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Crystals for the Zodiac Signs

by Diane Vandeveld

Be the Woman Men Adore - And Never Want To Leave!

Finding your perfect gem stone or crystal in relation to your astrological Sun Sign, for love, luck, success or protection.

How this article came to be

Before we begin, I'll explain how a Rock Lady like me came up with this astrology stuff. For whatever reason, I felt moved to do a meditation to try and learn more about picking the best crystals and gem stones for different astrological sun signs. I had no idea what the meditation would produce. I sat quietly in my candle lit dining room with my favorite incense burning, a pad and pen ready, and my cat stretched out on the table wondering what I was up to. I went into a relaxed state, almost into a full meditation, and I invited my guides and astrologers from the past to help. I surrounded myself with white light and mentally commanded that only entities for our highest good enter the meditation. I simply recorded what came through. The technique used here is called "automatic writing" and anyone can learn how to do it with a little practice.

God bless all Astrologers past and present. For you Astrologers out there, any comments or suggestions are welcome. With that, I wish you all much love and balance in your lives. It is hoped that this information may be of help to you when it comes time to acquire your next piece of jewelry, gemstone, or crystal. I welcome any comments from those of you with personal experiences with the stones that are mentioned.

Citrine Crystal Point - courtesy We Hug Jewelry


Hello everyone, I'm Diane, Mike's sweetie and business partner in We Hug Jewelry (formerly The Crystal Ball Inc. - Jewelers and Crystal Gallery). He's been after me to connect gems and crystals to the related astrological Sun Signs. So I'll begin with Aquarius, our Sun Sign.


I suppose most of you are used to Amethyst, or for January Aquarians, maybe Aquamarine or Garnet. Garnets are grounding, so of course they are great for us. Especially if we have more air in our charts. Like me for instance, I could use a bushel full. Yes, I have seven planets in Air. Scary, huh? Fluorite will be great for the higher mind and working around computers. Most Aquarians love electronics. Fluorite is very good for us. Try meditating with Sugilite, Carnelian, or holding a pair of Boji stones. Unconventional, but perfect for us. Carry Aventurine for luck this year. Wear Rhodochrosite to attract love. For business and attracting money Malachite will be the best for Aquarians.


Pisces, Aquamarine will protect and lift your energy level. Sodalite will keep your third eye open. A Lingam, temple stone, will be powerful in your meditations and prayers. Keep one close. This summer protect yourself with Kyanite, Citrine, or Black Tourmaline. With all the energy coming, sensitive Pisces people will need to protect themselves. You will feel so much, and that's okay; for everything is in divine order, even when it seems out of order. Love will always prevail. You will feel lucky wearing a Malachite or Green Tourmaline pendent or ring. Or just carry a piece.


Fiery Aries, you will draw love with a Rose Quartz and Garnet combination. And so will the other fiery signs (Leo and Sagittarius). It will be good to carry or wear Tiger Eye to attract money. This year you will need very little help in business, but it never hurts to visualize success. Nobody can stop an Aries when your mind is made up. Stay calm with Moonstone.


Wonderful Taurus. I have never met a Taurus that didn't love Amethyst. Creative people just love purple. Wear, carry, bathe with, and even sleep with Amethyst this year. Green Jade will attract love; and for success and attracting money wear a Green Tourmaline. You will love the results!


Fun loving Gemini, you should wear Pink Tourmaline for love this year. How do I know? Quit thinking so much, and just feel a Pink Tourmaline - you will love it! You will be grounded and in focus if you carry or wear Agate. Try putting a Carnelian in the four corners of your bed for incredible spiritual insights and powerful dreams. These words are just flowing - Gemini, I know you understand. For luck, try a Green Jasper.


Cancer, you and Pisces need a protective stone. Sapphire or Citrine would work fine. All the signs, all of us, will feel the intensity of the energy coming. Protection is vital for us all. Cancer's love stones are Rose Quartz, Ruby Crystal and Pink Kunzite. Buy fresh blue berries and eat them once a week, or wear a Lapis Lazuli close to your throat; either will open your third eye or keep it open. Kunzite will bring harmony as well as love.


Dramatic Leo, Oh how loved you are. A power pendant will help you shine. Not that you need help, but enhance your energy with Moldavite and Herkimer Diamond. Or try a large Polish Zincite pendant. These powerful stones will work well with you. Find a crystal ball for gazing and relaxation. A Quartz cluster will bring harmony into your home. Attract love with a Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz combo.


Spring clean, Virgo, and I don't mean your house. Drink a lot of water and wear a Clear Quartz or Rutilated Quartz for clarity. If your stomach feels uncomfortable, wear a Yellow Citrine on a long cord or chain. It will release fear, anger, or any accumulated resentment. You are too smart, Virgo. Words to try... Feel, Feel, Feel. Use intuition to pick your stone for love. A lucky stone for you is a Meteorite. The energy will feel very familiar to you.


Libra, yes, you are beautiful and handsome when you are in balance. Get rid of those frown lines with a Malachite. Love comes to you, but a Green Tourmaline or Kunzite is helpful. Sit quietly with Rose Quartz in one hand and Malachite in the other. Find your center, Libra. You and your loved ones will be happy you did. For luck this year, carry Aventurine or Citrine. A Garnet will be grounding, and Clear Quartz will keep your mind clear. Having trouble making up your mind? Carry or put a Purple Fluorite next to your bed. Most of all, Libra, keep smiling with a happy Herkimer Diamond or Sugilite.


Scorpio, you don't need help with opening your third eye, but it never hurts to stay open and in balance with Azurite-Malachite. Very important, especially if you have Libra rising. For protection use Citrine. It will help you not to push emotions down to your Solar plexus. Try wearing Aqua Aura or Sodalite to help express those deep emotions. For attracting love, wear or carry Rhodochrosite or Kunzite.


Sagittarius, if you feel like travel this year, carry Moonstone with you. Your love stone is Ruby or Ruby Crystal. If you wear it, wear it over your heart chakra. Keep plenty of Clear Quartz around for clear thinking and energy. Your lucky stone is Citrine. It's okay if it is not natural (imitations are made by heating Amethyst), as the color yellow will bring you luck. Orange Calcite will give you very spiritual meditations.


Capricorns will enjoy success with a Blood Stone pendant, or carrying one will also be positive. It will give you the courage to take a few risks. For health, your birthstone, Garnet will be effective. Hold a Clear Quartz in your left hand and visualize what you want - love, money, whatever your heart's desire. Write if you feel the need, and have a Sodalite on your left or wear one while writing. May all your dreams come true, Capricorn.

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