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Michael's Musings on... 
Intimacy * Fear * Seeking Success * Sabotaging Success * Guilt * Giving * Greed * Hate * Choices & Consequences * Immunity * Love Without Fear * Following Your Fun * Truth * Evil * Forgiveness * Pride

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On Life

Live life now, for come what may,
The Future's what you choose today.
- Michael Star ©1999 31DEC

You're not a product of your past,
but of opinions that still last.
- Michael Star ©1999 02DEC

As a child your choices were few
- but you chose what you grew into.
- Michael Star ©1999 08DEC

What you believe now (false or fact)
about yourself is how you'll act.
- Michael Star ©1999 23DEC

Be open-minded in your thought;
for what seems crazy may be not.
- Michael Star ©1999 22SEP

We have two minds within our brain.
One sees Truth - obscured or plain;
and one believes in what's not true
- which would define it as insane.
- Michael Star ©1999 07DEC

Romance may be a self-delusion;
but Love is never an illusion.
- Michael Star ©1999 09DEC

Don't let logic lead you wrong,
when your intuition's strong.
- Michael Star ©1999 10DEC

Seeing things as black or white may not be how to get it right.
- Michael Star ©1999 23SEP

If you believe, you will achieve;
if you doubt, it won't work out.
- Michael Star ©1999 27SEP

Trust you'll always have enough;
believing it attracts more stuff.
- Michael Star ©1999 06NOV

Feeling thankful in advance
will often help increase the chance.
- Michael Star ©1999 26NOV

Think on what you're grateful for,
and you will find it brings you more.
- Michael Star ©1999 04DEC

Is what you do a conscious act?
Do you choose, or just react?
- Michael Star ©1999 28SEP

Whether you will win or lose
will follow from beliefs you choose.
- Michael Star ©1999 16NOV

Trust bad feelings as a clue
if you choose what is wrong for you.
- Michael Star ©1999 15DEC

Truth can't hurt, but fighting it
can hurt much more than sighting it.
- Michael Star ©1999 18OCT

Truth can be a great assistance;
what may hurt is your resistance.
- Michael Star ©1999 29NOV

Don't make choices out of fear;
for wrong is where they always steer.
- Michael Star ©1999 10SEP

Almost always, all your fears
turn out to be just "smoke and mirrors".
- Michael Star ©1999 30SEP

To worry you're not good enough
will only make what's easy tough.
- Michael Star ©1999 29SEP

When you worry, here's the deal...
believing it will make it real.
- Michael Star ©1999 06OCT

If you believe that you can lose...
is that what you mean to choose?
- Michael Star ©1999 08OCT

Do not think of what's not good;
or you'll get what you thought you would.
- Michael Star ©1999 01NOV

To worry you are sick won't heal;
but might invite it to be real.
- Michael Star ©1999 20OCT

Beware of thinking life's unfair;
for that belief can keep you there.
- Michael Star ©1999 24OCT

Don't believe in victimhood;
for that belief brings you no good.
- Michael Star ©1999 28DEC

What the world may think of you
reflects some things that you think too.
- Michael Star ©1999 28OCT

Your potential is worth more
than past productions ever score.
- Michael Star ©1999 20DEC

If thoughts just come out of the blue,
they just might be a clue for you.
- Michael Star ©1999 25NOV

Coins and causes have two sides;
but one truth within each hides.
- Michael Star ©1999 29OCT

Judgmental attitudes won't do...
if you judge, you get judged too.
- Michael Star ©1999 02NOV

To whine about some "sacrifice"
is just a "guilt & blame" device.
- Michael Star ©1999 17OCT

If freedom is the goal for you,
then grant it to all others too.
- Michael Star ©1999 04OCT

Your reputation is a reflection
of the quality of your character.
- Michael Star ©1999 05OCT

When doing what you love, just say,
"This isn't work, it's really play!"
- Michael Star ©1999 16DEC

You could use what you possess
to bring some others happiness.
- Michael Star ©1999 10OCT

There comes a time for letting go
of what won't work, or will not grow.
- Michael Star ©1999 11OCT

To know yourself, look at this clue:
see how friends may be like you.
- Michael Star ©1999 12OCT

If it looks too good to be true,
beware if greed's misleading you.
- Michael Star ©1999 14OCT

True gifts have ribbons but "no strings",
seek but to please, no other things.
- Michael Star ©1999 25DEC

Suppressing feelings just delays
the time they show in other ways.
- Michael Star ©1999 15OCT

Repressing anger or resentment
only serves to spoil contentment.
- Michael Star ©1999 30OCT

Some tolerance for others' ways
could avoid some needless frays.
- Michael Star ©1999 13NOV

Don't play tricks to get ahead;
the little lies hurt you instead.
- Michael Star ©1999 09NOV

Love's a gift that's given free.
If it's not, then it can't be.
- Michael Star ©1999 05SEP

Love is something to give
- not to get.
- Michael Star ©1999 04NOV

No sacrifice for Love's required...
to give is naturally desired.
- Michael Star ©1999 07OCT

To fear rejection will just lead
you not to try (and not succeed).
- Michael Star ©1999 16OCT

To say "Love hurts" would not be true;
not giving Love keeps hurting you.
And not accepting Love brings pain,
when you're without it once again.
- Michael Star ©2000 FEB

Self-pity is just self-abuse;
forgive yourself to be set loose.
- Michael Star ©1999 25SEP

Hate is the very worst choice
for those who want to be happy.
- Michael Star ©1999 19SEP

On Living

You can sacrifice self-interest
without surrendering self-respect.
- Michael Star ©1999 21NOV

If situations get you stressed,
give yourself this little test.
Can you focus on the best?
Can you not look at the rest?
- Michael Star ©1999 18NOV

Whether you have more or less
is not what measures worthiness.
- Michael Star ©1999 19NOV

Just do a thing you love to do;
let Fortune find its way to you.
- Michael Star ©1999 22NOV

What you thought you could suppress
may just create a bigger mess.
- Michael Star ©1999 20NOV

What you believe about yourself,
you'll see or hear in someone else.
- Michael Star ©2000 05FEB

It would help us get along,
if we were willing to be wrong.
- Michael Star ©2000 02FEB

To keep the peace, it may be wise
to look at you from other's eyes.
- Michael Star ©1999 24SEP

If what you give is what you get,
then giving grief's a losing bet.
- Michael Star ©2000 08JAN

Pride would ask you to "save face".
Humility could earn you grace!
- Michael Star ©1999 26AUG

Perfection may be your own goal;
to fix another's not your role.
- Michael Star ©1999 28AUG

Perfectionism may be fine,
but pragmatism might save time.
- Michael Star ©1999 01OCT

Keep your mind on your real goal;
for fighting windmills takes a toll.
- Michael Star ©1999 26OCT

Integrity is being true...
to values that were set by you.
- Michael Star ©1999 01SEP

In helping someone who needs aid...
is it a gift, or just a trade?
- Michael Star ©1999 29AUG

If you can look then laugh at life,
it minimizes stress and strife.
- Michael Star ©1999 03SEP

One who disagrees with you
may teach you what you never knew.
- Michael Star ©1999 04SEP

If you believe that you can lose,
it's the same as "This, I choose."
- Michael Star ©1999 06SEP

If you trust, you will be trusted.
If you can't be, you'll be busted.
- Michael Star ©2000 11JAN

To take responsibility
could bring you more authority.
- Michael Star ©1999 30NOV

A title tells folks what you do;
what you do shows what you are.
- Michael Star ©1999 08SEP

If you want to talk the talk...
you should show you walked the walk.
- Michael Star ©1999 20SEP

Money's not what measures worth;
it's what you DO upon this Earth.
- Michael Star ©1999 03DEC

Think the best of what you see;
forget the worst, and leave it be.
- Michael Star ©1999 09SEP

"Projection" lets us blame someone
for what we cannot see we've done.
- Michael Star ©2000 07JAN

To sacrifice feels like you lost
- but giving worries not of cost.
- Michael Star ©1999 12SEP

Communicating may work best
if half the time your tongue can rest.
- Michael Star ©1999 21SEP

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Michael's Musings ©1999:
On the Nature of Love | On Romance | On Love Relationships |

Michael's Musings on... 
Intimacy * Fear * Seeking Success * Sabotaging Success * Guilt * Giving * Greed * Hate * Choices & Consequences * Immunity * Love Without Fear * Following Your Fun * Truth * Evil * Forgiveness * Pride

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