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This page is for the NICE things people said about STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine, or about Michael Star's Horoscope Readings - the unsolicited comments, compliments, testomonials, and words of encouragement or gratitude that are emailed or mailed in by satisfied clients and readers. It may also include the NOT NICE things people said, if they ever say it in email instead of just muttering under their breath...

All letters were unsolicited, and are reproduced here after obtaining permisson from the writers.

"What They Say"... Comments by Clients and Cruisers

KUDOS: Kind Comments and Words of Wow!

About the Cupid Compatibility Reading C1 and Six-Pack of Readings P1-5::
"Wow!!! ... This is the most complete reading I have ever had... Your reading described our relationship to a 'T'! I have already recommended you to my best friend and others!
...I appreciate the way you do not use astrological 'jargon' in your readings. I would understand it, but most people don't. I will be recommending your services to everyone I know.
I did make the check for $45, but keep it! I personally think you should charge more!"
- A.V. on from U.S.A.

About the Karmic Gifts and Lessons Reading C2 and Career Counselor Reading C4:
"Whoa!!! Thank you very much for my readings! I have enjoyed them. I have had other readings in Astrology before, but these really "get me" in a big way. ...I'm turning 40 soon and this reading has really affirmed my commitment to living from heart and soul and from vision and integrity. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and gifts with the world!"
- M.W. on from U.S.A.

"Dear Michael,
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. The information was incredible and insightful. I will be contacting you in the future for additional readings. My check is on its way to you. Thank you again - you are very gifted."
- R.W. on from U.S.A.

About the Karmic Gifts and Lessons Reading C2:
"Dear Michael,
Thank you for the reading. I know it will help me face life with a different perspective. This past year I was doing a lot of soul searching, and this reading really confirmed some issues within my life. I now understand myself more spiritually and look forward to having a positive vision on life. I am sure I will treasure this for years to come. Thank you,"
- K.M. on from U.S.A.

"Dear Michael,
I found the reading very informative and revealing; some aspects I was aware of, others were more sub conscious - but accurate. It has helped a great deal in looking at my actions and reactions in various situations, and has given me areas to focus on. I would order other readings in the future."
- C.H. on from Canada

About the Karmic Gifts and Lessons Reading C2 and Monthly Forecast Reading F2:
"I have received the readings that I have ordered. It was very insightful! I have learned a great deal from it. It even goes hand in hand with what I am currently studying. I have been going through the spiritual and intuitional transformation and the readings from you have helped me alot in understanding things! I thank you for your services and hope it will help others as it has helped me."
L.T. on from U.S.A.

About the Six-Pack of Readings P1-5 and Career Counselor and Success Secrets Reading C4:
"Hi! I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with what you sent me. So much of it sounded just like me. I have really enjoyed reading it and know it will be helpful in the future... I am re-reading it now. The career choices are very similiar to what I have always thought I would like to do. But somewhere down the line I have been side-tracked."
G.S. on from U.S.A.

About the Six-Pack of Readings P1-5:
"This reading was fantastic!"
C.B. on from U.S.A.

About the Karmic Gifts and Lessons Reading C2:
"WOW! The information that you sent me was very interesting; certain points and references were VERY exact. I am definitely interested in getting a couple more charts done. The program you designed is laid out extremely well; I have seen a few different types, and they were either way out there or very cold sounding. Your points are made with clarity, but there is a real sense of warmth nevertheless.
Thank you so much... Again, I am definitely interested in one or two more charts...
You were right about my struggle with the psychic ability thing; still hard for me to take money, but that's another story for another time..."
L. on from Canada

About the Relating Secrets Reading P3 and Psyche Secrets Reading P5:
"I greatly enjoyed the readings I received on my daughter. My husband and I were amazed by the accuracy, and happy to perhaps gain a little insight on her."
J.S. from U.S.A

About the Cupid Compatibility Reading C1:
"The reports are very insightful and I am able to relate to them, particularly the Cupid Compatibility report. It has told me things about the person perhaps I might have never known or understood, even after a lifetime with the person. I am confident I will be able to deal with him more effectively. I cannot thank you enough for this. This is a real gift you have. Hope this brings you onto better things.
S.D. on from Singapore

About the Six-Pack of Readings P1-5 and Karma C2 and Career Counselor C4 readings:
"I enjoyed your readings enormously!"
J.L.P. on from U.S.A.

About the Six-Pack of Readings P1-5:
"I read the readings and I must say WOW, that you were basically right on. I am very impressed, and plan to have a few more.
Thanks very much,"
S.G. on from England

About the Six-Pack of Readings P1-5:
"Dear Michael,
Hello....I have just received your P1-P5 Reading report for my friend ...just wanted you to know that your reading is very insightful. I have had many other readings done before and I was initially skeptical about a computer generated report. Your interpretation is great ...I am trying to learn astrology right now.
Anyway, could you pls. do one compatibility report for my friend and I? Can you send one individual personality report for myself also? ...I need a fair and detailed assessment...
Thank you and B. Rgds."
L.L. on from Hong Kong

About the Career Counselor and Success Secrets Reading C4:
"My career report was quite fascinating. I've always considered Industrial Psychology and Industrial Relations as a possible career choice. I find it interesting that it would show up in my report. I've placed an order for a C2 report as well...
Thank you!"
M.L. on from U.S.A.

About the Karmic Gifts and Lessons Reading C2:
"Dear Michael,
It has taken awhile to digest all the information and insights you have delivered. There is no doubt that I will be reading it over again as time goes by, discovering new lines...
I will be asking again later on next month for another reading. Your definition of karma was exquisite and the interpretation of my life calmly re-assuring. Thanks."
E.B. on from England

Thanks for the reading. It was very interesting and pretty on target. Much as I hate to admit it. If you are ever interested in doing some sort of research to support the efficacy of astrology I'd be glad to help. My chart is pretty interesting... I have had several readings with astrologers and am very interested in the spiritual aspects of astrology... Anyway, I am pleased with your work so far. Thank you for your expediency...
M.O. on from U.S.A.

About the Horoscope Humor articles by Sue Armitage, and the Your Venus Sign article by Michael Star:
"It's the 1st time that I laught so much on the Net... Your 'Astrology Humour' is something great, that reminds me - souvenirs... !
I've also appreciate the 'new' interpretation you give in general, talking about the Internet (I've Venus in Gemini...)
Continue your page, it's really interesting."

About the STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine web site and Michael Star's emailed horoscope readings in general:
I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for sending the readings so quickly and to tell you that I was very impressed with them. I will definitely be checking back to your page for future orders and will recommend your service to others.
Thanks again,"
D.R. on from U.S.A.

"I think I would like to have the Six-Pack for her. I should have ordered it to begin with. I've already gotten a couple of things for her birthday, so I think the printed one from you is fine, besides, I like your style!
Thanks again,"
C.S. on from U.S.A.

About the Free Weekly Horoscopes and Free Yearly Horoscopes:
"Hi Super Star.
My name is J.L. I really enjoy your weekly as well as your yearly horoscopes. Last year's forecast was right on the money. I believe you will continue your winning ways. Keep up the great work."
J.L. on

"Dear Michael,
I happened to stumble onto your site yesterday and I think between yesterday and today I have spent probably a total of about 7 hours of clicking, scrolling, and reading and I am still not finished looking at everything that interests me on your site. I haven't even got the pleasure yet of having you do any charts or readings for me and I'm already impressed just by your insight I have picked up on in some of your articles, and your gift of explanation. I have really enjoyed your articles and you've got me thinking about things I've never considered before. I love your web site and I appreciate all the free information you offer. I plan on visiting your site often and look forward to participating in what you have to offer when the time is right for me (financially).
Thank you,"
Serena from U.S.A.
"P.S. Your article on The Tower was awesome!"

"Michael your web site is fantastic, but I have a few questions. I want to order some readings...
I am also interested in being placed into your database for the penpals experiment..."
D.L. on from U.S.A.

"Hope all goes well for you in the future. I really do enjoy reading your pages. You've been a great help in finding my unanswered questions."
K.S. from U.S.A.

About the Astrology Book List:
"Thanks for suggesting books to help me get started. I always read your posts in alt.astrology because you're able to make sense of what can be rather scientific. A couple of people suggested I start with INNER SKY, by Stephen Forrest.
I'll have to check it out.
Thanks again,"
E. from U.S.A.

( I'd recommend "The Inner Sky" as the best beginner's book on Astrology, too. Click on it to see my page which lists astrology books for novices. --Michael )

"Just wanted to let you know that I love your web site. It's really great that some people put things up here just to help others and aren't looking for money. Thanks so much. I love it.
I think my favorite part of your Star Signs was the learning about Astrology. I've always been interested in Astrology, love to read my horoscope, etc... but I finally was able to find out a little bit on how they come up with horoscopes from your page. Hope you keep up the good work. I'll be back to check it out again I'm sure."
K. on from U.S.A.

[ Thanks for those wonderful words, but I should clarify: my prime purpose is to help people understand and use Astrology and Tarot as tools for self-understanding and personal growth, and my secondary desire is to be able to "follow my bliss" (as Joseph Campbell used to say) which is writing, teaching, and inventing astrology programs. I'll try to keep providing lots of free information, articles, and resource links on the STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine web site and keep the "commercials" unobtrusive, but I do need to support myself and the web site with the income from doing personal horoscope readings for some of the people who read STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine.
- Michael Star ]

"What They Say"... Comments by Clients and Cruisers

KICKS: Criticism, Complaints, or Curses

You probably "predicted" you wouldn't see much here, and you were amazingly accurate!

But it's only because I haven't received anything in writing yet.

If you're American, please don't complain that I spell "neighbor" wrong, because I'm your Good Neighbour from the North -- a Canadian, eh? And that's how we spell it here!

If you're Canadian, please don't complain that I spelled "humour" wrong in the "FEATURES" section, because I was just trying to make our Good Neighbours from the South feel at home here. But just so I wouldn't confuse those Canadian computers, I labelled the "HUMOR" file as humour1.shtml. How's THAT for a Canadian Compromise? Sort of like the way our TV stations air the American sitcoms but insert Canadian commercials. Come to think of it, the Americans film "The X-Files" and some other popular TV shows in CANADA, but pretend it's the United States. And I won't mention anything about that Canadian fighter pilot being designated the "Top Gun" in the U.S.A. for 1996...

Michael Star, from Canada

Kind Comments a Cancer Moon Could Treasure Forever

I'm going to save the sweetest things ever said, once they get a little too old to top the kudos list. Down here in the kudo-keeper is where I save some oldies but goodies.

We Moon in Cancer people like to save sentimental souvenirs...

"I want to tell you what a terrific insightful service you are providing. I'm extremely impressed - perhaps because I've done some reading - and have some concept and understanding.
...In any event Michael, I really want to praise you for the work you're doing and [say] that it is extremely knowledgeable...
Thank you again so much for your empathy, understanding, and wishing to help me. It is very appreciated. God Bless."
L.V. from U.S.A.

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