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Cupid Compatibility Horoscope
by Michael Star
A Love Horoscope reading

in STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine ©2008.

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Soul Mates.

Don't Be Misled By "Sign" Compatibility!

"True Love" or potential romantic compatibility in a love relationship is indicated by many factors, not just the "zodiac sign" or "star sign" of each person. Since each partner has the Sun and Moon and eight Planets in his or her birth horoscope, astrological compatibility is based on how all of these relate to each other. The typical "love match" or "love calculator" or "star sign compatibility" chart based only on Sun Signs may be true in a general sense, but not necessarily true for you with a particular partner.

A better "rule of thumb" for quick compatibility matching by sign alone would be, "Marry your Moon Sign" - by which I mean that "the single greatest natural compatibility indicator occurs when their Sun Sign and your Moon Sign are the same, and even better when YOUR Sun Sign is the same as THEIR Moon Sign too." But that is only one indicator based only on the Sun and Moon, and unlike your Sun Sign, the Moon Sign has to be calculated because the Moon moves almost halfway through a Sign in 24 hours.

The BEST compatibility horoscopes use complex Synastry techniques and computer programs to match your ENTIRE birth horoscope to your partner's entire birth horoscope.
 - Michael Star, Astrologer

Cupid Compatibility Horoscope | How It Works | Motivations | Note To Young Lovers
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"Wow!!! ...This is the most complete reading I have ever had... Your reading described our relationship to a 'T'!"
- from A.V. on U.S.A.

Don't Be Misled by Simplistic Sign Compatibility!

You may not realize this, but you have ten "planets" in your horoscope, and each of them is in one of 12 Signs and also in one of 12 Houses. For example, I have Sun in Taurus, but ALL the other planets in my birth horoscope are NOT in Taurus. Three of them are in the Sign of Leo and two are in Cancer.

So many parts of my psyche are NOT like a Sun in Taurus person who might have most of his or her planets in the Sign of Taurus. I also have "Gemini Rising" (Ascendant in Gemini), so I don't even appear to act like a Taurus most of the time - more like a Gemini.

All that indicates that I am more complex than my Sun Sign alone would indicate - and you are complex too! We all have unique horoscope charts and are all unique individuals - NOT just one of 12 stereotypes indicated by our Sun Sign alone.

Should I avoid Sun in Leo people just because it is the worst match to my Sun in Taurus? No! For having three planets in Leo indicates that I have parts of ME that are Leo-like. So I relate well to Leos in some ways, and often get attracted to women with Sun and/or Venus in Leo. And about one out of 12 Sun in Leo people will have Moon in Taurus, and that makes for a VERY "comfortable" relationship with those of us with Sun in Taurus.

Real Astrology is about a lot more than just "Sun Signs". While the Sun is the most important factor in your own individual horoscope, other factors like the Moon and Venus and Mars can be more important when you compare the two horoscope charts of two individuals in a relationship.

Don't let love pass you by, just because you thought your Sun Signs  weren't compatible!

On Astrology sites (even on my own site) those popular "Sign Compatibility" charts which rate the romantic relationship potential between persons based only on their Sun Sign are true in a general sense, but are too simplistic to be of much use. And they can be quite misleading too!

People and Astrology are complex, and you need to look at ALL the planets in each person's birth chart, not just the Sun. You also need to consider the aspects (or angles) planets make to each other, not just what Sign they are in.

When you consider ALL the astrological factors in assessing a potential romantic relationship between two people, you sometimes find that a highly compatible love relationship is indicated by fully analyzing a true compatibility horoscope even when the "Sun Signs" of the partners are the "worst" possible combination!

Yes! That means that you could be, say, a man with Sun in Taurus who is attracted to a woman with Sun in Leo. This is generally regarded as one of the WORST matches - based on Sun Signs alone. Yet when you analyze how each of your horoscope charts match up, you might find that THIS Taurus is actually an EXCELLENT match to this particular Leo! You might have many other Planets indicating very positive influences that far outweigh the negative influence of your Suns being in the worst aspect to each other.

Your Taurus Sun might be "conjunct" (in the same position as) your partner's Taurus Moon, for example, which means you will feel very "comfortable" with each other right from the start (and she will get along with all Sun in Taurus people much better than the 11 out of 12 Leos who don't have Moon in Taurus). And you might have, say, Mars in Leo conjunct her Venus in Leo. That indicates a very powerful and almost irresistable sexual attraction which will likely last forever. Do you wonder why some divorced couples still sleep with each other whenever they happen to get together? It could be a Venus/Mars conjunction that never stops attracting them to each other on a physical level, even if they can't get along well enough to live together.

So you can see that you can't make smart decisions based on Sun Sign matching alone, for that is only a small (although important) part of the whole picture. That would be like our Taurus man saying that he doesn't want to marry a red-headed woman because he didn't get along with a red-headed girl he dated in high school. Even if he encountered his "soul mate" he would pass her by - just because she happened to have red hair. That would be about as smart as judging your future relationship only by Sun Sign.

Our hypotheical Taurus/Leo couple could have a much more satisfying relationship than most people who have a perfect Sun/Sun match and don't have those important Sun/Moon and Venus/Mars matches between their horoscope charts. If you meet someone with those two matches to your birth chart, you are very lucky! You should explore THAT relationship, no matter what their Sun Sign!

Sure, our Taurus/Leo couple will experience a "clash of egos" sometimes, due to their differing Taurus and Leo temperaments. But that would be a small price to pay for all the wonderful aspects of their relationship indicated by just those two great Sun/Moon and Venus/Mars aspects. And there could be many more positive aspects, when you do a full analysis of their birth charts.

It would be a shame to avoid a love relationship with great potential for happiness just because some simplistic "Zodiac Sign Compatibility" chart said your Sun Signs were not a good match. Don't avoid a potential mate because you think their Sun Sign is "wrong", or because others with that Sign or birthday were "bad" for you. It may not be the Sun Sign that was the "problem" at all - it may be the Moon or some Planets in their horoscope chart making difficult angles to yours.

The Cupid Compatibility Horoscope compares ALL the astrological relationships between the birth charts of two partners and explains their effect in plain English in a detailed 10-15 page report. The Mating Rating section rates the relationship from 1% to 99% on seven separate factors. One is the Karma Factor, where a high score indicates a past-life connection - or that "soul mates" have found each other again.

Comparing ALL the sets of planets in two horoscopes involves many time-consuming astrological calculations, and that's why I wrote the very complex Cupid Compatibility Program and invented a Mating Rating system unlike anything you will find elsewhere. Now my software does in seconds what would take me hours to do by hand, and you can get a fascinating and easily-understood 10 to 15-page written compatibility report and Mating Rating sent by email for only $30 USD.

Read the rest of this page to see HOW IT WORKS, and HOW IT CAN HELP YOU...

See a Sample Horoscope and Mating Rating (Clinton/Lewinsky)

Scroll down to see what the Cupid Compatibility Horoscope is all about.

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What They Say About Michael Star's
Personal Horoscope Readings

"The reports are very insightful and I am able to relate to them, particularly the Cupid Compatibility report. It has told me things about the person perhaps I might have never known or understood, even after a lifetime with the person. I am confident I will be able to deal with him more effectively. I cannot thank you enough for this. This is a real gift you have."
- S.D. on from Singapore

"Wow!!! ... This is the most complete reading I have ever had...
I appreciate the way you do not use astrological 'jargon' in your readings. I would understand it, but most people don't."
- A.V. on from U.S.A.
"I read the readings and I must say WOW, that you were basically right on.
I am very impressed, and plan to have a few more."
- S.G. on from England
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Soul Mates. Love connection.
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The Cupid Compatibility Horoscope

How It Works - How It Can Help You

The Cupid Compatibility Horoscope reading is a special kind of compatibility horoscope reading designed to help two people in a romantic relationship understand in more detail the dynamics of their love relationship - particularly the attractions and reactions working at an UN-conscious level.

Most people seldom give much thought to WHY they are RE-acting to each other - they are too busy or too concerned with the reactions, and are less concerned with the motivations which cause the actions and reactions. They might look for some "love horoscope" or simple "zodiac sign compatibility" chart to reassure them that they have chosen the right "sign", and just hope for the best.

This compatibility horoscope analyzes those motivations using Astrology, describes them in plain English, and includes a complex rating system which produces a "Mating Rating" report on the potential of the love relationship, based on seven different Factors:
* IN - Initial Attraction/Infatuation
* FR - Friendship/Platonic Love
* RA - Rapport/Communication
* LO - Longevity/Loyalty
* KA - Karma/Fate Factor
* DI - Difficulty/Differences
* PH - Physical/Sexual Satisfaction.

This Compatibility Horoscope tells you what your love relationship is like, and it tells you WHY you are making it like that! If there is something in your love relationship which you don't like, it helps to know WHAT is making you and your partner react to each other in that way. Sharing this written report with your partner can give you something specific to look at and discuss together, so you can find ways to improve the relationship.

This is a unique type of love horoscope that tells you exactly how YOU and THIS person relate to each other, not just how some zodiac sign relates to some other sign. It is about "horoscope compatibility" - and that means how your ENTIRE horoscope is compatible with the ENTIRE horoscope of your partner. ALL the planets in ALL the signs and in ALL the houses, and ALL the aspects between ALL the planets in each horoscope chart. It is specifically about THIS relationship - because the two of you are the only people in it!

The horoscope reveals MOTIVATIONS. How each partner in the relationship chooses to ACT on those motivations is entirely the result of his or her own FREE WILL. Our motivations and emotions do NOT have to drive us. It is we who are in the driver's seat of our own destiny!

Many of us, however, do allow ourselves - and our destinies - to be driven by emotions. Instead of acting consciously on our own wise judgment and acting in our own best interest to fulfill our heart's desire, most of the time we are RE-acting on old emotions, and not CHOOSING our best actions for the present time in the present situation.

"That was then, but this is now." We often forget this obvious truth, and habitually act as though our choices in the past are still appropriate in the present.

It's as if we have programmed our mind to react in certain ways to certain situations, but then we forgot to update or cancel the program as we grew up and our lives changed. So that program is still running in our unconscious mind and makes us react the same way we did in the past - unless we become consciously aware of it, and choose to change it.

Astrology helps us SEE what kinds of motivations we were born with. By reading our birth horoscope, an astrologer can tell us the ways we are most likely to act and react. But Astrology cannot predict exactly how we WILL act or react IF we make a conscious choice to act differently. We may be predisposed by our basic nature to act a certain way, but we can always CHOOSE to act differently by using "WILL power".

So Astrology says, "Here's what you're like, and here's what you're likely to do." But it doesn't say you "have" to be that way, or do it that way. You have Free Will.

Looking at our own birth horoscope and that of a potential romantic partner can tell us the ways we are likely to react to them, and how they are likely to react to us. But it cannot predict whether we will choose to act on our inner urgings and express our inner feelings, or not. We make our own choices in life.

The Cupid Compatibility Horoscope uses an astrological technique called Synastry, an analysis of the angles (called "aspects") which the planets in each person's birth horoscope make to the planets of the other person - as well as the Sign (one of 12 sectors of that circle called "the zodiac") AND the House (another set of 12 sectors) in each person's birth horoscope in which the planets of the other person's birth horoscope would be located if the two birth charts were superimposed.

Synastry has been found to be surprisingly accurate and useful in analyzing, or even predicting, the way two people attract each other and interact with each other. It describes a kind of "synergy" formed when these two people get together. Synastry is the technique used to "compare" the birth charts of two people.

But first the actual birth charts have to be "cast", which in these modern times is done by a computer which calculates the exact positions of the planets and house cusps using astronomical data and formulae.

The Cupid Compatibility program calculates the precise position of each planet in each person's birth horoscope, as well as the Ascendant and Midheaven points, and then checks for all the "aspects" or angles between them. Out of thousands of possible combinations of planets and types of aspects, it finds the ones which are not only "in effect" but are also the most likely to be strong enough to become a significant factor in your love relationship.

Each aspect represents a motivation, and how it will likely be expressed in the relationship is then described in a separate paragraph printed in each person's part of the compatibility report. Aspects between the planets Venus and Mars are of particular importance in the analysis of romantic relationships.

The closer the aspect (or angle between planets) is to one of the specific angles considered significant in Synastry (such as 0 or 60 or 90 or 120 or 180 degrees), the stronger the "factor". So each factor is sorted by strength, and a paragraph of text describing each factor is listed in that same order - the strongest are printed at the beginning of each person's section, and the weakest near the end.

So you will read about the most important and most noticeable aspects of your relationship first, and then see progressively lesser aspects as you read further down in your section of the compatibility analysis. You need to read BOTH sections, yours and theirs, to get the complete picture.

Next are printed seven paragraphs which describe the effect of each of that person's "personal planets" being located in one of the twelve Houses in the partner's chart; then a few paragraphs describing some personal characteristics relating to love and romance and relationships.

At the end of the Cupid Compatibility Horoscope is a section called The Mating Rating which list seven separate Factors and a numerical "rating" from 1% to 99% (not just one to five "stars"). The Factors are labelled: Infatuation, Friendship, Rapport, Longevity, Karma, Difficulty, and Physical. The ratings for each Factor are meant to serve as an indication of the degree to which it is likely to be expressed in the relationship. These are "probabilities", not predictions.

The Mating Rating report is especially useful when you have ordered a compatibility horoscope for more than one partner, such as a past partner and a potential partner, or two potential partners. Like a form of "love meter", the rating scores can be used to compare the potential for each partner in relationship with YOU. But please be aware that the scores are a composite of both positive and negative factors.

What does that mean? Even when a particular score is only in the "average" range (70-75%) it may be due to some negative factors driving down a much higher positive potential that might be achieved if the two partners can learn to deal with some or all of those negative factors.

The scores tend to show the potential at the beginning - what you are starting out with. If you WORK on your relationship, you could (in effect) raise those scores and have a more fulfilling relationship than the original scores would indicate. But if you are just looking to invest your time and effort into the most likely "prospect" for a fulfilling relationship, these scores indicate the "chances" for success with this partner. (But remember that you can "improve" the relationship if you work on it, as mentioned above.)

I would strongly recommend that you always listen to your "heart" and not your "head" when deciding to pursue or give up on a potential relationship. Trust your feelings more than the "numbers". And give more weight to what you read in the text descriptions than what the "scores" say. The "easy" relationships indicated by initial high scores may not always be the most rewarding ones in the long term.

The Cupid Compatibility Horoscope is designed to discover and describe the inner drives of you and your partner so you can be aware of them and better understand how and WHY you affect each other in certain ways. By seeing the positive aspects, you can better appreciate each other. By understanding the negative aspects, you can better understand each other and accept each other, instead of blaming each other. And you know what areas of the relationship you need to work on if you truly want to be happy.

With some relationships, there are many "aspects" in the horoscopes, and thus many factors working to create a more complex relationship. You are complex, and so is your partner! Put two complex people together, and it makes a complex relationship with an interesting (and sometimes confusing) mix of compatible and incompatible elements.

What you are probably looking for is a relationship with much more compatibility than incompatibility - and that's what the Compatibility Horoscope can tell you! It could tell you this even before you meet each other, which is why many of my clients use it to assess the potential of an Internet romance.

Often there may be some factors described in the text which seem to oppose or even "contradict" each other; but this merely reflects the reality of the complex dynamics in the relationship. One of the opposing drives may be suppressed most of the time, or both motivations may be expressed, but at different times or in different situations.

That's how "contradictory" or confusing we humans can be at times. If parts of the text seem confusing, then some aspects of the relationship will likely seem confusing too - and at times we may even confuse ourselves!

Astrology can only predict your MOTIVATIONS - not how your Free Will leads you to choose the DECISIONS you make, or the ACTIONS you take.

The same is true for the one you love, but it will certainly help your love relationship if you can understand each other's motivations and needs. That's the main benefit of this compatibility analysis - to UNDERSTAND each partner's motivations. You may be surprised to find that many of theirs are not the same as yours! And that's what makes life and love interesting...

(c)1997-2009 Michael Star
81 Lakeshore East #51, Mississauga ON, Canada L5G 4S7

HOW TO ORDER | Cupid Compatibility Horoscope | How It Works | Motivations | Note To Young Lovers | The Mating Rating | What If You Don't Know Your Birth Time?

The Cupid Compatibility Horoscope

How To Interpret It

If you read a Cupid Compatibility Horoscope report dealing with a present or past relationship between you and a particular person, even if you do not believe in Astrology or the astrological technique called Synastry, you will still be able to JUDGE FOR YOURSELF whether the descriptive TEXT is accurately describing how you have reacted to each other.

You must remember at all times, however, that the Cupid Compatibility Horosocope analysis is always describing the unconscious reactions and motivations you bring out in each other - not necessarily the obvious outward reactions, nor the effects of your conscious decisions to express or suppress these UNconscious urgings. Whether or not you notice them in yourself or in the other person depends on whether they are being allowed to express themselves. You may be feeling them and acting on them without really understanding why you feel or act that way.

Reading about these reactions in the Cupid Compatibility Horoscope report may help you recognize them and realize that they are a factor in your relationship with this particular partner.

Because you have a Free Will you can choose to allow your inner urges and drives to be expressed in your outward behaviour; or you can choose not to allow any particular urge or drive to control your behaviour.

The Cupid Compatibility Horoscope may detect and describe some spiritual affinity which may be sensed but not recognized, or which one feels but does not reveal. It will often confirm or even predict a "love at first sight". Or it may warn of what is working against Love.

The Mating Rating section includes a "Karma" or "Fate Factor" which indicates the chance that the relationship is a "karmic" one - where two souls have come together again because of a strong love bond; or because they have karma to "work out" with each other and need the opportunity to re-create certain situations where they can learn to make better choices this time.

At best - The Cupid Compatibility Horoscope report helps you recognize a good relationship so you can decide to pursue it.

At least - it provides a written critique of the relationship and a basis for discussing what is wonderful and worthwhile, and what are the potential problem areas.

At last - you have something a lot better than over-simplified and over-generalized "Sun Sign" Astrology to use as a guide to your love relationships! Real Astrology really works you will see when you order a Cupid Compatibility Horoscope and Mating Rating for you and a partner in a love relationship!

- Michael Star

(c)1997-2009 Michael Star
81 Lakeshore East #51, Mississauga ON, Canada L5G 4S7

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