I originally deleted the title lines of each paragraph which cite the astrological factors involved. These are normally included in the readings ordered by my clients, so they may use the supplied horoscope data to look up other interpretations in astrology text books, if they wish.

I have since decided to include these extra lines of "jargon" in this sample reading so that it shows exactly what your own compatibility horoscope analysis would look like. If you don't understand astrological terms or aren't interested in learning more about Astrology and Synastry, you can just ignore those title lines if you prefer.

But I wanted my clients to be able to see both how horoscope interpretation "works", and "why" I have said those particular things in each paragraph about the particular astrological factor I interpreted there. It also gives students of Astrology a chance to get a "second opinion" on anything I have written about their love relationship - by looking up interpretations of that same astrological factor by expert astrologers who have written books on the subject.

I hope you will have some fun checking this compatibility horoscope against your personal impression of the Clinton-Lewinsky love relationship as reported in the media, and perhaps see how much can be learned about a romantic relationship from a detailed astrological compatibility analysis of the birth horoscopes of two people such as you and your partner.

This is not simplistic Sun-Sign compatibility, but a complex comparison of the Sun, Moon, and ALL the Planets in one partner's natal horoscope chart to the Sun, Moon, and all the Planets in the other's partner's natal horoscope, using an astrological technique called Synastry. Remember, people are complex and so are their relationships and their horoscope charts! That's why you sometimes see things that seem to "contradict" something else - for that's just the way we humans are: complex and sometimes contradictory!

- Michael Star, Astrologer

A Sample Horoscope Reading:
Cupid Compatibility Horoscope C1 for Bill Clinton
and Monica Lewinsky

Horoscope readings are sent by email in ASCII text format when you purchase a personal Reading. You may print it out on your own printer in any text style you choose, and on any type of paper you choose. All Readings are pre-formatted to fit any standard page 66 lines long and 80 characters wide. If you print it from your email program, it should look pretty much like the sample reading below. But you can change the font style and color if you wish, by copying it from your mail reader into your word processor and then printing from the word processor instead (you may need to insert "page breaks" to keep the pages and page numbers on separate sheets of paper).

The following Cupid Compatibility Horoscope reading C1 was done to illustrate its ability to analyze a relationship for a woman and man whose birth charts have been compared in great detail (also available for same-sex love relationships: be sure to specify genders when ordering).

This special compatibility horoscope reading also includes a Mating Rating of the relationship, based on the same seven Rating Factors described under the STAR MATES Search Report. The length of the compatibility horoscope report varies according to the complexity of the relationship, averaging 10-15 pages.

At the present time, only romantic relationships are described in the Cupid Compatibility Horoscope. (A version of this compatibility horoscope can be done for a gay relationship, if the sexual preference of each person is indicated by the choice of G or L in the "gender" question when ordering). A platonic-friendship interpretation is also being developed, suitable for: friends, parent/child, teacher/student, professional/client, employer/employee, or business partners. Meanwhile, ordering a Cupid Compatibility Horoscope Reading C1 could still give you many valuable insights into these types of relationships, provided you ignore any references to romance or sex! As you can see in the sample paragraphs below, many factors in a relationship apply to both romantic and platonic pairings.

A more detailed explanation of the Cupid Compatibility Horoscope (its purpose and how to interpret it) is included on the Cupid Compatibility Horoscope page.

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     * 'STAR-MATES' and  'GREAT DATE GAME'    (c)1995 by Michael Star *

     Bill                                Monica
     Born AUG 19 1946  03:44 AM          Born JUL 23 1973  12:22 PM
     Time Zone:  6 ST                    Time Zone:  8 DT
     in   Hope AR                        in   San Francisco CA
     Lat. 33N40' Lon. 93W36'             Lat. 37N47' Lon. 122W26'
     (c)1993 by Michael Star 'for amusement'  Valid TODAY 09SEP1998 
     81 Lakeshore E. #51  Mississauga ON Canada L5G4S7 #M00000980909001


     There is more to you than meets the eye - and there's much more
     to your partner and the way you affect each other than you may
     recognize on a conscious level.  This report describes motives &
     feelings & desires on a SUBconscious level, which may require
     a bit of self-awareness or soul searching to understand.  These
     are your instinctive feelings and reactions to this partner - but
     you have a Free Will which lets you control or change attitudes
     and behaviour.  Read the words as POTENTIALS - not Fact or Fate!

     Your differences can offer some CHALLENGES to adapt or change.
     Do  NOT  judge the relationship imperfect or "hopeless" because
     of a few problem areas for they provide excitement & learning &
     growth!  A perfect relationship would be easy but quite boring.
     For each partner the separate factors are listed by the order
     of their strength: the stronger ones first and subtle ones last.
     Your relationship has a MIX of factors so read them ALL before
     judging!  Contradictory traits may mix, or swing back and forth.


     Speaking to:  Bill

     HER nPlut 02Lib09 H12 sextile  HIS nSatu 02Leo07 H1  Orb .0.

     You may feel some unexplainable compulsion to aid or to serve
     her - or feel appreciation for her dedication and determination.
     She in turn can respect and admire your own dependability and ambi-
     tion.  A fear of being unprotected or vulnerable might make
     you attempt to restrict and limit her freedom and start some sub-
     conscious battle of wills which you are almost certain to lose.

     HER rJupi 08Aqu03 H4  OPPOSED  HIS nMerc 07Leo28 H1  Orb .58

     There could be some irritations when you're expecting more from
     your partner than your partner can deliver.

     Bill Clinton         19AUG1946 03:44 AM ST Zn 6    Hope AR
     MICHAEL STAR  81 Lakeshore E. #51  Mississauga ON Canada L5G 4S7
     Page 1

     HER nMidH 17Cnc57 H10 sextile  HIS nMoon 17Tau18 H10 Orb .64

     Her career or status or domestic security could somehow pro-
     vide you with domestic or financial security and well-being.
     Her attempts to achieve success and security in career and domestic
     affairs could be backed by your money or domestic security or
     emotional support.  Quite often her career activities strongly
     affect the emotional aspects of your domestic and family affairs.
     Her family background or social position seems to suit your own
     needs for social acceptance and a secure place in society.

     HER rMerc 25Cnc07 H10 semisext HIS nSun  25Leo49 H2  Orb .70

     You have many INTELLECTUAL INTERESTS IN COMMON and probably
     ENJOY TALKING about your work and many topics of mutual interest.
     There is a strong tendency for her ideas to motivate you to a
     greater effort towards positive creative self-expression, while
     her thinking is stimulated and challenged by the way you exert
     your willpower and express your individuality.  You may provide
     her with opportunities to use her writing or speaking talents
     or suggest new areas of study.  She finds you a good listener.

     HER nAsc. 15Lib50 H1  quincunx HIS nMoon 17Tau18 H10 Orb 1.4

     HER nNept 04Sag48 H2  sextile  HIS nMars 06Lib14 H3  Orb 1.4

     There's a mysterious dynamic at work here...your desires inspire
     her imagination and creativity and her idealism inspires your init-
     iative and action.  It works well if you share creative interests
     such as art/music/drama or work together in the healing arts or
     any spiritual or psychic fields or in scientific research.  If
     she lacks initiative or courage you supply it; if you get hyper
     she soothes you.  You could find her intuition a helpful guide and
     her sacrifices a gift of love.  She can dream can DO it.

     HER rJupi 08Aqu03 H4  trine    HIS nMars 06Lib14 H3  Orb 1.8

     Aspirations & ambitions & assertiveness & aggression & a spirit
     of adventure in one or the other ...or both...are encouraged by
     being together.  The contact can also stimulate optimism and enthu-
     siasm and self-confidence...even a sense of daring and a desire to
     explore and expand.  Most likely, she adds the energy and competitive
     drive to accomplish your goals and aspirations.  In a marriage or a
     business partnership your mutual drives help achieve success, and
     as congenial friends you share a love of the outdoors or sport.

     HER nUran 19Lib14 H1  quincunx HIS nMoon 17Tau18 H10 Orb 1.9

     HER nVenu 28Leo27 H11 CONJUNCT HIS nSun  25Leo49 H2  Orb 2.6

     You likely feel some magnetic ATTRACTION and a WARM AFFECTION
     and a MUTUAL ADMIRATION in this relationship.  There could be a
     congenial companionship with loyalty and devotion and sym-
     pathy for each other.  You can be generous and unselfish with
     each other and be mutually encouraging and inspiring.  Your
     interests in entertainment and leisure activities are usually
     shared or at least compatible.  This is a fine sign for HARMONY
     and faithfulness in marriage, or for a lasting friendship.

     Bill Clinton         19AUG1946 03:44 AM ST Zn 6    Hope AR
     MICHAEL STAR  81 Lakeshore E. #51  Mississauga ON Canada L5G 4S7
     Page 2

     HER nNept 04Sag48 H2  trine    HIS nMerc 07Leo28 H1  Orb 2.6

     You and your partner enjoy many of the same things.  There may
     be either a deep empathy (or some confusion) between you.

     HER nNept 04Sag48 H2  trine    HIS nSatu 02Leo07 H1  Orb 2.6

     You are more practical/responsible/disciplined/pragmatic than
     your more idealistic/spiritual/empathetic/fanciful partner and
     can learn to be more flexible and compassionate and sensitive while
     she learns from you responsibility and common sense.  It's just
     a case of material/spiritual or practical/idealistic or tough/-
     tender polarities attempting to co-exist and modify each other.

     HER nMars 20Ari08 H7  semisext HIS nMoon 17Tau18 H10 Orb 2.8

     HER rJupi 08Aqu03 H4  trine    HIS nVenu 10Lib55 H3  Orb 2.8

     She stimulates you and makes you feel or act more like the ideal
     image of your sex.  You provide affection or artistic talent or
     social grace while your partner brings goodwill or optimism or
     a philosophical outlook.  There is much MUTUAL ESTEEM and cooper-
     ation and support, which promises to overcome any difficulties or
     differences between you. You'll share pleasure and leisure and fun.
     She may be tempted to encourage extravagance or excess or self
     indulgence.  You may become too possessive or self-involved.

     [ Any factors above are MOST obvious.  Any below are LESS obvious. ]

     HER nSatu 28Gem58 H9  sextile  HIS nSun  25Leo49 H2  Orb 3.1

     She tends to STABILIZE YOU and to remind you of your responsibili-
     ties or restrain any unrealistic enthusiasm, while YOU ENCOURAGE
     her and contribute energy and inspiration and confidence.  You add
     the ambition and enthusiasm, while she adds the persistence and organ-
     ization and caution to accomplish your goals as an effective team.
     She can teach you discipline and responsibility, and act as your
     reality check when your enthusiasm takes you beyond the bounds
     of practicality.  There can be great LOYALTY and STABILITY here!

     [ Any factors below are even LESS obvious, and have a WEAK effect. ]

     HER nUran 19Lib14 H1  CONJUNCT HIS nJupi 23Lib11 H4  Orb 3.9

     An inspiration!  That is what she and you are to each other in
     this relationship.  You simply stimulate each other's mind and
     inspire your ideas/ideals/creativity/talent/freedom/altruism
     in all the best ways.  There is great respect for each other's
     individuality and freedom and the need for self-expression.
     You bring out each other's humanitarian ideals and encourage
     personal growth and development.  You may share many recreational
     enjoyments.  This MAY stimulate recklessness or gambling urges.

     Bill Clinton         19AUG1946 03:44 AM ST Zn 6    Hope AR
     MICHAEL STAR  81 Lakeshore E. #51  Mississauga ON Canada L5G 4S7
     Page 3

     HER nPlut 02Lib09 H12 CONJUNCT HIS nMars 06Lib14 H3  Orb 4.0

     There is a powerful dynamic in operation here...your drives for
     action and SELF-ASSERTION confront her drives for POWER or CONTROL
     or dominance.  Both of you tend to resist or fight any attempt
     by the other to act like a boss or authority figure, or to con-
     trol / coerce / dominate / manipulate / bully or threaten.  If
     the relationship has other discordant factors this could pro-
     voke VIOLENT or DESTRUCTIVE conflicts.  In a harmonious pairing
     it creates only minor irritation or an intense (or odd) sex life.

     HER nAsc. 15Lib50 H1  CONJUNCT HIS nVenu 10Lib55 H3  Orb 4.9

     There is a strong romantic and sexual attraction working here,
     and you will tend to identify with each other emotionally.
     This is often an indicator of a marriage and also a good business
     partnership.  You can help each other in the public-relations and
     diplomatic side of your social or business activities.  You're
     generally compatible socially and emotionally and get along well.
     Her personal style is generally attractive to you and the image
     she presents makes a good first impression by your standards.

     HER nMidH 17Cnc57 H10 SQUARE   HIS nJupi 23Lib11 H4  Orb 5.2

     She may see you as impractical or self-indulgent, while you see
     her as self-serving or materialistic.  Both expect too much.

     HER nPlut 02Lib09 H12 sextile  HIS nMerc 07Leo28 H1  Orb 5.3

     You could help each other see beneath surface appearances and
     you may share interests in deep scientific or spiritual ideas.

     HER nMars 20Ari08 H7  trine    HIS nSun  25Leo49 H2  Orb 5.6

     She's your ENERGIZER in getting your creative power flowing and
     stimulating your urge to assert your independence and individual-
     ity.  If other factors lead to a co-operative relationship then
     you make a competitive team who can accomplish ambitious goals.
     You stimulate in each other the spirit of self confidence and self
     actualization - adding energy and enthusiasm and enterprise to each
     other's life.  This can arouse a SEXUAL ENERGY as well - since
     her sexual drives are stimulated when you act ASSERTIVE or angry!

     HER nSatu 28Gem58 H9  trine    HIS nJupi 23Lib11 H4  Orb 5.7

     She can be the more careful and cautious one at the times when
     you get too carried away with your own optimism and enthusiasm.
     This natural "checks and balance" system works well for you in a
     relationship...especially in a business relationship together.
     She being a monitor on you is an advantage if you tend to be too
     impulsive and over-confident, but she does have to guard against
     being a "wet blanket" with you and dampening your natural ex-
     pansiveness and enthusiasm.  You counsel and plan together well.

     Bill Clinton         19AUG1946 03:44 AM ST Zn 6    Hope AR
     MICHAEL STAR  81 Lakeshore E. #51  Mississauga ON Canada L5G 4S7
     Page 4

     [ The next 7 paragraphs are based on HER TIME of birth. ]

     HIS Sun in HER House 11

     Your partner is drawn to you as a friend.  A rewarding friend-
     ship can develop.  You might be a source of inspiration to help
     her formulate beliefs or ideals or assist in the realization of
     her dreams.  Your friendly criticism or advice is accepted.

     HIS Moon in HER House 8

     There is a depth of feeling in this relationship that makes it
     an all-or-nothing or love/hate situation.  Your feelings are
     powerful, while your partner's are either intense or indiffer-
     ent.  In some way you increase her awareness of hidden drives.

     HIS Merc in HER House 10

     You understand and appreciate why her ambitions lead in a certain
     direction and comprehend what she's trying to achieve.  Likely,
     you can make suggestions to aid her career-wise and communicate
     her achievements to others, and might provide helpful contacts.

     HIS Venu in HER House 12

     Unless there are other romantic indications... your feelings for
     each other may be hidden or unspoken.  You are a sympathetic
     source of strength and support in times of distress and feel a need
     to quietly care and serve.  This might be an "unrequited love".

     HIS Mars in HER House 12

     You see through your partner to her psychological weaknesses or
     vulnerable spots and could help her work on them and/or protect
     her from exploitation by others ...or else you could manipulate
     her for selfish ends.  You make her do honest self-appraisals.

     HIS Jupi in HER House 1

     You may feel particularly tolerant and benevolent and helpful to
     her and your company often puts her in a good mood and relaxes
     her.  Possibly you could regard her as an outlet for your alt-
     ruistic urges - which may tempt her to take advantage of it.

     HIS Satu in HER House 10

     You may be allies in advancing each other's careers.  You may
     adopt a fatherly role towards her - expecting responsibility
     and making critical appraisals of her performance and encouraging
     her to work hard and reach for her potential and career goals.

     HIS Venus in Libra

     Your way of showing and seeking AFFECTION is tied to a need for
     companionship and harmony.  You are not happy alone - PARTNERS
     are a priority!  Though you're romantic and affectionate, what
     you need is intellectual stimulation and close friendship more
     than physical affection.  You THINK about your emotions more
     than you FEEL them, so passion or intimacy are not as important
     as a comfortable companionship.  Charming and lovable and attractive
     to others... you're attracted by beauty and brains and good manners.

     You are attracted to the kind of woman who is romantic and gen-
     tle and well-groomed - especially the soft and "feminine" type.

     Bill Clinton         19AUG1946 03:44 AM ST Zn 6    Hope AR
     MICHAEL STAR  81 Lakeshore E. #51  Mississauga ON Canada L5G 4S7
     Page 5

     HIS Mars in Libra

     Both your amorous and aggressive instincts tend to be expressed
     in an indirect and indecisive way.  You suppress anger & aggression,
     but you provoke others to react to you instead.  You might flirt
     and fish for compliments or play emotional barter games or gen-
     erally drive people crazy - then act charming or innocent if they
     accuse you!  You ARE charming... a thoughtful pleasing lover who
     treats others as you want to be treated.  You're optimistic and
     eager in love.  You hate conflict ...yet may love arguing.

     You like polite and polished types, for you hate coarse language and
     and improper behaviour.  You enjoy creative or artistic activities.

     HER Preponderance of Fire Elements

     She tends to be extroverted and expresses emotion in a positive
     outward manner.  Quite likely her love nature is passionate.
     She's probably active/confident/optimistic/enthusiastic/full of
     vitality and drive/generous/ and maybe exuberant or aggressive.

     HER Preponderance of Air Elements

     She tends to be extroverted and is very sociable and approachable
     and adaptable and lives mainly in her intellect.  Ideas/ideals are
     her love.  Often logic controls her emotions - sometimes making
     her seem detached/shallow/cold.  She loves talking and new ideas.

     HER Preponderance of Cardinal Qualities

     She tends to be rather independent and self-assertive - one who
     is impulsive and not afraid to break new ground or initiate a
     new method.  In career matters she is ambitious and enterprising
     and seeks a prominent position.  She hates critics or opposition.

     HER 9 Positive Signs

     She has a strong personality and faces life's challenges with a
     forceful and aggressive approach.  She wants to lead not follow and
     she must be in control of life.  She's outgoing and assertive and
     much prefers a direct approach.  She'll dominate a relationship.

     Speaking to:  Monica

     [ Anything REPEATED in HIS section AND yours is EXTRA STRONG. ]

     HIS nAsc. 01Leo15 H1  CONJUNCT HER nSun  00Leo46 H10 Orb .48

     If not an least an IMPRESSION...that's likely what
     he felt you made the time you and he first set eyes on each other!
     His looks or style ATTRACTS you, and you may feel more OUTGOING and
     CONFIDENT or ASSERTIVE while in his presence.  You IDENTIFY with
     him and can BE YOURSELF and LIKE yourself and feel INTIMATE with
     him.  There's MUTUAL ADMIRATION here - for what you have INside
     he portrays on the OUTside.  In him you see what you can really
     BE.  Being together can EMPOWER you both to feel more "alive".

     Bill Clinton         19AUG1946 03:44 AM ST Zn 6    Hope AR
     MICHAEL STAR  81 Lakeshore E. #51  Mississauga ON Canada L5G 4S7
     Page 6

     HIS nUran 21Gem09 H11 sextile  HER nMars 20Ari08 H7  Orb 1.0

     You bring out the independent and aggressive sides of each other's
     nature in a positive and progressive way.  You can stimulate each
     other's originality & creativity & inventiveness & initiative &
     sense of adventure.  You can inspire confidence and courage in
     each other and encourage each other in any enterprise or per-
     sonal projects you endeavor to achieve together.  This can be
     a progressive and productive partnership.  At the very least it
     will be an adventure with someone who makes you feel alive!

     HIS nMidH 21Ari09 H10 CONJUNCT HER nMars 20Ari08 H7  Orb 1.0

     He can bring career opportunities or status, while you spur
     him to show more initiative at work/home.  You cooperate well.

     HIS nNept 06Lib51 H3  trine    HER rJupi 08Aqu03 H4  Orb 1.1

     He tends to bring encouragement and enthusiasm to any spiritual
     or charitable or idealistic interests of yours, and you tend
     to bring out such instincts in him.  Quite likely some psychic
     tie links the two of you.  With him you can dream bigger dreams
     and this can lead you both to greater ambitions and better
     efforts at achieving material success or wealth - if you two
     can also be practical and persistent and not just big dreamers.
     If not... this encourages self indulgences and self-delusions.

     HIS nSatu 02Leo07 H1  CONJUNCT HER nSun  00Leo46 H10 Orb 1.3

     He tends to STABILIZE YOU and to remind you of your responsibili-
     ties or restrain any unrealistic enthusiasm, while YOU ENCOURAGE
     him and contribute energy and inspiration and confidence.  If other
     factors support a harmonious relationship then this factor adds
     a LONG and LOYAL BONDING which is difficult to break.  But realize
     he is the one who will benefit most from your inspiration while
     you make most of the compromises to allow for those tendencies of
     his to dampen your spirits or be worried or critical or blaming.

     HIS nMerc 07Leo28 H1  SQUARE   HER nMoon 09Tau00 H7  Orb 1.5

     You might be fascinated by his way of thinking and talk-
     ing...which is so UNlike yours.  His reasoning may confuse you
     at times and understanding each other isn't always clear and com-
     plete.  Minor irritations occur when your interests or tastes
     differ.  You might misinterpret his words and body language while
     he may be irritated when you do not get the message right away.
     He may be tactless, critical or insensitive to your feelings.
     You could be hyper-sensitive to his feelings and attitudes.

     HIS nVenu 10Lib55 H3  quincunx HER nMoon 09Tau00 H7  Orb 1.9

     HIS nJupi 23Lib11 H4  SQUARE   HER rMerc 25Cnc07 H10 Orb 1.9

     There could be some irritations when you're expecting more from
     your partner than your partner can deliver.

     Bill Clinton         19AUG1946 03:44 AM ST Zn 6    Hope AR
     MICHAEL STAR  81 Lakeshore E. #51  Mississauga ON Canada L5G 4S7
     Page 7

     HIS nNept 06Lib51 H3  quincunx HER nMoon 09Tau00 H7  Orb 2.1

     HIS nAsc. 01Leo15 H1  semisext HER nSatu 28Gem58 H9  Orb 2.2

     You can agree on accepting mutual responsibilities or share a
     concern for serious cooperation in marital or business or group
     affairs.  This is a favourable sign of an enduring marriage or
     business partnership.  You help him achieve greater poise and
     self-confidence and maturity.  He provides energetic support
     for your goals.  You like to discuss and plan things together.
     There may be disagreements over personal/domestic/career/legal/
     financial affairs.  You resent him acting without your input.

     HIS nMars 06Lib14 H3  quincunx HER nMoon 09Tau00 H7  Orb 2.7

     HIS nPlut 11Leo51 H1  SQUARE   HER nMoon 09Tau00 H7  Orb 2.8

     At some deep instinctive level he DISTURBS or UNSETTLES you.
     He may seem too intense or obsessed or may act in ways which
     arouse vague feelings of fear or dislike or repulsion.  Some-
     thing may attract you sexually a paradoxical or perverse
     way...but an affair or marriage could dredge up dark secrets of
     psychological or sexual origin.  He may try to dominate you and
     reform you, or possess you or coerce you or manipulate you.
     BE WARNED of serious misunderstandings or conflicts here!

     HIS nAsc. 01Leo15 H1  semisext HER nVenu 28Leo27 H11 Orb 2.8

     [ Any factors above are MOST obvious.  Any below are LESS obvious. ]

     HIS nJupi 23Lib11 H4  OPPOSED  HER nMars 20Ari08 H7  Orb 3.0

     Unless other stabilizing factors dampen the discord created by a
     difference in your driving energies...BE WARNED of these poten-
     tial problems when you interact ...rivalry and competition ...con-
     flicting ambitions ...impatience with each other ...demanding too
     much of the other ...conflicting ethical or philosophical views
     ...foolhardy risks in business or money management ...wasteful-
     ness or extravagance ...making promises one will not be able to
     keep ...pushing one into something against his best judgment.

     HIS nPlut 11Leo51 H1  OPPOSED  HER rJupi 08Aqu03 H4  Orb 3.8

     He brings out in you the desire to improve and expand yourself...
     character-building, learning new skills, raising spiritual
     consciousness, etc.  And you encourage the same desires in
     him.  The theme is EXPANSION.  The trouble is... your personal
     aims and attitudes about all this are working at cross-purposes
     and this causes much confusion - which makes co-operation dif-
     ficult and frustration a result.  This can be a challenge to test
     each other's spiritual values ...especially for YOU.

     [ Any factors below are even LESS obvious, and have a WEAK effect. ]

     HIS nMidH 21Ari09 H10 SQUARE   HER rMerc 25Cnc07 H10 Orb 3.9

     At times you may disagree with his ideas on home/work matters.
     He thinks you're indecisive or unreliable re home/work duties.

     Bill Clinton         19AUG1946 03:44 AM ST Zn 6    Hope AR
     MICHAEL STAR  81 Lakeshore E. #51  Mississauga ON Canada L5G 4S7
     Page 8

     HIS nJupi 23Lib11 H4  sextile  HER nVenu 28Leo27 H11 Orb 5.2

     He stimulates you and makes you feel or act more like the ideal
     image of your sex.  You provide affection or artistic talent or
     social grace, while your partner brings goodwill or optimism or
     a philosophical outlook.  There is much MUTUAL ESTEEM and cooper-
     ation and support, which promises to overcome any difficulties or
     differences between you.  You'll share pleasure and leisure and fun.
     He may be tempted to encourage extravagance or excess or self
     indulgence.  You may become too possessive or self-involved.

     HIS nMars 06Lib14 H3  sextile  HER nSun  00Leo46 H10 Orb 5.4

     He's your ENERGIZER in getting your creative power flowing and
     stimulating your urge to assert your independence and individual-
     ity.  If other factors lead to a co-operative relationship then
     you make a competitive team who can accomplish ambitious goals.
     You stimulate in each other the spirit of self confidence and self
     actualization - adding energy and enthusiasm and enterprise to each
     other's life.  This can arouse a SEXUAL ENERGY as well - since
     his sexual drives are stimulated when you act to assert yourself!

     HIS nSatu 02Leo07 H1  OPPOSED  HER rJupi 08Aqu03 H4  Orb 5.9

     Your personal goals and natural inclination to grow and broaden
     your experiences are working at cross-purposes to those things
     he needs to remain UNchanging and stable in order to feel secure.
     He'll tend to LIMIT or CONFINE your attempts to expand there.
     His "bag of tricks" may include delaying/resisting/restricting
     or demanding/burdening/undermining or criticizing whenever
     your need for CHANGE threatens his "safe and secure" spots.  For
     him you may have to let go of some goals and opportunities.

     [ The next 7 paragraphs are based on HIS TIME of birth. ]

     HER Sun in HIS House 12

     You may know how to guess his secrets intuitively or make
     him trust you as a confidant and friend.  You may introduce to
     him a new perspective on life or help instill the belief in
     him that everything happens for the best in the long run.

     HER Moon in HIS House 10

     You have an instinctive understanding of your partner's aims
     in life and want to help make him successful.  Your faith in
     him and your nurturing could draw out latent talents.  You may be
     led to adopt a parental role to push and protect if necessary.

     HER Merc in HIS House 12

     You may be intuitively aware of his weak and vulnerable areas and
     may be able to point out any of his inconsistencies.  Whatever
     criticism you offer might help him avoid unnecessary pitfalls.
     You are quite interested in how he adjusts to life as a whole.

     Bill Clinton         19AUG1946 03:44 AM ST Zn 6    Hope AR
     MICHAEL STAR  81 Lakeshore E. #51  Mississauga ON Canada L5G 4S7
     Page 9

     HER Venu in HIS House 2

     You can benefit your partner in material ways and achieving am-
     bitions.  You like those values he holds and being sure of where
     he stands on issues.  You share an emotional and spiritual trust.
     You understand and stabilize each other and want the same things.

     HER Mars in HIS House 9

     You can stimulate and challenge his way of thinking and outlook
     on life.  You may tend to treat him as your "sounding board" to
     measure your decisions against his advice.  There is a frank and
     open exchange of philosophies.  You may stimulate travelling.

     HER Jupi in HIS House 7

     You may find that working with him as partners in anything is
     a particular pleasure.  This is a very good sign for a marriage
     or partnership.  You may widen his social circle or introduce
     him to influential contacts, or just generally be a booster.

     HER Satu in HIS House 11

     You could be loyal and steadfast friends - but you will expect
     him to show dependability and may make demands or claims on
     his friendship at inconvenient times.  You could share serious
     interests in an organization or humanitarian causes or science.

     HER Venus in Leo

     Your way of showing and seeking AFFECTION is tied to a need for
     attention and appreciation.  You tend to be overly enthusiastic
     and dramatic in romance - as if you were playing to an audience!
     You can be generous and creative and playful in showing you care
     for someone, and are very loyal to those you may deem worthy.
     Respecting and being respected by friends and lovers means a lot.
     You're attracted by superficial beauty and fooled by flattery.
     You're warm, compassionate, sincere - and maybe self-centered.

     You need the kind of man who is passionate and responsive to you.
     All the better if he'll enhance your social standing or status.

     HER Mars in Aries

     Your amorous and aggressive instincts tend to be expressed in
     a direct and bold and impulsive way - without much thought about the
     consequences or the feelings of other people.  You love action
     and challenge, and enjoy the chase as much as the prize.  You tend
     to express your feelings openly, and it's hard not to show your
     likes and dislikes.  You can be rash and brash and daring in love -
     passionate and energetic and maybe too forceful.  You may act more
     aggressive than others to counter some sense of inferiority.

     You are attracted to dominant and forceful and self-confident types.
     You like to let them chase you ...until you catch them.

     Bill Clinton         19AUG1946 03:44 AM ST Zn 6    Hope AR
     MICHAEL STAR  81 Lakeshore E. #51  Mississauga ON Canada L5G 4S7
     Page 10

     HIS Preponderance of Fire Elements

     He tends to be extroverted and expresses emotion in a positive
     outward manner.  Quite likely his love nature is passionate.
     He's probably active/confident/optimistic/enthusiastic/full of
     vitality and drive/generous/and maybe exuberant or aggressive.

     HIS Preponderance of Air Elements

     He tends to be extroverted and is very sociable and approachable
     and adaptable and lives mainly in his intellect.  Ideas/ideals are
     his love.  Often logic controls his emotions - sometimes making
     him seem detached/shallow/cold.  He loves talking and new ideas.

     HIS Lack of Water Elements

     His character is marked by some lack in true empathy or feeling
     for others or inability to show he really cares.  A distrust of
     his emotions may make the image he projects seem cool or hard.
     He may be hiding a cynical or closed heart with a warm face.

     Those who lack certain elements in their character usually tend
     to seek ways to compensate for the lack and are often strongly
     attracted to those who have the wanted elements strong in their
     nature.  Your partner might see his needs being filled by you.

     HIS Preponderance of Fixed Qualities

     He tends to be self-reliant and determined - one who wins with
     persistence and patience and a blind eye to distractions.
     He resists change, and often stays in a stalemated situation
     - seeming content to just "live with it" and not make a move.

     HIS 11 Positive Signs

     He has this extremely powerful personality - so extroverted and
     aggressive and so charismatic!  He feels very much in charge of
     life and is a natural leader.  He faces any challenge head-on.
     He tends to dominate others and cannot be pushed around.

     How Your Personality Styles Mix

     Speaking to:  Bill
     You both have a tendency to be self-starters and the take-charge
     type, so wills may clash unless one of you can permit the other
     to lead in whatever activity or project you are sharing.  When
     you can work together you'll be able to develop a great deal of
     creative energy and effective action.  You may spark each other
     to greater effort or creativity, but you may burn each other out
     with too much competition.  The underlying cause of any battles
     or break-ups will probably be a case of "wounded pride".

     Bill Clinton         19AUG1946 03:44 AM ST Zn 6    Hope AR
     MICHAEL STAR  81 Lakeshore E. #51  Mississauga ON Canada L5G 4S7
     Page 11

     Why You Two Were Drawn Together

     The "FATE FACTOR" operating in any relationship between two
     people represents the degree to which they have some SIGNIFICANT
     IMPACT on each other's lives and how IMPORTANT their association
     and interaction is likely to be in terms of personal growth and
     spiritual progress.  It is also a measure of the COMPLEXITY of
     the relationship - of HOW MANY different "factors" are involved
     in creating harmony or tension.  The "FATE FACTOR" also measures
     the probability your meeting was destined or "arranged by Fate".

     Your FATE FACTOR exceeding 80% indicates this relationship is
     a SIGNIFICANT and KARMIC bonding which could help each party UN-
     DERSTAND themselves better by seeing their "best" and "worst"
     parts being reflected in another and to LEARN from each other the
     things which cannot be learned elsewhere or can only be learned
     in an intimate or close or committed relationship.  There are
     MANY facets to this relationship - both harmonious and challenging
     - and each serves a PURPOSE in aiding the growth of your souls.

     Bill Clinton         19AUG1946 03:44 AM ST Zn 6    Hope AR
     MICHAEL STAR  81 Lakeshore E. #51  Mississauga ON Canada L5G 4S7
     Page 12

The Mating Rating Section

"Average" scores would be about 70% to 75% for all Factors except the Difficulty Factor, which can be as high as 60% even in very compatible relationships (50% would be "average" Difficulty). But remember that "average" means you would score at that level with many potential partners. A score of 85% is quite strong, and some couples do score 90% to 99% on several of the positive Factors, though a Karma Factor over 90% is less common (85% would be quite significant). Scroll down to see Bill and Monica's "Mating Rating" scores...


     Bill Clinton

     * True Love relationships often rate over 70% in *ALL* FACTORS
     except DIFFICULTY (which could range anywhere from 0% to 60%).
     LONGEVITY FACTORS may indicate a bond of Lust that may not last.

     This RATING is based on a MIX of these separate 7 FACTORS:
     INFATUATION FACTOR: IN= 83% Chance of Instant Interest or Infatuation
     FRIENDSHIP FACTOR:  FR= 80% Chance of Warm and Intimate Platonic Love
     LONGEVITY FACTOR:   LO= 79% Chance of Long Loyal Bond/Real Commitment
     RAPPORT FACTOR:     RA= 79% Chance of Real Communication/`Like Minds'
     FATE FACTOR (KARMA):KA= 82% Chance of 'Fated' Attraction /Karmic Bond
     DIFFICULTY FACTOR:  DI= 39% Chance of Irritations /Splits /Reluctance
     PHYSICAL FACTOR:    PH= 85% Chance of Sexual Desire and Compatibility
     A Factor % ESTIMATES HOW YOU RELATE to that person...and they TO YOU.

     SIMILARITIES= 61% includes MATCHING: 18%
     DIFFERENCES = 39% includes OPPOSITE: 8%  [50:50 SIM:DIF is best]

     SIMILARITIES= % of traits which adjust easily to each other's.
     MATCHING= % of traits which are almost identical in each other.
     DIFFERENCES = % of traits which attract but need adapting to.
     OPPOSITE= % of traits which one person has and the other needs.

     * Opposites attract and make you feel completed.  Happy matches
     will have about a 50/50 BALANCE of SIMILARITIES vs DIFFERENCES.
     * Too many SIMILARITIES may be a sign of neurotic dependency.
     * Too many DIFFERENCES may be a sign of frustration/separation.

     Each FACTOR (1-99%) represents the POTENTIAL for experiencing:
     (IN)fatuation /INstant INterest/ Fascination/Love-at-first-sight.
     (FR)iendship/Warm affection/Intimate sharing/a Platonic love.
     (LO)ngevity /LOng-lasting LOyal bond/Responsibility/Commitment.

     (KA)rmic Attraction/Feeling you met before/An unexplained bond.

     Bill Clinton         19AUG1946 03:44 AM ST Zn 6    Hope AR
     MICHAEL STAR  81 Lakeshore E. #51  Mississauga ON Canada L5G 4S7
     Page 13

     * 'STAR-MATES' and  'GREAT DATE GAME'    (c)1995 by Michael Star *

     (IN)STANT INTEREST/INFATUATION: This Factor indicates how "in-
     teresting" you find each other from the first encounter until
     the initial interest fades with familiarity. A high % indicates
     an immediate "liking" or fascination...possibly an infatuation
     or a sense of "being more alive" when in each other's presence.
     Each may keep thinking about the other while apart and yearn for
     another meeting. It's mental not physical, but can feel ROMANTIC.
     If you IDEALIZE and GLAMORIZE them now you'll find the flaws later.

     (FR)IENDSHIP/AFFECTION/INTIMACY: This Factor indicates the poten-
     tial for sincere affection, true platonic love, and genuine inti-
     macy.  "Friendly relations" may begin on first meeting and con-
     tinue as a camaraderie or bond based on familiarity and trust.
     A high % here indicates a capacity for close companionship and
     intimate sharing of confidences and becoming "best friends". You
     may find you really "like" each other on first meeting and feel
     pleasure in being together. You can "be yourself" and be accepted.

     (LO)NGEVITY/LOYALTY/COMMITMENT: This factor indicates the poten-
     tial for a long and loyal bond, where a sense of commitment and
     responsibility (or duty) keeps you together when differences or
     difficulties tend to push you apart.  It's the glue that holds
     the relationship together. Sometimes it's comforting, sometimes
     it's a burden, sometimes it's a sense of karmic duty or payback.
     In a friendship it's Loyalty. In a romance it's Commitment. In a
     marriage it's "a tie that binds" a couple "for better or worse".

     (RA)PPORT and REAL COMMUNICATION: A LOW % for this Factor warns of
     trouble "understanding" one another or "communicating". A HIGH
     % says you can truly "hear" what the other is saying and see what
     they MEAN or know how they FEEL.  You LIKE to TALK (or tease). You
     may "think alike" and share many of the same views or opinions.
     Even when you disagree you have the capacity to COMMUNICATE and
     reason things out. You STIMULATE each other mentally...maybe even
     INSPIRE new ideas. Sometimes you seem to read each other's mind.

     (KA)RMIC ATTRACTION/FATE FACTOR: You could call this the "Fate
     Factor" if you don't believe in Karma and "past lives".  A high
     rating (over 80%) may indicate a potential karmic bond that draws
     you together for better or worse - a subtle sense of needing to
     serve some purpose or pay back some obligation or perform some
     unknown penance. OR you may just be back together again because
     two Souls have loved before!  If the OTHER Factors are too LOW to
     account for a real attraction an 80+ (KA) makes it SEEM stronger!

     (DI)FFICULTY or (DI)FFERENCES: This "Difficulty Factor" is the
     guide to how likely it is there can be CHALLENGES and CONFLICTS in
     adjusting to your differences in temperaments and styles and drives and
     values.  A (DI) of 50% or higher is a warning that there are more
     differences to create irritation and frustration and separation than
     there are similarities and attractions to smooth and soothe and stab-
     ilize and sustain togetherness. It IS possible to happily handle a
     high % of (DI) if there's also a high % of LOVE... but not EASY!

     (c)MICHAEL STAR  81 Lakeshore E. #51  Mississauga ON Canada L5G 4S7

     * `STAR-MATES' and  `GREAT DATE GAME'    (C)1995 by Michael Star *

     'It is wrong to think that Love comes from long companionship or
     persevering courtship.  Love is the offspring of a spiritual af-
     finity and unless that affinity is created in a MOMENT it will
     not be created in years or even generations.'  -- Kahlil Gibran

     CUPID was the Roman god of Love - son of Venus and Mercury (in
     Greek mythology he was Eros, son of Aphrodite and Hermes).  He took
     as his wife the beautiful mortal maiden Psyche...on the condition
     that he would join her only at night so she never saw his face.

     Their dark nights together were full of love and passion, though
     Psyche feared that her loving husband might also be an ugly
     monster.  At the urging of her sisters and her own fears she
     hid a knife and candle by their bed one evening before he came.

     After Cupid fell asleep Psyche silently stole out of bed and
     lit the candle.  As she held the light up to his face she saw not
     an evil ugly beast...but a most handsome young man with wings!
     In her surprise she spilled some candle wax on his sleeping face.

     The hot wax woke Cupid and he flew away as he cried "O foolish
     Psyche!  Is it thus you repay my love?  But go, return to your
     sisters whose advice you seem to think preferable to mine!  I in-
     flict no punishment on you other than to leave you forever."

     Like the mortal maiden Psyche we sometimes let our own insecurity
     or the opinions of others blind us to a True Love which waits
     before our very eyes!  Sometimes we cannot trust our feelings and
     our souls to sense Love, but insist on seeing it with our eyes.

     Psyche is also a Greek word for both "butterfly" and "the soul".
     At times the beautiful butterfly of Love may look more like the
     lowly caterpillar, or Love lives behind a self-protective cocoon
     which hides a loveliness inside from the gaze of mortal eyes.

     Love is (as Gibran describes it) a "spiritual affinity"...a meet-
     ing of two souls on a level that no mere senses can divine nor
     mind explain.  Love is not seen nor heard, and often goes unrec-
     ognized.  Love is not in "looks" is in hearts and souls!

     We sometimes call it "chemistry" - that attraction and reaction
     which occurs when certain people meet.  If it is a sexual attrac-
     tion but lacks a spiritual affinity then it is Lust.  Spiritual
     affinity without sexual attraction is deep Friendship (Agape).

     Only when BOTH are present can the attraction be considered a
     True Love.  There will be some attraction in the first moments
     of meeting, and there will be a quickly-developing sense of deep
     friendship and romance and desire.  Only True Love has it all.

     - Michael Star  (c)1995



Two Hearts in Love

The Cupid Compatibility Horoscope
for Two Lovers

Michael Star's Cupid Compatibility Horoscope is your helpful guide to recognizing True Love, or just Lust, or Intimate Friendship in a relationship. It uses complex and accurate astrological calculations based on the time and place of birth of the two people involved. Combining traditional Astrology with some complex computer calculations and some original research and innovative ideas, the Cupid Compatibility Horoscope determines how two people are likely to attract and react to each other. It explains it in detail, and in plain English!

Each Cupid Compatibility Horoscope report is ten to fifteen typed pages long and includes a "Mating Rating" (most accurate when both partners' birth times are given). The fee is US $25 for a compatibility horoscope analysis emailed within 24 hours. For printed and mailed orders add 20% for printing and US $3 for postage. For more information, link to: COMPATIBILITY.


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