The Cupid Myth

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The Cupid Myth.

The Cupid Myth: The Eros and Psyche Story

True Love is not in looks - it is in hearts and souls!

The Cupid Myth.

"It is wrong to think that Love comes from long companionship or persevering courtship. Love is the offspring of a spiritual affinity, and unless that affinity is created IN A MOMENT, it will not be created in years or even generations."
- Kahlil Gibran, from "The Broken Wings"

Cupid was the Roman god of Love, son of Venus and Mercury; and in Greek mythology he was Eros, son of Aphrodite and Hermes. He took as his wife the beautiful mortal maiden Psyche ...on the condition that he would join her only at night so she never saw his face. Their dark nights together were full of love and passion; though Psyche had a fear that her loving husband might also be an ugly monster!

At the urging of her sisters (and her own fears) she hid a knife and candle by their bed one evening before he came. After Cupid fell asleep, Psyche silently stole out of bed and lit the candle. As she held the light up to his face she saw not an evil ugly beast... but a most handsome young man with wings!

In her surprise, she spilled some candle wax on his sleeping face. The hot wax woke Cupid, and he flew away as he cried, "O foolish Psyche! Is it thus you repay my love? But go; return to your sisters whose advice you seem to think preferable to mine! I inflict no punishment on you, other than to leave you forever."

Like the mortal maiden Psyche, we sometimes let our own insecurity (or the opinions of others) blind us to a True Love which waits before our very eyes! Sometimes we cannot trust our feelings and our souls to sense Love, but insist on seeing it with our eyes!

"Psyche" is a Greek word for "butterfly" and also for "the soul". At times, the beautiful butterfly of Love looks more like the lowly caterpillar; and sometimes Love lives in a self-protective cocoon concealing the loveliness inside from the gaze of mortal eyes.

Love is, as Gibran puts it, a "spiritual affinity" - a meeting of two souls on a level that mere senses cannot divine, nor mind can explain. Love is not seen nor heard, and often goes unrecognized. Love is not in looks - it is in hearts and souls!

We sometimes call it "chemistry" - that attraction and reaction which occurs when certain people meet. If it's a sexual attraction but lacks a spiritual affinity, then it is Lust (Eros). A spiritual affinity without sexual attraction is deep Friendship (Agape).

Only when both are present can the attraction be considered a True Love. There will be some attraction in the first moments of meeting, and then a quickly-developing sense of deep friendship, romance, and desire. Only True Love has it all!

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The Cupid Myth