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Astrology: Free 2006 Horoscopes for all 12 Signs
by Michael Star

Michael has updated the Free 2006 Horoscopes for each of the 12 zodiac signs. Read the 2006 horoscope forecast for your Sun Sign, and also for your Rising Sign (the Sign on the Ascendant) to get a more complete picture.

Astrology Article: What Is Synchronicity?
by Michael Star

In another "What Is...?" article Michael explains how this strange phenomenon is what makes Astrology work. Dr Carl Jung named it and The Police named their music album "Synchronicity", but people still ask, "What is synchronicity?"

Astrology Article: What Is Venus in Astrology?
by Michael Star

Michael adds this seductive Planet to his series of "What Is...?" articles that satisfy your burning desire to relate to Astrology on an intimate basis. So, what does Venus mean when interpreting your birth horoscope?

Astrology Article: What Is A Birth Chart?
by Michael Star

Michael adds two more topics to his series of "What Is...?" articles that answer your questions about astrological terms, such as What Is A Birth Chart? and What Is A Planet?.

Article: Musings on Success
by Michael Star

Two new "Michael's Musings" pages about Seeking Success and Sabotaging Success. We often do both at the same time, which is the real reason we often fail to find success.
Michael's Musings on... 
Intimacy * Fear * Seeking Success * Sabotaging Success * Guilt * Giving * Greed * Hate * Choices & Consequences * Immunity * Love Without Fear * Following Your Fun * Truth * Evil * Forgiveness * Pride

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Article: Musings on Intimacy
by Michael Star

Two new "Michael's Musings" pages about Intimacy and Fear. Real intimacy is the natural outcome of revealing the Truth about yourself. Fear is what keeps us separate and alone.

Astrology Article: What Is the Effect of Leap Year on my Horoscope?
by Michael Star

Every four years, we add an extra day to the month of February to bring our slightly inaccurate 365-day human calendar back into line with reality - the Earth's actual revolution around the Sun in 365.25 days. For the 25% of the population who were born in a Leap Year, Michael comments in another short "What Is...?" article about the effect of a Leap Year on your horoscope. Click here if you ever wondered: What If I Was Born in a Leap Year? And if you think you were "born on a cusp", you will find something about that here too.

Astrology Article: What Is A House?
by Michael Star

Michael adds 14 new pages to his series of short "What Is...?" articles that answer your questions about astrological terms such as What Is A House? and What Is A House Cusp?. To learn what things are associated with each of the 12 Houses, click here:
First | Second | Third | Fourth | Fifth | Sixth | Seventh | Eighth | Ninth | Tenth | Eleventh | Twelfth
 Read Michael's comments on: How accurate are Sun Sign horoscopes? and What is my Fate?

Astrology Article: Flirting by Sign
by Michael Star

The Sign occupied by Venus in your horoscope shows your personal strategies for attracting love and affection, as well as any object of your desire. See how you and the people in your life are "flirting with Venus" - unconsciously shifting into "flirt mode" when in the presence of the oppposite sex, or when they "act to attract" something they desire. Seventeen new pages. (If you don't know your Venus Sign, you can read this using your Sun Sign instead, and it will still be somewhat true for you.)

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