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"The Amazing SSP Seduction System
Gets Ordinary Women Aroused and Ready for Sex"

How To Seduce Your Woman With
"Super Sex Power Magnetism"

Works Every Single Time! And it Works for Any Man!

It's so easy. It's powerful. You will not find this information about how to seduce a woman anywhere else on the planet!

You are about to learn some unique and simple seducing strategies that actually work. It works when you want to seduce your wife or your girlfriend - or any woman you want to emotionally and sexually arouse to the point of wanting to have sex with you. No more being frustrated and horny when she isn't in the mood for making love.

There are secret ways to make your woman horny, so why would you want to keep having that problem when the solution is right here?

Inside the Super Sex Power Magnetism Seduction System, you will learn the exact step-by-step process so that you can effortlessly guide your woman into a mind state of sexual thirst!

Super Sex Power: Magnetism is a system to seduce your wife or seduce your girlfriend that you will use again and again
- for as long as you are alive and want to be with a woman
- for as long as you are a man who enjoys the pleasures of sex with your wife or girlfriend
- for as long as you understand that having sex is 1500% more fun when your woman is really turned on
  (hint: you can tell by the "smiling look" in her eyes!)

What most men don't understand is that girls and women are not sexually aroused in the same way as boys and men. Women can be naturally horny, but are not aroused as much by a man's physical appearance as by an emotional response to the man.

And that's good news for you if you don't look like a sexy movie star or a hunky magazine model or a muscle-bound macho man. You can still become an emotional "sex magnet" and make any woman want to have sex with you when you learn and use these secret seduction skills that arouse a woman's emotional response to you.

You'll learn the 19 sexy traits that most women find highly desirable on Page 14.

Can you tell when a woman is horny? Can you tell when a woman wants you?

A woman subconsciously gives out signals of sexual interest. Wouldn't you like to know how to read those "go" signals so you can make your moves while she is still in the mood for sex?

Have you been missing many of these subtle invitations to share some sexual pleasure simply because you missed seeing she was ready and willing, and then unwittingly said or did something to take her out of that short-lived magical mood?

Are you doing some of the deadly "Lust Killers" that turn her off, and turn her from squirming horny to distracted and disgusted a few seconds later? You may be destroying your chances of success without even realizing it!

You'll learn the 15 traits that turn women off on Page 15.

Are you getting rejected? Or worse, are you stuck in an endless cycle of rejections? If you don't find a way to end the rejections, they will get worse. And eventually, to end the suffering, you will just give up trying.

Do you want to keep on losing what you could have been getting?

You are losing out because you don't really understand women, don't know how to seduce women, and will keep on living with a less than satisfying sex life until you do. But when you study the Super Sex Power system, you will learn how to end your frustrations and start having a sex life that is satisfying for you AND your woman. Why would you want to settle for less?

I can prove to you that THIS system works! And this psychological seducing system comes with a money-back guarantee backed by one of the largest online shopping networks in the world. It's available as a downloadable ebook, so you could start learning how to seduce your woman just a few minutes from now.

Can you imagine a life where your wife wants to have sex with you whenever you want to have sex with her? Compared to the life you are living now, that would be like heaven on earth! Don't you owe it to yourself to learn how to have the kind of sex life you always dreamed about?

How To Seduce Your Woman - The 9 Rules of Seducing

Rule 1: Any girl beyond the age of puberty has an instinctive ability to get horny and desire sex - but most men have not learned how  to trigger this instinctive response in the woman they desire. She may be "willing and able"... but he just doesn't know how to make her "ready" whenever HE is ready, willing and able to have sex. (Now YOU can learn how to seduce a woman into a state of "readiness" and lead her to do what she instinctively wants to do.)

Rule 2: A guy can "do special things" to a woman that can lead to a highly predictable emotional response - i.e. he can do things to make her laugh, or he can do things to make her cry - or he can do things to make her horny. (With the SSP system, you can learn the things that make a woman horny and then use them to make her horny for YOU.)

Rule 3: Instructor C.R. James (creator of "Super Sex Power: Magnetism") is an analytical genius who at one time worked for the U.S. Army Research Lab as a Signal Processing Engineering Specialist. Now he has decided to use his "computer brain" on psychologically based strategies for creating an intense sexual desire in women. Mission accomplished! (Now YOU can learn how to seduce your woman by using his psychological seducing techniques.)

Rule 4: Instructor C.R. James used to work in Sales, where he became the #1 salesman in the nation for a multi-million dollar company (with zero sales experience and zero sales training). The biggest thing he learned is that you can be effective at selling without ripping people off or lying to them. This "do or die" type of experience as someone new to selling forced him to develop "very unique" ways of moving people into a mind state of desire. (Now, with his secret system, YOU can learn how to seduce your woman into a mind state of sexual desire - for YOU!)

Rule 5: Women want to have sex with guys who have Sexual Value. If you want a woman to want you, you have to learn how to raise your Sexual Value to the level that makes you sexually attractive to her.

Rule 6: Women are repulsed by the idea of having sex with a guy who has no Sexual Value. Even if she loves him. Even if he spent a bunch of money on the courtship, the diamond ring, the wedding, and the honeymoon. (You won't be able to seduce a woman until you learn how to increase your Sexual Value.)

Rule 7: Any man on this planet has the ability to increase his Sexual Value. Any man! In fact, he can raise his Sexual Value in a very short amount of time because Sexual Value is 100% based on perception. And a woman's perception of him is something he can control by saying and doing certain things.

Rule 8: The "Super Sex Power Magnetism" Seduction System for men is the first and only course designed specifically for increasing your Sexual Value using perception-driven seducing techniques and many breakthrough, easy-to-follow tips. (You can learn secret ways to seduce a woman that most men would never figure out on their own.)

Rule 9: There is nothing wrong with making a woman horny. A woman wants to have sex as much as you do, or even MORE - more sex, more often.  Right now you can learn to be the kind of lover who makes it possible for her to enjoy having sex... with you!


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Don't let another year of living with less love-making go by before you finally decide to join the thousands of men who own the SSP System! This is the kind of information that can change your life forever! For just the price of 2 pizzas, you can get the  Super Sex Power system right now.

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It's really a "no brainer"... which would you rather have? Two pizzas, delivered today and tomorrow?

Or a lifetime of sexual pleasure?

Download the SSP ebooks, study them over the next few days, and see if they really do teach you to be successful at seducing a woman.

What have you got to lose if they don't? You can always ask for 100% of your money back.

Really, what have you got to lose if you DON'T try it? The same wonderful things you are losing out on now!

After using the powerful seducing techniques you will learn from the SSP system, you will likely tell yourself that this was the best money you ever spent! Your woman would probably agree - but when your sexual encounters have become more exciting (and more frequent) you really don't HAVE to tell her HOW you learned to be the man who can always turn her on!

YOUR SECRET IS SAFE! When you order the SSP System e-book and bonus books on-line, NO reference to sex or Super Sex Power will appear on your PayPal or credit card bill. It will simply show "ClickBank" plus a number as the merchant. Your woman won't know you are learning how to seduce her, unless YOU tell her.


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