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On the Nature of Love

When Love won't come or will not stay,
it's you who thinks Love's gone away.
But you could change this, if you dare,
by not believing Love's not there.

- Michael Star ©2000 27MAR

A dog will love you, faults and all;
our love, if less than that, seems small.

- Michael Star ©2000 02APR

When Love can motivate your acts
it brings you peace, and not attacks.

- Michael Star ©2000 04MAY

Love is hard to figure out;
but when you feel it, there's no doubt.

- Michael Star ©2000 05JUN

It's what we feel least worthy of...
when we are most in need of Love.

- Michael Star ©2000 20JUN

When you never thought they would,
the things you do for love feel good.

- Michael Star ©2000 08JUL

True love is not a bargain made,
and not a thing to deal or trade.
For love's a gift that has no strings,
as free as songs the bluebird sings.

- Michael Star ©2000 01AUG

The love you get is equal to
how much love you let come to you.

- Michael Star ©2001 06FEB

With loved ones, you tend not to see
as "faults" the way they came to be.

- Michael Star ©2001 07FEB

Fear or guilt should take the blame
when Love is said to cause you pain.

- Michael Star ©2001 08FEB

What you won't love about yourself
will limit love from someone else.
It's not the thing that's "bad", you know;
but what you think that makes it so.

- Michael Star ©2001 09FEB

Copyright Notice

On Romantic Love

When words won't say what's in your heart,
a loving touch or look's a start.

- Michael Star ©2000 03APR

Is it love, when you can know
their flaws and faults, yet want them so?

- Michael Star ©2000 30MAY

If you feel love, yet feel too scared
to show it, how will it be shared?

- Michael Star ©2000 18JUN

We can't find one who loves us till
we start believing others will.

- Michael Star ©2000 06DEC

We taste the joys of heaven above
when really, truly making love.

- Michael Star ©2000 18DEC

How much you're loved you may not know,
until you're willing to let go.

- Michael Star ©2001 17JAN

If you love them, set them free
to be the way they want to be.

- Michael Star ©2001 01FEB

Copyright Notice

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On Love Relationships

It would help us get along,
if we were willing to be wrong.

- Michael Star ©2000 02FEB

What you believe about yourself,
you'll see or hear in someone else.

- Michael Star ©2000 05FEB

It's said that "What goes round, comes round";
but this is what I'd say I've found:
"What I give out, I will get back;
and love feels better than attack."

- Michael Star ©2000 25FEB

When you say, "I miss you, dear!"
or "How I wish that you were here!" what you want some thing they do,
or is it that they're part of you?

- Michael Star ©2000 27FEB 28FEB

Few things satisfy as much
as that first longed-for loving touch.

- Michael Star ©2000 01MAR

Your jealousy makes your life crappy.
The best revenge is being happy!

- Michael Star ©2000 02MAR

Some times in life we spend alone,
and by ourselves we may have grown;
but in this Life one thing is clear...
relationships are why we're here.

- Michael Star ©2000 06MAR

At times the one who most annoys
can be a source of unseen joys.

- Michael Star ©2000 24MAR

The thing that triggers your reactions
may really be about past actions.

- Michael Star ©2000 29MAR

Results of giving just to get...
expectations seldom met.

- Michael Star ©2000 08APR

Lovers come and lovers go,
yet Love once shared is ever so.

- Michael Star ©2000 18APR

Don't leave words of love unsaid
until they're whispered to the dead.

- Michael Star ©2000 25APR

Sometimes the way to show you care
is just to show you're "being there".

- Michael Star ©2000 27APR

Telling truths of how you feel
may help a broken bond to heal.

- Michael Star ©2000 15MAY

When two lovers have a fight,
too often one just must be "right".
No wonder they won't get along
when each would make the other "wrong".

- Michael Star ©2000 27MAY

The loved one you would choose to fight
is worth more than your "being right".

- Michael Star ©2000 17JUN

When a loved one makes you mad,
the love's still there ...your sight's gone bad.

- Michael Star ©2000 21JUN

You can't control how others act;
but you can choose how you react.

- Michael Star ©2000 26JUN

Love need not be a nursery rhyme
that ends the same way every time.

- Michael Star ©2000 27JUN

The friend who's always there for you
is worth the cost of being true.

- Michael Star ©2000 10JUL

To take for granted one who cares
ignores the gift their loving bears.

- Michael Star ©2000 12JUL

Should we blame a man because
he's not the god we thought he was?

- Michael Star ©2000 25JUL

To tell the truth of how you feel
might seem to hurt, but helps to heal.

- Michael Star ©2000 07DEC

What someone says they may not mean;
things may not be the way they seem.

- Michael Star ©2001 18JAN

When life seems not to be worth living,
ask yourself what you are giving.

- Michael Star ©2001 24JAN

There is a time, or is a place,
where you should give your loved one space.

- Michael Star ©2001 25JAN

Copyright Notice
My "Love Quotes" aren't "famous quotes" but I hope some will be "famous sayings" someday. Or maybe song lyrics. If you like any of my little love poems, feel free to use them in your everyday speech. Maybe one day I will hear someone quoting me to me! - Michael Star

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