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"Knowledge is for sharing, and gifts are for giving, so by working together we can all share the information and insights of our fellow earthlings who are now becoming "connected" through the wonderful World Wide Web as we all awaken in this dawning of the Age of Aquarius."
- Michael Star, Astrologer 1996

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This Week's FEATURES
Vol.21 No.3

For descriptions of recent additions to Astrology Zine, see the New Articles page. For quick site navigation to ALL articles, see Quick Site Index

Astrology Article: What Is Synchronicity?
by Michael Star

In another "What Is...?" article Michael explains how this strange phenomenon is what makes Astrology work. Dr Carl Jung named it, and The Police named their music album "Synchronicity", but people still ask, "What is synchronicity?"

Astrology Article: What Is Venus in Astrology?
by Michael Star

Astrology: Free Yearly Horoscopes for all 12 Signs
by Michael Star

Michael has updated the Free Yearly Forecasts for each of the 12 zodiac signs. Read the Yearly Horoscope forecast for your Sun Sign, and also for your Rising Sign (the Sign on the Ascendant) too, to get a more complete picture.

Astrology Article: What Is A Birth Chart?
by Michael Star

Michael adds two new pages to his series of "What Is...?" articles that answer your burning questions about astrological terms, such as What Is A Birth Chart? and What Is A Planet?.

Astrology Article: What Is the Effect of Leap Year on my Horoscope?
by Michael Star

For the 25% of the population who were born in a Leap Year, Michael comments in another short "What Is...?" article about the effect of a Leap Year on your horoscope. Click here if you ever wondered: What If I Was Born in a Leap Year? And if you think you were "born on a cusp", you will find something about that here too.

Astrology Article: What Is A House?
by Michael Star

Michael adds 14 new pages to his series of short "What Is...?" articles that answer your questions about astrological terms such as What Is A House? and What Is A House Cusp?. To learn what things are associated with each of the 12 Houses, click here:
First | Second | Third | Fourth | Fifth | Sixth | Seventh | Eighth | Ninth | Tenth | Eleventh | Twelfth
 Read Michael's comments on: How accurate are Sun Sign horoscopes? and What is my Fate?

Astrology Article: Flirting by Sign
by Michael Star

The Sign occupied by Venus in your horoscope shows your personal strategies for attracting love and affection, as well as any object of your desire. See how you and the people in your life are "flirting with Venus" - unconsciously shifting into "flirt mode" when in the presence of the oppposite sex, or when they "act to attract" something they desire. Seventeen new pages. (If you don't know your Venus Sign, you can read this using your Sun Sign instead, and it will still be somewhat true for you.)

Crystals Column: Ask Karen About Crystals
by Karen Ryan, Energy Therapist

Karen Ryan answers readers' questions about how to wear and care for crystals and how to use crystals to heal and help.

Article: Osama bin Laden Birth Data
by Michael Star

By knowing the birth date and birth place of Saudi-born terrorist leader Osama bin Laden, any interested amateur or professional astrologer can cast his birth horoscope and see what might have motivated this charismatic man to become the most infamous terrorist in the modern world. No exact birth time is known, so you may have to use a "solar chart" method and assume the time of birth is at noon or at sunrise.
Click here to see bin Laden's Sun Sign and other information about his birth horoscope.

Article: The Tower Card - Revelation & Re-Evaluation
by Michael Star

The image on The Tower card XVI of the Tarot is eerily similar to the shocking image the world saw on live television September 11, 2001 - a tower in flames and people falling to the ground. See a picture of The Tower Card and Michael's comments on how the meanings of this ancient Tarot card could apply to the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center towers - and its possible significance for Americans and the world as a whole.

Celebrity Horoscope: George Bush Weekly Horoscope

An astrological forecast similar to the Free Weekly Horoscopes by Michael Star - but this one is done for U.S. President W. George Bush using his exact time and place of birth. In ancient times the horoscope of a nation's leader was used to predict events concerning the whole nation. This page will now be updated weekly on Mondays. Also see George Bush 2009 Horoscope.

Article: What Do Skeptics Say About Astrology?
by Michael Star

Michael answers to some common complaints which skeptics of Astrology use to prove their contention that Astrology is "bunk", starting with: "Horoscope readings are so general that they could apply to anyone." Learn why this is not true for real horoscope readings done by real astrologers for real people.

Karmic Astrology: The Cupid Myth
by Michael Star

Romance Astrology: Sign Compatibility?
by Michael Star

Michael has written a new series of short "What Is...?" articles that answer your questions about compatibility in love relationships. Please read them in this order:
What Is Sign Compatibility? | What Are Compatible Signs? | What Is My Opposite Sign? | What Are Difficult Signs? | What Is My Love Match?
 These are written to apply to Sun Signs but also apply to the Signs the Moon or any Planet occupy in your birth horoscope.

Article: Quotations on Love 2001
by Michael Star

In honor of Valentines Day, Michael has compiled a listing of quotations dealing with The Nature of Love, Romantic Relationships, and Love Relationships, which originally appeared in his "Mini-Musings" section on the Free Daily Horoscopes page in 2000 and 2001. They are as relevant today as when they were written. (Also see: Quotations on Love 2000)

Astrology Readings: Romance Secrets
by Michael Star

Michael has created a new series of short pages that describe the types of personal horoscope readings he can send you by email. These are based on your unique birth data and birth chart, and focus on various specific topics such as:
Romance Secrets and Aspects of Love and Relating Secrets and Seduction Secrets and Psyche Secrets.   These descriptive pages contain links to actual sample readings so you can see exactly what kind of information and insights you could find in your own personal horoscope reading. Check out the special collection price of US $15 for all five.

Astrology Article: What Is My Sign?
by Michael Star

Michael has started a new series of short "What Is...?" articles that answer your questions about astrological terms such as What Is A Horoscope? and What Is My Sign? and What Is My Sun Sign? and What Is My Rising Sign? and What Sign Is My Rising Sign? and Rising Sign Table and What Are Star Signs?   If you thought Astrology was just about a list of dates and traits for "my sign" you may be surprised to learn what a "Sign" really means.

Crystals Article: Crystals for the Zodiac Signs
by Diane Vandeveld

Diane suggests certain types of easily obtained crystals which can be used to help with love, luck, success, health, or protection this year for people having a particular Sun Sign.

Astrology Article: Selecting An Astrologer
by Richard Brown

An article on choosing the right Astrologer to act as your personal consultant, written by a professional Astrologer.

Astrology Article: The Age of Taurus
by Michael Star

Part 4 of "Taurus Teaching Tips", Taurean Michael Star discusses the astronomical "Age of Taurus", how "Precession of the Equinoxes" creates an Age and how it is determined, why Constellations and Signs are not the same, and why the coming "Age of Aquarius" is a little uncomfortable for Taurus types.

Article: Life Quotes 1999
by Michael Star

Michael has compiled a listing of quotations dealing with Life and Living which originally appeared in his "Mini-Musings" section on the Free Daily Horoscopes page during 1999. They are still relevant and useful in 2017.

Article: Quotations on Love
by Michael Star

In honor of Valentines Day, Michael has compiled a listing of quotations dealing with The Nature of Love, Romantic Relationships, and Love Relationships, which originally appeared in his "Mini-Musings" section on the Free Daily Horoscopes page.

Crystals article: Healing Crystals for Pets and Animals
by Karen Ryan, Energy Therapist

Karen Ryan explains how fifteen different types of easily obtained crystals can be used to help in healing animals and pets.

Graphology Article: Graphology and Compatibility
by Peter Dennis, Graphologist

Graphologist Peter Dennis explains how handwriting analysis can reveal the potential for compatibility in a romantic relationship. How strokes and slants show something about similar styles or different demeanours.

1997-1998 Archives: Michael's Musings
by Michael Star

Click here to see some more Michael's Musings Archives from 1997. Click here for a discussion of Karma in the Archives for 1998.

New Feature: "The Psychic Stars" Oracle
by Michael Star

With a click of the mouse on the star you choose, receive a message which tells you a truth about something you need to focus on today. Divination actually means "to get in touch with the Divine", and this is one way for you to connect to the wisdom of your Higher Mind, which is more connected to that higher Source which is known by many names. Try it once a day and see what's really on your mind!

Column Archives: Michael's Musings, June 1-30
by Michael Star

Click here to see the original Michael's Musings column. To read ones you missed, see the new Archives for June 1999.

Astrology Article: Signs and Symbols
by Michael Star

The meaning of signs and symbols, and the difference between them.

New Additions to: Bill Clinton's Weekly Horoscope

An astrological forecast similar to the Free Weekly Horoscopes by Michael Star - but this one is done for U.S. President Bill Clinton using his exact time and place of birth. Michael has added new material to the introduction, and some comments about Bill Clinton's personal horoscope which explains his strategies for dealing with conflicts like those in Iraq and Kosovo. This page will now be updated weekly on Mondays.

Astrology Article: Eclipses and The New Millennium
by Celeste Teal

Astrologer Celeste Teal presents a comparative study of the effects of Solar Eclipses for 1999, with references to the U.S. chart, 1962 events, and other times in history. There are ramifications concerning the Y2K bug, the Kosovo Crisis, President Clinton, women in ofice, and other recent issues.

Crystals Showcase: Lovely Pieces & Low Prices

Mike at The Crystal Ball Inc. has put together a showcase of beautiful natural crystal pendants and rings, plus some other popular products like art glass Tarot card boxes, which may be of interest to Astrology Zine visitors.

Tarot Article: The Chariot Card VII
by Maggie Calder.

Maggie explains the meaning of The Chariot card VII, which she calls "expressing the greatness within". She is a Tarot reader and palm reader from San Francisco, now living near Toronto, Canada.

Crystals Article: Crystals and Gemstones

Michael Star explains the basics of crystals in terms of mineralogy, and the difference between stones and rocks, with many examples and several photos. Did you know that most of your body is composed of crystalline substances?

Celebrity Horoscope: Monica Lewinsky's Romance Horoscope
by Michael Star

When Michael heard that Monica Lewinsky's interview with Barbara Walters would be aired on the ABC television network at 8:00 PM EST on March 3 1999, he decided to publish his romance horoscope readings for Monica to see what it would reveal in advance about her character and personality and style. See for yourself what Monica's birth horoscope predicts, and compare it to your own view of her when you see her being interviewed voluntarily on television.

FAQ Series: Astrology FAQ 3 - Signs & Cusps

Michael clears up the "Cusp" confusion in this new FAQ page on Signs and Cusps. If you're reading the daily or weekly horoscope columns, and your birthday is near one of the dates in the table of Signs, you need to read this... because you might be reading the wrong Sign!

Astrology: Taurus Treats and Sensual Shopping

UPDATED - Taurus astrologer Michael Star describes places to shop for sensual pleasures - where Taurus types can self-indulge, or friends can find gifts for Taurus types. Taurus loves pleasure and comfort, and to find such sensual pleasures at a bargain is bliss! Read the teaching tips on Taurus traits, something about cigars, and see suggested links for easy on-line ordering of gourmet foods, fashions, fragrances, music, and art items.

Astrology Article: Mercury Mind-Games

Michael Star talks of the contradictory qualities of the planet known in his various guises as The Trickster, The Patron Saint of Thieves, The Messenger, Mecurius, and Hermes. Confessions and cons, qualities and quirks, metaphors and mind-games - you'll find them all here. Of special interest to Gemini and Virgo types.

New Feature: Free Daily Horoscopes for all Sun Signs

Michael Star presents a new feature which will give you a short daily horoscope for your star sign based on your Solar Chart, and a quick link to your weekly horoscope.

Astrology Article: Astrology in the Christian Bible
by Michael Star

Some Christians think the practice of Astrology is akin to the ancient pagan practice of peering into the entrails of disemboweled fowl or sheep to see signs of the future. Those Christians who condemn Astrology seem to have missed the very clear statement about reading "signs" in the heavens which appears on the very first page of their Bible.

Celebrity Horoscope: Monica Lewinsky's Karma Horoscope
by Michael Star

When Michael heard President Clinton's taped testimony aired on television, he became curious about Clinton's statment that Monica would be compelled by her psychological nature to reveal their sexual affair to someone. So he did a karma horoscope for Monica to see what it would reveal about the motivations in her psyche. See for yourself what leads Monica to make the choices that lead to the consequences she experiences.

Celebrity Horoscope: Bill Clinton's Weekly Horoscope
by Michael Star

In contrast to the general Free Weekly Horoscopes which must be done without knowing the exact time and place of birth of those for whom the horoscope is cast; this is a personal Weekly Horoscope based on exact birth data for a famous world figure whose life is presently on public display. Compare President Bill Clinton's personal Weekly Horoscope Forecast with the general Free Weekly Horoscope for the Sun Sign of Leo to see the similarities and differences. Bill Clinton has both Sun and Ascendant in the Sign of Leo in his birth chart, which is why the general Leo forecast is similar but not identical to his personal forecast. Watch for weekly updates on Mondays.

Celebrity Horoscope: Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky
by Michael Star

Michael has finally published a full-length sample of his unique "Cupid Compatibility Horoscope" and "Mating Rating" - and the relationship it analyzes is the one everybody has heard about in great detail. But there is much revealed in the horoscopes of Bill and Monica that state snooper Ken Starr or the pirhanas of the press could have investigated just by reading an astrological analysis like this. Looking past the sleazy sensationalism and affairs of state, the ages and previous commitments, many of us would have been pleased to find a potential partner as well matched to us as Monica was to Bill.

Also see Bill Clinton's Weekly Horoscope.

Crystals Article: Ten Healing Crystals for Children
by Karen Ryan, Energy Therapist

Karen Ryan explains how ten different types of easily obtained crystals can be used to help in healing children's issues. Coming soon: Healing Crystals for Pets.

Astrology Article: What Attracts Men?
by Michael Star

Michael explains how a man's favorite types of women are indicated by the Signs the Moon and Venus occupy in his own birth horoscope. If you're a man who doesn't know his Venus Sign, you can pick the Sign's paragraph that best describes your type of ideal woman, and then when you find out your true Venus Sign you can see if it matches the Sign you chose.

FAQ Series: Astrology FAQ 2

Michael explains how the time of birth affects the horoscope; how a horoscope is done when the time is not known; and the difference between a horoscope chart and a horoscope reading.

Celebrity Horoscope: Frank Sinatra Horoscope

See what Michael's "Psyche Secrets", "Karmic Gifts and Lessons", and other horoscope readings say about the late Frank Sinatra. Birth chart included.

Astrology Advice Column: "The Love Lady"
by Sue Armitage

Each week Sue, an Astrological Counselor and Therapist, will answer questions on Love and Relationships sent in by readers. NEW letters every Monday. (Now discontinued, but interesting Archives are still online).

Astrology Article: What Attracts Women?
by Michael Star

Michael explains how a woman's favorite types of men are indicated by the Signs the Sun and Mars occupy in her own birth horoscope. If you're a woman who doesn't know her Mars Sign, you can pick the Sign that matches your type of man, and then when you find out your true Mars Sign you can see if it matches the Sign you chose.

Teach Yourself Tarot 4: Reading Reversed Tarot Cards
by Michael Star.

An original technique for interpreting the meanings of reversed Tarot cards is explained in this latest addition to the Teach Yourself Tarot series. Michael calls it "THE DIS/MIS SYS" because he likes things that rhyme. You might like the system because it makes it easier to remember the meanings of the Tarot cards - and can also triple the "vocabulary" of the Tarot when compared to not reading reversed cards differently. Also see: Reading the Tarot Cards with Michael's "Third I Method".

Free Weekly Horoscope Forecasts:

These are full-page readings for all zodiac Signs. Read the one for your Sun Sign, and also the one for your Rising Sign (also called the Ascendant Sign) if you know it.

Aries | Taurus | Gemini | Cancer | Leo | Virgo | Libra | Scorpio | Sagittarius | Capricorn | Aquarius | Pisces |

(Sorry, the Weekly Horoscopes and Yearly Horoscopes are temporarily discontinued. Last ones are still online.) The Weekly Horoscopes are updated every Monday by 12:00 PM (New York/Toronto Time).

About the Free Weekly Forecast: How It's Done, How to Use It

Free Yearly Horoscope Forecasts:

Aries | Taurus | Gemini | Cancer | Leo | Virgo | Libra | Scorpio | Sagittarius | Capricorn | Aquarius | Pisces

You can get a free fractured forecast in a darkly humorous vein from the 1998 Horrorscope. Read at your own risk. Or just send a copy to your friends and enemies.

Readers Write: What they say

about STAR SIGNS, Michael Star, and their personal horoscope readings. Unsolicited comments from clients and visitors. Kudos, or kicks?

FAQ Files: Astrology * Tarot * Numerology *

Beginners can learn the basics and get answers to those "Frequently Asked Questions". For more Astrology FAQs answered by Michael Star, see the Astrology FAQ: Kelly's Questions series - not your typical Astrology FAQ file, as you shall see!

Astrology Humor:

The 1998 "Horrorscope"

Predictions for all 12 Signs - not a pretty picture. Based on ancient astrologogy, scathingly satirized and skewed into evil-eyed entertainment. A pernicious parody of the old school of "malefic" planetary prognostication, where stiffs such as Nasty Damn-us studied star-gazing and scare tactics. Sometimes we astrologers get too serious, so this satire by Canadian columnist Donna Lypchuk and Toronto astrologer John McKay-Clements lets us lighten up with a little doom and gloom in this fractured forecast.

Secret Diary of an Astrology Student, Chapter 1

by Sue Armitage.

A saucy, satirical series by a naughty neophyte in her British beginner's course.

See more Sue in Chapter 2.

Personal Astrology:

Romance, Relationships, Compatibility, and Karma Readings
by Michael Star.

See how Natal Astrology interprets your birth horoscope to analyze and explain your personality traits, psychological needs, and love style; how Synastry reveals your potential for compatibility or conflict in romantic relationships; and how Karmic Astrology helps you understand the gifts you carried into this life and the challenges and lessons you chose for yourself. New interpretations by Michael Star, unlike any you have seen before. See them here.

Mundane Astrology:

The World This Week NewsScope Horoscope column
by Wolfstar, geo-political astrologer.

See how Mundane Astrology is used to forecast and analyze political issues and world events by interpreting the horoscopes of leaders, public figures, celebrities, countries, and corporations in relation to the present planetary pictures called "transits" and "progressions". Learn how the Asteroids, like Chiron, Ceres, Juno, and Pallas Athene, are used to make astrological predictions.

Weekly updates will no longer be available due to a sharp increase in the cost of providing this column each week, but the archives for JAN 01 to JUL 28 1997 will remain indefinitely as examples of the use of Mundane Astrology. See if Wolfstar's predictions panned out!

The World This Week astrology column ARCHIVES...

JUL 06 - JUL 28:
APR 21 - JUN 30:
JAN 06 - APR 14:
JAN 20: Inauguration Ceremonies * JonBenet Ramsey * Ennis Cosby *
See JonBenet's "Karmic Gifts", "Career", and "Psyche Secrets" Readings and Natal Chart
DEC 30: See Wolfstar's uncanny astrological comparison of Madonna to the real Evita!
See Madonna's "Karmic Gifts and Lessons", "Career" Horoscope, and Natal Chart.


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Michael Star... A Brief Bio
from an astrological angle.

Michael's Bio has been moved to a new page at michael.shtml and enhanced with images.

Emailed Horoscope Readings

written by Michael Star

For a full LIST describing the many plain-English interpretations of your horoscope chart which Michael can e-mail to you the same or next day, select |Read-You| or |YOUR Horoscope| on any "Link-to" menu.

These are not the same horoscope interpretations produced by the large astrology software companies, which you may see on several other web sites. Each personal horoscope reading is based on your unique time and place of birth, and produced by Michael Star's personally programmed astrology software. They provide clear, concise commentaries in plain English, as interpreted and written by Michael himself in the same way he would do a horoscope reading in-person.

You'll get an emailed of your horoscope reading which you can review later or discuss with your family or close friends; and you can get it at a much lower cost than a live consultation (or than a telephone call to a 900-line Astrologer or Psychic at $3.99 a minute).

See Michael Star on Astrology for an explanation of how Michael views Astrology and its practical use in helping us understand ourselves, and our challenges and choices in life.

Computer-printed Horoscope Readings
by Michael Star

Your own personal horoscope reading can be ordered online, printed by computer, and emailed to you within 24 hours! These amazingly accurate horoscope readings are written by Michael in his own words, in the same way he would say them to a client in person; yet because they can be quickly produced they cost quite a bit less than a live reading (those 900-line astrologers and psychics cost $240 to $300 per hour, at $4 to $5 per minute).

You can choose from a variety of topics and readings for $5 to $30, including some which are not available anywhere else. You'll have your own horoscope reading in print too, so you can refer to it again or show it to your family or friends. Michael has done thousands of these popular readings at psychic fairs, corporate functions, and charity fundraisers in Canada; and they have been available here on the Internet since July 1996. These readings by Michael Star are unique - NOT the same readings offered on other web sites.

Michael accepts personal checks (drawn on banks in the USA, UK, and Canada); money orders or cash in any major currency; and travelers checks in U.S. or Canadian dollars. If your order is less than US $80.01 Michael will email your horoscope readings in 24 hours BEFORE you pay for them, if you promise to mail your payment the day AFTER you receive them (your check will not be cashed for 5 to 7 days).
Credit card payments by Visa and Master Card and American Express and Discover Cards may be used for orders of US $20 or more, and PayPal payments and checks and money orders for orders of US $10 or more.

You can read descriptions and see actual |SAMPLES| of most of the horoscope readings at the hot-links in the list below, so you'll know that "what you see is what you get". All the astrological readings, charts, and fees are listed on the online Order Form which can be accessed from any page by using the |ORDER-FORM| or |2-ORDER| hot-link.

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Astrology and Tarot Lectures/Workshops

by Michael Star (based near Toronto, will travel)

Michael is available for talks or workshops on Astrology or the Tarot. With his singleton Jupiter in Sagittarius, Mercury as chart ruler, Aquarius Midheaven and Gemini Ascendant, what else would you expect? It takes time to get that Sun in Taurus moving, but he loves teaching, talking and traveling once he gets started! (Michael is about a one-hour drive from Niagara Falls NY.)

Michael's workshops are inter-active and interesting, and include printed notes (plus your personal birth chart for Astrology topics).
Fee: Lecturing at your event: $75 per hour (plus negotiated travel expenses).
Fee: Michael's Toronto area 3-hour workshops: $30 per participant, including basic printed notes or birth chart. Optional materials extra.

Click to: | GO HOME | Get bearings | Get gifts | Get labelled | Get lectured | Get read | Get rated | Get dated | Get Michael | Get briefed | Get updated!

TO CONTACT Michael Star ...

Email ...

Phone ... (905) 891-7436 from 11 AM to 11 PM E.S.T.
E.S.T.= New York or Toronto "Eastern Standard Time"
= G.M.T. -5 Hrs.

From early April to late October, local clocks on E.D.T. show a time 3 hours LATER than P.D.T. in California (call 8 AM - 8 PM PST), and 4 hours EARLIER than G.M.T. (call 3 PM - 3 AM GMT).

Write ...
81 Lakeshore East #51, Mississauga ON,
Canada L5G 4S7

Note that INTERNATIONAL mail requires extra postage, often equivalent to AIR MAIL.

To help you find me in the search engines, here are some incorrect spellings of my name which I hope will get indexed so they will still lead here when you are doing searches: Micheal Star, Michael Starr, Starman, Star Man, Michel Starr. I have seen Astrology and Horoscopes spelled as: Astrolgy, Astroligy, Astrolegy, Astraligy, Astrolagy, Astology, Astralagy, Astrologogy, Horescopes, Horiscopes, Horascopes, Scopes, Horscopes, Horrescopes, Horrorscopes, Horcopes, Horroscopes and Horoskopos. Constellation and Zodiac are sometimes entered as Constelation and Zodiak; Sagittarius and Pisces and Gemini as Sagitarius and Sagitarious and Pisese and Pieces and Gemeni and Gemni; and astrological as astrilogical. An astrologer is sometimes referred to as an astrologist. This site is not or The original meaning was "Astrology (maga)Zine".

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