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Ten Healing Crystals for Men
by Karen Ryan

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Ten Healing Crystals for Men

Excerpt from: A Guide to Gem and Crystal Therapy

by Karen Ryan, Crystal Energy Therapist

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Crystals and gemstones have often been worn by men as jewelry, or to decorate formal suits to signify their official or regal status in society. In ancient times polished crystals were embedded on shields for protection during battle. Carved crystal amulets offered protection from poisoned wine. Gem and crystal crafting today is still almost exclusively men's work. However, the use of precious metals and gem synthetics has slowly replaced the use of gemstones in popular men's jewelry. The use of crystals for healing was popularized in the tale of England's King Arthur with his wizard, Merlin, who lived in the Crystal Cave.

If you feel awkward about wearing crystals dangling down in front of your tie in public, and are not inclined to be an "urban shaman", here are some suggestions:

I asked a number of healers (both men and women) about what they felt were the healing issues for men. The responses are grouped as:

I have listed a selection of ten crystals and gemstones from a group of twenty-five which are useful in healing men and some of the men's issues listed above. The next crystals article will be on "Using Crystals for Healing Children", followed by "Using Crystals for Healing Pets and Animals". Please refer to my other articles on using crystals for Stress, Romance, and Women's Issues.

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