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Healthy Weight Loss
With NO drugs or
Enhances your own
body's ability to
build and repair
muscle cells during
deep sleep, while
burning stored fat
as the energy source.
Contains liquid
collagen, L-carnitine,
and aloe vera juice.

  • Just before you
    go to sleep

    each night, drink
    1 tablespoon of
    Lose And Snooze(TM)
    with at least 4 ounces
    of water.
  • Go to sleep right after.
  • Do not eat anything
    for three hours before
    (no food, no milk).
    You may drink water and
    take medications if needed.
  • Drink eight 8-ounce
    glasses of water per
    day to help flush out
    stored toxins that come
    out of your fat cells
    along with the fat.

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Lose And Snooze:
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Safe and Natural
Weight Loss
that Lasts!

An Easy and Safe
Diet Plan that
Anyone Can Do!
(Even Diabetics
and dieters on
thyroid medication.

  • No Deprivation
  • No Drugs of any kind
  • No Muscle Loss
  • No Calorie-Counting
  • No Recipes
  • No Weigh-Ins
  • No Hunger
  • No Cheating
  • No Guilt
  • No Hype

  • To maintain
    your weight loss
    and ensure good
    nutrition while
    dieting, use

    Sea Energy
    liquid organic
    vitamins, minerals,
    enzymes, amino acids.

  • When you get
    better nutrition
    your body may not
    need to demand as
    much food!


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A Weight Loss Plan That Is Safe, Simple and So Easy!

Shape your body by building muscle and burning fat with Lose and Snooze from Affinity Health
 If You Want to Lose Weight While You Sleep,
 "Lose and Snooze" Guarantees a Slimmer, Healthier You!

 Want to Burn Fat and Lose Inches while You Sleep?

 Want to Wake Up from a Deep Sleep Feeling Great?

 Want to Lose Weight the Healthy Way and Never Diet Again?

 Here Is All You Have to Do...

 Just Drink 1 Tablespoon of liquid "Lose And Snooze" Each Night at Bedtime!

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"Lose and Snooze" Weight Loss Product

Affinity's natural Lose And Snooze (TM) collagen product works with your body to promote its natural weight loss functions. The most productive time to lose weight is during deep sleep, when your body normally makes collagen. Collagen is an important protein which contains a unique combination of special amino acids which influence weight loss and improve metabolism. But after age 30, your body does not make as much collagen. 

Lose And Snooze Helps Burn the Fat And Build Lean Muscle

When you drink 1 tablespoon of the tasty liquid Lose And Snooze (TM) collagen weight loss product just before going to bed, its natural ingredients are extremely effective during the first phases of deep sleep. At this important time the collagen's special amino acids are working like a "turbo charger" to help the body repair, preserve, and build lean muscle, and also help to regulate and increase your metabolism. Burning stored body fat is the natural way your body provides the energy needed to help support this repair process. Did you know that fat provides three times the energy as an equal amount of carbohydrates?

Lose And Snooze is NOT some "fat burner" or "stimulant" that forces your body to act in unnatural ways. It simply "enables" your own body to perform its natural restore and repair functions more efficiently, like the way it did when you were an active teenager. The liquid collagen protein supplies the raw material used to build and repair lean muscle tissue and other kinds of worn-out body cells, and the amino acid L-carnitine enhances your body's ability to metabolize (burn) fat to supply the extra energy needed during the natural restore and rebuild cycle that occurs during deep sleep. By taking Lose And Snooze just before you go to sleep (and on an empty stomach) you literally allow your body to "build muscle and burn fat" while you get a deeper, restful and restorative sleep.

I have been on Lose and Snooze and the One Day Diet for 17 days. I have lost 12 pounds, 2 inches in the hips, 1 inch in my waist, and 2 inches in the bust. I have gone from a size 22 to a size 12-14 in pants and tops. I'm waiting to see how much I will lose in 2 months.
In my opinion, these products are the best ever made. I won't give them up for anything!
Frances - Missouri, USA

I've have been taking Lose and Snooze for 2 months and I feel great!
My sleep has been so good, and when I get up I have energy like never before.  My blood pressure and cholesterol have never been as good as it is now.
I lost 10 inches and 18 pounds in 2 months.
I have degenerative lower disc problems, and since I've been taking this product the pain has disappeared. Over all, I feel good!
I know the price has gone up, but I can't stop now. This is a great product!

Connie S., USA

Liquid collagen has been used by doctors and hospitals for nearly 30 years to promote the rapid healing of burned skin and damaged joints. Collagen is also injected under the skin of Hollywood actors and wealthy patients who turn to plastic surgeons to preserve their youthful appearance - which involves a very expensive long-term procedure that requires bi-weekly visits to a medical doctor for monitoring and ongoing collagen injections. (By the way, there is no scientific evidence that the many popular collagen-based skin cremes can ever penetrate far enough into the skin to have any useful effect.) To gain the many beneficial effects of collagen supplementation, it makes more sense to just take the liquid collagen internally, as you do with Lose And Snooze, and let your body use it where it is needed.

Liquid collagen in its raw form does not taste good. But the proprietary Lose And Snooze formula with Aloe Vera juice, pure spring water, and a small amount of natural cane juice is a sweet and slightly chocolate-tasting syrup that most people enjoy. You can take a tablespoon of the pure syrup, or mix it with 4 to 8 ounces of water if you prefer. (Holding it in your mouth for a minute before swallowing will allow some of the collagen to be absorbed sub-lingually right into the blood vessels under your tongue.)

Collagen is a flexible, fibrous, and very strong protein strand that forms the framework which supports all the cells, soft tissue, and organs of your body. It is flexible like nylon, but has twice the tensile strength of steel! Collagen is found in your bones, tendons, ligaments, joints, cartilege, the walls of arteries and veins, muscles, skin, hair and nails. There is more collagen protein in your body than all other proteins combined, and it forms about 75% of your skin.

With the help of Vitamin C, your body makes its own collagen, but after age 30 the amount produced decreases with age - and you can see the resulting lack of collagen as signs of aging: wrinkled skin and a loss of the muscle that gives your body its trim and firm shape. Just look at a very old person to see what a lack of collagen looks like - wrinkles everywhere, and not enough muscle to lift himself up from a chair.

An extreme deficiency of collagen (often the result of a lack of sufficient Vitamin C, which is required for the body to produce enough collagen) would manifest as the fatal disease known as Scurvy, which resulted in the death of many sailors on long sea voyages until it was discovered that eating limes or other citrus fruits every day could prevent this deadly disease. Now you know why British sailors were often called "Limeys"! When a person takes a liquid collagen supplement, the results often show up first as faster-growing, thicker, and stronger hair and nails, and more supple, youthful-looking skin on the face, with less wrinkles.

Lose And Snooze Promotes Improved Sleep

Unlike so many popular weight loss products, the liquid Lose And Snooze contains NO harmful stimulants or drugs. Its proprietary blend of natural ingredients supports your body's natural mechanisms for restful sleep. One of the abundant amino acids in the Lose And Snooze formula has been shown to promote a deeper and restoring sleep that lets you wake up refreshed and re-energized the next morning.

With all the stress we face in daily life today, it gets harder and harder to get the deep sleep we once enjoyed as children or teenagers, and be able to wake up fresh and full of energy. Children naturally have an abundant supply of collagen and sleep soundly, but as adults our ability to manufacture collagen decreases - and so does our ability to get that restful and restorative deep sleep. Studies have shown that about 8 out of 10 Americans today do not get enough restful sleep.

Lack of sleep can contribute to weight gain. A study by Emmanuel Mignot, MD, PhD, associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, and colleagues at Stanford and the University of Wisconsin which was published in 2004 reported a link between obesity and observed changes in levels of two appetite regulating hormones (ghrelin and leptin) which were caused by chronic lack of sleep.

Lose And Snooze Helps Reshape Your Body by Helping It Lose Inches of Fat

As we put on unwanted weight, our bodies tend to lose muscle content and gain fat. The Lose And Snooze weight loss product's muscle support capacity, combined with its targeted fat burning process, makes it highly effective in helping your body regain the youthful shape that you remember.

Because muscle weighs three times as much as an equal volume of fat, users of the product typically notice a reduction of fat in inches (rather than muscle or water weight loss as with other products), and see a firmer, more toned body.

Contrast the safe and healthy "build muscle and burn fat" effects of Lose And Snooze with the many unhealthy fad diets and stimulant-based diet pills (such as those containing Ephedra or Phen-Phen) which tend to burn muscle. Losing muscle shows up as a falsely-reassuring rapid loss of weight on the scale, because muscles weighs three times more than fat. But realize that losing muscle reduces your metabolism, so you will gain weight faster later on, and then you will just be adding more fat and not regaining the muscle you lost. And do not forget that your HEART is a muscle! One of these stimulant pills was banned by the uS FDA because many of its users were weakening their heart muscle and dying from heart attacks.

The collagen contained in Lose And Snooze can also promote younger-looking skin and improved hair and nail appearance, and support healthy joint function. Since muscle cells burn calories even when at rest, adding more muscle also helps increase your metabolic rate and further enhances weight loss. (Men find it easier to lose weight because they naturally have more muscle in their body than women of the same size, and that extra muscle burns more calories.) When you gain muscle cells, it not only helps shape your body and give you a trimmer appearance, those extra calorie-burning cells can help you maintain your body weight even when you eat more calories than before.

Note that Lose And Snooze can help you build muscle and burn fat even without changing your diet or exercising. Of course, if you use Lose And Snooze along with a healthy diet program like Affinity's One Day Diet and regular exercising (even just taking a brisk 20-minute walk), your weight loss will be more rapid. Some users of Lose And Snooze report that the extra energy they feel after getting a more restful and restorative sleep has encouraged them to get out walking or doing other kinds of activities they just wouldn't do before.

Some Testimonials

I started taking Lose and Snooze on February 23. I sleep well anyway, but now I am in a deep sleep mode and I wake up feeling so refreshed. I have (HAD) a big stomach that I just could not lose. Well, Sunday morning I wore a jacket that I could not get buttoned for 10 to 12 years! And I have lost 10 pounds! I don't take a nap anymore because I don't have the fatigue that usually came in the afternoon.
Thank you Affinity for another wonderful product.
Gordon C. (Missouri, USA)

I started taking Lose and Snooze along with the Affinity Menopause Specialist to relieve waking up from night sweats. I am now sleeping more deeply than I ever thought possible. A full eight hours without even turning over in bed. Plus I am losing inches at the same time. What could be better?
Jean H. (Clayton, Georgia, USA)

I started taking the Lose and Snooze in mid February. What a product! I am waking up in the same position as I was in when I went to sleep! And SO RESTED! But the best part is I am losing inches and my body is being reshaped as my clothes are getting very loose. I feel so much better about myself now.
Loretta C. (Missouri, USA)

I have been taking Lose and Snooze for less than a week, so I have not seen much weight loss or body shaping yet. But after the very first night I used it, most of the pain from the tendonitis in my two forearms had gone away. By the second day, it was completely gone! Also, I can tell that I am getting better sleep now because I wake up in the morning realizing I was having a dream. That was not happening before.
UPDATE: After taking Lose And Snooze for six months, I have seen the most amazing thing! Not only is my face looking younger, the gray in my hair has been slowly turning back to its natural dark brown color. I can see the muscles in my calves have now grown back to the size they were when I was more athletic in my twenties, and some varicose veins near my knee have disappeared. I also wake up about a half hour earlier and feel just as rested as when I was sleeping a half hour more per night. Talk about "side effects"... these are all GOOD effects!
Michael F. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

"Lose And Snooze" Weight Loss System

Click Here to BUY NOW Risk Free!

Comes with the Affinity 30-day, money-back, "empty bottle" satisfaction guarantee.

The Lose And Snooze Weight Loss System contains three essential products:
(1) Lose And Snooze for fat-burning, muscle-building, and body-shaping
(2) Performance Specialist for increased energy
(3) Sea Energy PowerMax for healthy, natural nutrition.

These natural products from Affinity Lifestyles are specifically formulated to:

(1) Reshape your body by reducing the fat and preserving and building lean muscle.
(2) Support increased energy levels in the body, naturally and without harmful stimulants.
(3) Feed your body the proper nutrition at the cellular level.
(4) Accomplish all of the above with natural ingredients that have no harmful side-effects.

Lose And Snooze and Performance Specialist Promote Increased Energy Levels

People have noticed they have more energy when on the Lose And Snooze Weight Loss System. There are two reasons why this occurs.

First, the Lose And Snooze collagen product's targeted support of the body's fat burning process is a virtual "spark plug" to produce natural energy through increased ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate).
Second, the Performance Specialist product increases oxygen utilization in your cells (up to 40 percent), which further increases your cellular energy (up to 30 percent) and your weight loss potential.

Sea Energy PowerMax Feeds the Cells Proper Nutrition

The all-natural, liquid, foundational product Sea Energy PowerMax is the critical cellular nutrition component of the Lose And Snooze Weight Loss System. 

In America today we typically consume a very unbalanced diet. We eat foods that are highly refined and processed, with high fat content and heavy with sugars. Most of the time what little nutrition we get from our meals does not provide our cells with what is really needed for proper functioning. Therefore, our cells begin sending signals to our brain that we are starving, even right after eating a full meal! Our body then responds to the starvation communication by going into a "survival mode", and as a result, we overeat. This is the net result of poor cellular nutrition: we are always hungry, and the foods that we do eat are stored as fat. 

It's time to stop this destructive weight gain cycle! Sea Energy PowerMax is an all-natural "whole food" supplement that supplies all of the concentrated vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes that your body needs to properly feed your cells. And it supplies them in the natural organic form your body can actually absorb and use. It is a good-tasting liquid which allows up to 98 percent of the nutrients to be absorbed, compared to about a 10 to 20 percent absorption rate for hard vitamin pills (so most of what you are paying for goes right through you and out the other end).

Did you know that the North American soils in which most of the food is grown nowadays have become depleted of many of the minerals and trace minerals our bodies need for optimum health? If the minerals are not in the soil, they will not be in the fruits and vegetables you buy at your grocery store. More and more people who are "in the know" are turning to vegetables which grow in the mineral-rich oceans to ensure that they get the nutrition they really need.

Sea Energy PowerMax contains sea vegetation harvested from the pristine, unpolluted and mineral-rich ocean waters of northern Canada, combined with other health-promoting natural ingredients like certified organic aloe vera juice plus concentrates of cranberry and black cherry to produce a good-tasting liquid vitamin and mineral supplement. Drink just one or two ounces of PowerMax per day in the morning to ensure that you are getting the nutrition your body needs for optimum health and well-being.

About Exercise and What You Eat

The Lose And Snooze Weight Loss System does not require you to change your diet or exercise. But as you begin to experience your improved appearance, your increased energy, and more restful and restorative sleep, you may find you feel so good that you naturally want to live a more active lifestyle. You may also begin to change your diet. These changes add further support to the overall weight loss effectiveness, and support the reshaping of your body into the slim and trim shape that you (and others) find attractive.

Don't Need To Decrease Fat, Yet Want To Increase Muscle?

By the way, if you are already slim or even too thin, yet want to build more muscle and improve your appearance, Lose And Snooze can help you do that. It won't make you lose weight if your body doesn't need to lose weight. But it can help increase lean muscle to build a firmer and more shapely body, and can also help develop younger-looking, supple skin with less sagging or wrinkling.

Remember, it really isn't about how much you weight on the bathroom scale - it's about having a healthy ratio of muscle to fat, and having a trim and shapely body. A champion body builder with a wide chest and flat stomach might be 5 foot 10 inches in height and weigh 225 pounds, yet be much healthier and trimmer-looking than a 5 foot 10 inch "couch potato" with a small chest and flabby stomach who weighs the same 225 pounds.

Don't be misled by your bathroom scale, or think that "pounds" is a useful measure of health and fitness. Measure the "inches" or look at the "size" of your clothing to get a much more useful measure of the state of your body. Before you start using Lose And Snooze, we recommend measuring the diameter of your chest, waist, hips, thighs, and arms so you have a realistic and accurate measure of the real results you have attained, even if your bathroom scale says you have not lost a lot of "pounds". It's not about losing "pounds" - it's about losing FAT.


What Are Your Expectations?

Just as it took several months to gain your unwanted weight, it will take time to lose this weight permanently. Lose And Snooze has a great success rate because it works with your body, not against it. Users of Lose And Snooze typically experience noticeable results within the first month, and significant results after 60 to 90 days of proper use. Individual results may vary.

All of Affinity's products come with a 30-day, money-back, "empty bottle", satisfaction guarantee.

So please use the Lose And Snooze product as recommended for AT LEAST three weeks before deciding if it is meeting your expectations. You may be hoping for an "instant fix", but good things are worth waiting for, and losing INCHES of fat and building a trimmer, shapelier body just by drinking a tablespoon of good-tasting liquid each night takes some time. You won't find an easier way to lose those inches safely, so give it a fair chance and you will see some signs of slimming and shaping soon enough. Many users start to notice the deeper and more restful sleep within the first few days.

Remember, the healthy weight loss process of losing inches of fat while building lean muscle drives the reshaping of your body. Since muscle weighs three times more than fat, the improvement may not show up on your bathroom scale as much as on your waist or hips, and in the trimmer, shapelier appearance of your body. And increasing the collagen in your body promotes firmer and more supple skin, with less wrinkling or sagging and a more healthy and youthful appearance. You won't have to worry about sagging skin under your arms, on your belly or behind if you increase the collagen content while losing the fat.

It's really about the inches, not the pounds, isn't it? A muscle-bound body-builder at 200 pounds looks a lot different than the average overweight man who weighs 200 pounds, doesn't he? Over time, you will be very pleased with the progressive transformation into a newer and slimmer you.

You will delight in seeing your reflection in the mirror as you continue your weight loss plan with the Lose And Snooze System. Start imagining yourself fitting into those smaller-size dresses or slacks now. Or see yourself being on the beach and actually being proud of the way your body looks!

You can get great results with Lose And Snooze without any "dieting" at all, but if you want to lose more than 20 pounds in a shorter period of time, you may want to "kick it up a notch" by using Affinity's High Power Diet Pack, which includes the original One Day Diet plan for rapid weight loss without hunger. You can take Lose And Snooze EVERY night, while taking the One Day Diet wafers all day, every SECOND day.

The High Power Diet Pack

Affinity has teamed up the weight loss benefits of the liquid Lose And Snooze collagen product with a new and improved 2005 formulation of its legendary One Day Diet product. The synergistic combination of the two products provides a higher power weight loss program for the person who wants to lose 20 pounds or more.
What sets Affinity's High Power Diet Pack above the competition?  It gets serious weight loss results the healthy way, without calorie counting, without loss of energy, and without drugs or harmful stimulants.  And the supplemental collagen in Lose And Snooze helps keep your skin strong and supple, instead of sagging and wrinkled.

The One Day Diet... A Major Breakthrough in Achieving Rapid Weight Loss

Affinity's One Day Diet is quickly becoming one of the hottest nutritional diet products available today. It has earned its sweeping popularity because it WORKS! This revolutionary natural diet product succeeds where so many other diet plans and products have failed. Anyone can achieve accelerated weight loss with this simple plan that offers delicious, nutritious "diet wafers" one day, and the freedom to eat what you want, anywhere, anytime, the very next day!

You just diet for ONE day by eating only the chocolate or vanilla diet wafers and some optional raw fruit. Then you eat normally the very next day. You can repeat this "one day on, one day off" cycle for as long as you need to achieve your weight loss goal. You can even skip a "diet day" if you need to. It really IS a "one day diet" that you can keep repeating on alternate days, or stop and start again any time you want to, or need to.

Can you diet for ONE day? Then you can do this Diet!

The One Day Diet works with your body's natural metabolism to turn your body into a fat-burning furnace on the "Diet Days". You lose weight fast, without starving, without stimulants, without drugs, and without fatigue. And you supply your body with the basic nutrition it needs from the specially formulated, great tasting chocolate or vanilla "diet wafers". When you are on the Affinity One Day Diet, you are never more than 24 hours away from your favorite meal!

"One Day Diet" PLUS "Lose and Snooze" = A Serious Weight Loss Combination

Affinity's High Power Diet Pack is a winning weight loss combination. Using the One Day Diet plan by day and the Lose And Snooze collagen product every night, is your perfect 24/7 accelerated weight loss program. It naturally helps bring about the serious weight loss results that the person who wants to lose 20 pounds or more is looking for. And it helps avoid the "sagging skin" that often accompanies a significant loss of weight.


Don't Wait! Start Reshaping Your Body for that New Wardrobe Today!

If you have ever attempted to lose weight or keep weight off without success, you know how difficult and unrewarding and frustrating (and sometimes even unhealthy) your diet experience can be!  When you start on Affinity's Lose And Snooze weight loss system, or the High Power Diet Pack (when you want to lose 20 pounds or more), the real results you enjoy will have you quickly forgetting your diet experiences of the past!

Affinity Products Really Get Results. We Guarantee It!

Click Here to BUY NOW Risk Free!

These Affinity product packages were created to provide you with weight loss options that really get results.  The products are specifically formulated to work with your body to lose weight the healthy way, and keep it off!  Both Affinity diet packages:

(1) Contain natural ingredients without drugs or stimulants
(2) Promote vigorous fat burning through your natural metabolic process 
(3) Preserve and promote building of lean muscle while you sleep
(4) Feed your cells with the proper nutrition needed for healthy living
(5) Naturally support high energy levels.

All Affinity Products are backed by a one-month, 100% money-back, "empty bottle" guarantee. Don't delay, start losing that unwanted weight today!
Try Affinity's Lose And Snooze weight loss product OR the High Power Diet Pack completely risk free! You have nothing to lose... except excess fat and unwanted inches!

Click Here to BUY NOW Risk Free!

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Affinity Health Products, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.
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The "Lose And Snooze" (TM) liquid collagen weight loss product is an all-natural food supplement made in the USA and marketed exclusively by Affinity Health Products with head office in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, and is not to be confused with any product referred to as "Snooze And Lose" or "Snooze'n'Lose" or "Loose And Snooze" or "Snooze And Loose".

Disclaimer: Various testimonial results stated herein may not be typical. Every individual is different and accordingly will have a different result or may have no result.

"Lose And Snooze"(TM) is NOT a collagen injection of the type administered by plastic surgeons, but is a liquid collagen product that you drink with water just before bedtime each night. Other than some artificial color and flavoring and preservatives, it contains only "all natural" ingredients such as collagen protein, L-Carnitine (an amino acid), and Aloe Vera juice. Keep refrigerated after opening. It contains NO drugs or stimulants, and is sold under the "food supplement" classification of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not review or test herbal products classed as a "food supplement". The following statement is required by the U.S. FDA:
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