Astrology Order Form

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but due to some changed conditions in my life I have not had time to do this work since 2009. Now in 2017 I have needed to update my software and order forms before I can produce readings for you.

PLEASE NOTE: Personal horoscope readings and this order form are being updated. The readings available NOW are: Karmic Gifts and Lessons C2, Karmic Gifts C3, Success Secrets and Career Counselor C4, and all Personality P1-6 and P7-8 readings (see below).

Sorry, the updated Cupid Compatibility Reading C1 is NOT available yet, as of December 15, 2017. Until then, may I refer you to Anna Kovach's Love Compatibility Reading

Please DO NOT complete this Order Form - it has been temporarily de-activated. Please PHONE ME directly at the number and times below. Or email me if you cannot call a number in Canada which uses Eastern Standard Time.

Because I have unlimited long distance phone calling in North America if you would like to order a personal reading about yourself, your spouse, your child or grandchild, you can PHONE me 11 AM to 11 PM Eastern Time and order by phone (DON'T use this Order Form). Ask me to call you right back so you don't have to pay for more than one minute, if any. For payments, I am now using the new PayPal.Me feature at where you can pay by major credit card or with your own PayPal cash account. You pay NO fee to use this PayPal service. (This convenient, quick, and ultra-secure online payment system is completly anonymous, so your card info will NOT be stored on my server and I will NOT even see your card number.)

I will need your phone number in North America and the best times to call you back. Please DO NOT leave any messages on my voicemail, but call again until you reach me in person at the hours below. I am in the same EASTERN TIME ZONE as New York, Washington, Miami, and Toronto - and three hours AHEAD of the U.S. West Coast (9 AM in Los Angeles CA = 12 PM Noon in Toronto). Thank you! I look forward to meeting you. -- Michael Star

On-line Horoscope Readings by Michael Star, Astrologer  - © 1996-2017
 - on-line since 1996

Michael Star Co.
Telephone: 905-891-7436  11 AM to 11 PM Eastern Time (GMT-5 hours)

Your Personal Horoscope Readings
by Michael Star

These original personal horoscope readings are written in my own words and style, in plain English, and are produced using astrology software I wrote myself. This lets you to obtain a personal, unique and accurate horoscope reading at a much lower cost than a handwritten, telephone, or face-to-face reading. It also provides a written record to review, discuss, or refer to again at a future date. These emailed readings in plain ASCII text can be...

  • read by any mail program,
  • forwarded to a friend,
  • easily stored on disk or any backup media,
  • edited or re-formatted by any word-processor,
  • printed on any printer in any font style,
  • converted to HTML for viewing in a Web browser
(these are options you don't get with a telephone reading).

Prices range from $5 to $30 for Readings on various areas of interest, and the "Six-Pack" offers a package of six popular $5 Readings at a 50% discount.

My readings are different from the kind you see elsewhere on the Web, and are not available elsewhere. I am NOT selling reports generated by the same commercial software many other astrologers use (but they don't always tell you that). I have spent years creating my own interpretations and software. The reading you receive will be unique - and uniquely your own. Some, like the Compatibility Analysis with Mating Rating, the Career Counselor, and the Karmic Gifts and Lessons readings, provide you with certain information I have not seen available in any other type of written astrology reading, anywhere.
- Michael Star.

What They Say About Michael's Readings

"Whoa!!! Thank you very much for my readings! I have enjoyed them. I have had other readings in Astrology before, but these really "get me" in a big way. ...I'm turning 40 soon and this reading has really affirmed my commitment to living from heart and soul and from vision and integrity. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and gifts with the world!"
- M.W. on from U.S.A.
"The information was incredible and insightful. I will be contacting you in the future for additional readings. My check is on its way to you. Thank you again - you are very gifted."
- R.W. on from U.S.A.
"I read the readings and I must say WOW, that you were basically right on. I am very impressed, and plan to have a few more."
- S.G. on from England
"Wow!!! ...This is the most complete reading I have ever had... Your reading described our relationship to a 'T'! ...I personally think you should charge more!" - from A.V. on from U.S.A. (See more.)
Visa MasterCard Discover American Express

DELIVERY is GUARANTEED, because I am willing to email your personal horoscope readings (up to $80 worth) to you BEFORE you pay for them.
I accept: (1) personal checks drawn on American, Canadian, or British banks; (2) international money orders; (3) US bank money orders; (4) cash in major currencies; (5) Visa, Master, Amex, and Discover credit cards via www,; (6)  PayPal payments in US dollars, Canadian dollars, Pounds Sterling, Euros, Australian dollars, Hong Kong dollars and Japanese yen.
Your personal data
and email address
will be held in
confidence, and
not released to
anyone without
your permission.
I do not see nor
store credit card
- Michael Star
See Testimonial Letters from satisfied clients.
See Sample Readings
Detailed Descriptions.
Pay by:
Credit Card thru
PayPal (US, UK, CD, EU, AU, HK, JP)
Personal check (US, UK or CD)
Intl. Money Order
in major currencies.
To: Michael Star Co.
CHOICES (see full list)
Personal P1-5 $15
Karma $20
Career/Success $20
Compatibility $30
Romance Secrets $5
Relating Secrets $5
Psyche Secrets $5
Monthly Forecast $10
Birth Chart $5
CONDITIONS: Minimum Order: US $10 per person (if paid by credit card, minimum payment is US $20). Maximum order for payment by check: US $80. You must be over age 18 to order.
GUARANTEE: If you are not completely satisfied with your personal horoscope reading, you may request a refund any time within 60 days following the date of your Order by sending an email to
ORDER FORM:  You can receive an Order Form by email, simply by clicking on the email address below. This should open your mail program with a blank email ready to send. You don't have to type any message or subject - just click on the SEND or QUEUE button of your mail program and this blank email will be sent to my auto responder which immediately sends you back a copy of the Order Form which includes a list of readings and fees.
This way, you can look over the Order Form off-line whenever it is convenient for you.

Click on this email address to receive your Order Form by email...

To order your reading: while the Order Form is open in your mail program, click the "Reply With Copy of Original" button and fill in the information requested on the Order Form, which should now appear in your letter. Then send it to this address "order" (which is not the same as the "orderform" address). This will forward a copy of your Order to Michael Star, and also immediately send back a copy to you so that you know it was received.

NOTE: If your email program does not open when you click on the link above, just open your mail program in the usual way; then select "New Letter"; then type that orderform address into a blank email and send it out.

  • Order Form 1 is for readings about ONE person, so please scroll down on this page to order any reading EXCEPT Compatibility.

  • Order Form 2 is for the Cupid Compatibility Horoscope C1 for yourself and a partner, plus any other readings. Please click here now if you will need the TWO-part Order Form 2.
  • I am happy to accept your personal check (up to US $80) drawn on any bank in the USA, United Kingdom, or Canada. Payment is also accepted by international postal money order, (sorry, no US post office money orders marked "Only in USA" since my bank is in Canada), traveler's check, bank draft, or cash in several major currencies.

  • Visa Card or Master Card or Discover Card or American Express payments are accepted on orders of US $20 or more. In a letter that comes with your reading, you'll be asked to process your payment on-line through PayPal if you chose this online payment option when you placed your order. (You are NOT expected to pre-pay, so please DO NOT click on this Payment link until you have already completed and sent this Order Form. Unless you will be out of town when it arrives, do not pay by credit card through PayPal today - please wait until you have actually received your reading.) I will not see your card number, and it will NOT be stored on any server or disk drive except PayPal's. (This method is actually safer than giving your card to a store clerk or restaurant waiter, and even more secure than using the telephone, since it is transmitted in encrypted form directly to your own card-issuing bank's authorization center over dedicated data lines.)

  • To browse the list of readings and fees before entering your birth data, please select this Price List link now, then scroll back up when you decide to complete the Order Form - to the box where you enter your email address.

  • This Order Form is for EMAILED Readings sent the same or next day (except Sundays or holidays).

  • If you're using a web browser which does NOT support Forms, please select this NO-FORMS link now.
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Order Form
for E-mailed Horoscopes

To order your Readings, please type your data into the boxes on the ORDER FORM below, using the TAB key to enter each one, and then double-click ONCE on the SEND ORDER NOW button at the end when you have finished.

If you're ordering personal readings about a SECOND person, please complete a SECOND Order Form. Only one person per Order Form, please.

  Your Order will be CONFIRMED by a letter to the email address you enter here, usually the same day or by the end of the next day (except Sundays and holidays). Please email Michael Star or submit your order again if you have NOT received an emailed confirmation of your Order by the last hour of the following day (New York or Toronto time). PLEASE INCLUDE the
?Order-E17____-$__ reference in the Subject line of ANY emails you send me. If you reply to the Confirmation Letter to verify or correct your Order Form data the same day, I MAY be able to send your readings the same day.

  NEW USERS: You may use your keyboard's Tab key to jump from one answer box to the next, and Shift-Tab to jump backwards. This works even on text-only browsers like LYNX.  

Please understand that if you do not enter your correct email address here, your order cannot be processed, because I won't know the address where the Confirmation Letter and your Readings can be sent! After all, I'm an astrologer, not a psychic. :-)
AOL Members - please make sure you have NOT set your spam filters so they refuse all email from or, or I won't be able to send your readings!
Please do NOT use the Enter key - use Tab instead. Many browsers will send the uncompleted form immediately if you use Enter.
If you intend to order a Compatibility Horoscope C1, please click here now to switch to this section of the Order Form 2 page. You will need the birth date of your partner too.

If the Readings are ABOUT someone else, please enter THEIR data below, but enter YOUR address HERE.
If you wish to have me email these Readings directly to them as a birthday gift, please enter THEIR email address in the "EMAIL TO" box BELOW so that copies of ALL of them are emailed both to you AND to them at no extra charge. The name you enter in the "POSTAL ADDRESS" box below will appear in the Subject line of their copy as "A Gift from ... [Your Name].
FIRST Name is

 (Does not appear
 in the reading;
 but needed to match
 check or credit card
 receipt to your Order.)
Please enter your/their REAL FIRST NAME. If you do NOT want this name printed in the readings, you can enter an alternate name or alias or initials in the NICK-Name box below. Please DO type names like this: Mary or Mary-Anne or Mary_Anne.
DON'T type them like this: MARY (all caps) or mary-anne (no caps).
* DO NOT ENTER INITIALS HERE, just a first name of 2 to 20 letters.
LAST Name is
Please enter the LAST NAME you/they would use to introduce oneself today, e.g. the last name used on a check or credit card. Maiden names are NOT required in Astrology (but in Numerology). Maximum 20 letters.
* PLEASE ENTER NAMES IN ALL 3 BOXES, or your Order will be delayed.
NICK-Name is

 (Name to be printed in
 the reading.)
This NICK-Name will be PRINTED in the pages of the Readings, e.g. "John, you are...". Enter a real first name, OR an alias, OR a NICK-Name here, whatever FIRST name you/they would use in the sentence: "Hi, my name is [NICK-Name]." If it's the same as the FIRST name, enter it here TOO. Double first names should be joined with an underscore character; example: Mary_Ann. Or use a hyphen; example: Mary-Ann. You can use initials here (AT LEAST 2), but do not leave any spaces between them; e.g. "P.J." NOT "P. J."; or the reading will just show "P."
* PLEASE DO NOT type "same" or leave the box blank. The NICK-Name plus LAST-Name should make sense when printed together; e.g. "P.J. Jones" or "Scooter Smith".
Please select Gender.
Most readings are not gender-specific, but C1 and P4 are, so
* be sure to enter the correct GENDER if ordering the Compatibility C1, Seduction P4, or "Six-Pack" P1-5 readings.
Enter the date used at the ACTUAL place of BIRTH, even if it was a different calendar day than in North America. My software will adjust for time and place.
TIME of birth helps in readings marked * and IS REQUIRED if marked **
Please enter LOCAL TIME, as shown on clocks at the place of BIRTH. Do NOT adjust time to G.M.T. or for Daylight-Savings Time. For time-sensitive readings (**) if time is uncertain it is usually better to enter ? than to guess, unless you can be within 10-15 minutes of the real time.
* PLEASE DO NOT SKIP THIS PART. Select a time, or select ? to indicate that you do not know the hour or minute.
* If you did not enter an exact TIME, please do NOT order C2, C3, or C4.
BORN in COUNTRY Please type the Country of BIRTH in small letters, starting with a capital letter.
STATE or PROVINCE or REGION Please type out the name in letters, to avoid any confusion.
* PLEASE USE ENGLISH SPELLING of any foreign region or town names.
TOWN or CITY Some American states have two towns of the same name. Add (E) or (W) after the name to indicate the BIRTH town is the one farthest to the East or West. Or use (N) or (S) if that is a better indicator, or the County name. Please use the ENGLISH spelling.
NEAREST LARGE CITY If the town is too small to be listed in my atlas, I'll need the nearest big CITY to find the latitude and longitude for the birthplace. Please enter the spelling used in an ENGLISH atlas if possible. You can enter the latitude and longitude in the Special Instructions box if you think it will help - or the County name.
LIVE in COUNTRY Enter where you/they are living NOW.
STATE or PROVINCE or REGION Enter where you/they are living NOW.
CITY or NEAREST LARGE CITY The nearest large City is actually more helpful here, as long as it is in the same Time Zone as the town where you/they live.

Did you enter your full email address at the top of this Form?
Please check now before continuing with selection of readings below.

Please indicate each of the Readings you wish to order by TYPING its FEE in U.S. dollars into the box BESIDE it (e.g. $5). The MINIMUM TOTAL ORDER is US $10 (per person), or US $20 total for credit card orders. These prices are for EMAILED Readings only.

Readings marked * may be done without the TIME, but would be more accurate if you can enter a close estimate (within a few hours). Otherwise, I use 12:00 PM if you indicated ? for the hour or Am/Pm. Any Reading marked ** will NOT be accurate unless you entered a reasonably accurate TIME of birth, including minutes.

TO ORDER, please enter a $ and the AMOUNT shown, e.g. $5 (NOT an X and NOT a number like 1 for "one of these"). All fees are quoted in American dollars (US $).
C1 Cupid Compatibility Horoscope * $30 To order a C1 CUPID Compatibility Horoscope, click here now to use the TWO-part Order Form 2. You are now using the SHORT Order Form 1 for ONE person only.
C2 Karmic Gifts and Lessons ** $20 Accurate birth time required (to within 10 minutes).
C3 Karmic Gifts (only) * $ 10 Do not order C3 if you ordered C2. It is included within C2.
Fairly accurate birth time required (to within 2 hours).
C4 Career Counselor and Success Secrets ** $20 Accurate birth time required (to within 10-15 minutes or less).
If you can estimate your birth time to within one hour of the actual time, enter $30 and I will do TWO different readings, one of which is likely to be accurate. Be sure to enter this TIME above.
F1 $ (F1 is given free with orders of $20 or more.)
F2 Monthy Forecast * $10 One Weekly Forecast F3 is included with F2 this month.
F3 Weekly Forecast * $ 5 The current week is included free with F2 this month.
P1-5 SIX-PACK with Bonus P11 $15 Six $5 Readings: P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P11 on same person, for $15 not $30.
Readings P1 to P5 in the SIX-PACK will be accurate even without birth time. (If ordering the P1-5 Six-Pack, do NOT order P1 to P5 or P11 again.)
P1 Romance Secrets,
Part 1
$ 5  Birth time not required, but it helps.
P2 Aspects of Love $ 5  Birth time not required, but it helps.
P3 Relating Secrets,
Part 1
$ 5  Birth time not required.
P4 Seduction Secrets (Age 18+) $ 5  Available only to persons age 18 or older.
 (If ordering P1-5 Six-Pack, P8 may be substituted.)
P5 Psyche Secrets $ 5  Birth time not required, but it helps.
(The first 5 "P" Readings are included in the P1-5 Six-Pack for $15.)
P6 Lessons in Love * $ 5  Birth TIME not required, but it helps.
P7 Romance Secrets,
Part 2 **
$ 5  Most accurate with exact birth TIME. If not sure (within 10 minutes), enter ? for hour and minute of birth (above), and this CAN be done using the Solar Chart method.
P8 Relating Secrets,
Part 2 *
$ 5  Most accurate when exact birth time used. A small shift in some dates may occur when you try this with an estimated birth TIME, or entered ? for hour and minute.
P9 N/A  
P10 N/A  
P11 Birth Chart and Aspect List* $ 5  P11 is included in P1-5 Six-Pack, so enter $0 if you ordered P1-5. Note that P11 is a simple, square Horoscope CHART with data only, not an interpretation of its meaning. It will not mean much to the average laymen, but you CAN use it to find the exact positions of the Sun, Moon and Planets, plus your exact Ascendant (and Rising Sign), Midheaven, House Cusps, Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Part of Fortune, Nodes, Aspects, etc. It uses Placidus system if birth time given, otherwise a Solar Chart for Noon is cast.

Did you enter your email address?
Go to TOP of Form | Go to TOP of Page

If you leave blank any boxes marked in red, the error-checking program will prompt you for the missing information (but you MAY lose your original data when you go back to the Order Form). Please enter answers in all answer boxes if possible (or enter ?) to avoid any inconvenience.
SPECIAL REQUEST Please enter details and fee here. For longer requests or questions, email
SHIPPING FEE $0 No shipping fee for emailed orders.
for all items,
in US $
Minimum $10 ($20 by card) Be sure to enter in this box the TOTAL fees in American dollars (US $) for ALL the Readings you ordered.
The MINIMUM order is US $10 - or US $20 for credit card orders.
where to
Send Readings
Even if it is the same as your email address above, please enter it again, in case there were any errors in the first entry. This is important. Example:
E-MAIL ORDERS for US $10 to $80 are sent on the Order Date you enter below, or by the next day before 11:59 PM New York Time (add 1 day for Sundays or holidays). If you order more than $80.00 worth of Readings by check, cash or money order, please expect to wait about a week, until your payment arrives in the mail.

Please do NOT enter your credit card number anywhere on this form. You may process your card payment (minimum $20) LATER through a secure server at Please do NOT pay in advance.
Visa and Discover and Amex and Master Card payments may be processed on-line at after you have received your readings (or after you have sent this Order Form, if you prefer). PayPal transfers by email in some foreign currencies are also accepted.
Personal checks are gladly accepted if drawn on any BANK in the USA, UK, or Canada, provided they will clear internationally. Some credit union or S&L checks are NOT negotiable internationally.
International Money Orders in U.S. currency, or the current exchange value in U.K. or Canadian currency are also accepted.
 Please enter the NAME and ADDRESS
 that will appear on the check or
 money order or credit card payment
 form, so I can match your name
 and address with your PAYMENT
 to the name and address on your
 Order Form.
Please enter your own legal name and postal address and code, EXACTLY as registered with your credit card issuer, or as printed on your personal check or money order. I am trusting you when I send your reading before I receive your payment, so I hope you will trust me enough to provide your address. When your payment arrives, I need to match it to this name on your Order.

(You CAN use the Enter key to end a line while typing within this address box. Then use Tab to move to next box.)
 If paying by credit card,
 select American dollars.
 (It will be converted by
 YOUR bank to your currency.)
Please select the Country & currency (money) you will be sending.
Cash in Major currencies is accepted, or international money orders in US or UK or Canadian funds, at the current exchange rate today or when you pay (ask your bank, or where you purchase a money order).
EMAIL orders UNDER $80.01 will be SENT THE DAY AFTER YOUR ORDER DATE (48 hours for Sundays and holidays), IF you will enter the ORDER DATE (today) and TOTAL PAYMENT here. You may enter today's date and then post-date a check for a date 7 days after today's date, if you wish.
I will trust you to pay for the Readings I send you in advance, IF you will indicate your "promise to pay" by typing the payment DATE and AMOUNT into the next two boxes. Please be sure to enter your answer in both boxes, or your Order will be delayed. (If you intend to process a credit card transaction today RIGHT AFTER YOU SEND THIS ORDER FORM, please type "PAID" after the Order Date.)
to PAY
I promise to send full payment for my Order (or pay by credit card on-line) the day after I receive my Readings, within two days after this
in U.S. FUNDS (American dollars), OR its equivalent value in my country's currency, for this
payable to:
Michael Star,
81 Lakeshore East #51, Mississauga, Ontario,
You'll need to affix stamps for international or AIR MAIL delivery to CANADA, or your letter may be returned by your Post Office due to insufficient postage. Be sure to put your name and address IN THE TOP-LEFT CORNER OF THE ENVELOPE!

You are almost done! But don't forget to use the "SEND ORDER" button below.
Did you enter your name and postal address?

or WEB SITE where
I'd appreciate knowing what Web site or what Web search service, newsgroup, or person helped you find my STAR SIGNS Web site for the first time. If you have ordered before, please enter "FORMER CUSTOMER". Thank-you!
(Specific site name and URL, or search engine name and key words used in a search, are more helpful than just "Web search" or "Windows" or "surfing". Example: Google search for "astrology".)
Please enter any key words you did (or would) look for in your Web search.
Example: astrology, daily horoscopes, birth chart, star signs, "Michael Star"
the STAR SIGNS email list?
If you would like to receive occasional emailed notices of new services or special offers concerning the STAR SIGNS Web site, please choose YES. Your privacy will be respected. Your address will not be given to other parties, and will only be used to send infrequent special notices or a future astrology newsletter.
If you decide later to join the mail list, send an email message with these exact two words typed into the Subject line: SUBSCRIBE ASTROLOGY

To make corrections, or to exit WITHOUT ordering, click: PAGE-TOP.

Please check that you have correctly entered your EMAIL ADDRESS TWICE, at the TOP AND middle and have fully completed the Order Form. Did you enter your Postal Address? (I need it to help match your payment to your Order.) Then double-click on the SEND ORDER NOW button ONLY ONE TIME. It takes a moment to respond, so PLEASE WAIT 60 SECONDS before assuming it did not work. You should see the Confirmation page loading next.
If your Order Form was received and you entered your address correctly, you should get an automated email within minutes (but don't reply to the first auto-responder letter). Then you will receive a SECOND "Confirmation Letter" from Michael Star by email in 24 hours or less, longer if ordering on a weekend. Please CHECK the enclosed data and SEND BACK A COPY of the SECOND letter only. If you do NOT receive your email, please order again, being sure to correctly enter your email address at the top of the Order Form.

If you encounter an error in sending it, you can click on the BACK button of your web browser to return to the Order Form, and then try the SEND ORDER button ONCE again. Usually it will work on the second try if it stalls the first time because the Web or local mail server was too busy. (This Form does NOT ask for your credit card data and does NOT charge your card, so don't worry if you have to click SEND more than once.)

When your order is SENT successfully, you will see the CONFIRM page loading in your browser. If the order cannot be sent right now, the mail server may be too busy, or is off-line for maintenance, or the Web is running slow. Please WAIT A MINUTE and do NOT try again UNTIL you see a message like "Cannot connect to remote host". If all else fails, please use the NO-FORMS method instead. Please understand that email is not always 100% reliable, so if you have not received a CONFIRMATION letter by email within 24 hours, send a note to with the DATE and DETAILS of your order.

(If this is still on your screen, your Order has not been sent yet.)
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To Order without the On-line Order Form

To Order Readings when your browser does not support FORMS (most do), please E-mail a note with the Subject line: ORDER-READING to and list the following information. (Cut and paste it into your mail program, or use your browser's PRINT command to print this out for reference, or SAVE it to your hard disk as a file you can open with your mail program or a word-processor, then add your answers and email it back. You may also mail a printed copy with a check post-dated 7 days from the day you mail it.)

  1. FIRST Name (or nickname) and LAST Name.
  2. NAME to PRINT on the Readings (first name or nick-name).
  3. SEX, one of: Male, Female, Gay Male, or Gay Female
  4. For COMPATIBILITY Horoscopes, include the second person's FIRST Name or an alias, their sex, and THEIR full birth data.)
  5. MONTH (in LETTERS) and DATE and YEAR of BIRTH, eg. JUL 06 1966
  6. HOUR and MINUTE plus AM or PM for TIME of BIRTH (on local clock at place of birth).
    Please provide birth TIME if known
    (TIME is a MUST for Readings marked ** e.g. C2, C4).
  7. TOWN or CITY of BIRTH
    If born in a small town, state nearest large CITY (preferably to north or south).
  9. Reading Number and Name (e.g. P5 PSYCHE, C4 CAREER) for each Reading ordered
  10. METHOD of SHIPMENT: Email (no shipping fee), or 1st-class mail (add 20% to price of Readings, then US $2 for postage).
  12. METHOD of PAYMENT: Check (Canada, UK or USA only), Bank Draft, Money Order, or Cash (in American dollars OR the equivalent value in your major currency)
    payable to: MICHAEL STAR
    (Canadian and other currencies are accepted at prevailing U.S. dollar exchange rate when you send your payment (Canadians may send CDN $1.40 per US dollar).
    For other currencies, or to use today's exchange rates, check:

    Xenon Laboratories Universal Currency Converter.
  13. TOTAL PRICE of all Readings ordered.
  14. PRINTING FEES, (Sorry, printing not availabel).
  15. SHIPPING FEES, if any (no fee for e-mailed Readings).
  16. TOTAL PAYMENT ENCLOSED (for mailed orders).
    (Email orders under US $80.01 are emailed BEFORE payment is received, within 24 hours of the date payment is mailed, IF you include this statement.)
    Please write the following statement in your e-mail note:

    "I promise to send payment in full for my Order, in the amount of $___.__ in U.S. FUNDS by credit card, cash, personal check or money order payable to MICHAEL STAR,
    within TWO DAYS after this Order Date: __________, 2017."
  18. NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS of purchaser (or FAX or phone number)
  19. NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS of recipient (for emailed Readings)
  20. NAME and FULL POSTAL ADDRESS with postal code (if sending a personal check or paying by credit card).

(Please do NOT adjust BIRTH TIME to U.T. or G.M.T. The computer uses your LOCAL birth time and town, then automatically corrects for time zone, location, and Daylight Savings Time.)

After you have copied the Form above, please click on this hyperlink to the CONFIRM ORDER page so you can read information concerning the Readings you ordered.


Email ...

Phone ... 905-891-7436 from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM EST.

New York or Toronto Eastern Standard Time (EST) = GMT -5.00 hrs. Clocks on EST show a time 3 hours LATER than the local PST time in California (call 8 AM to 8 PM), and 5 hours EARLIER than GMT (call 3 PM to 3 AM).
Eastern Standard Time changes to Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -4) on the first Sunday in April, when local clocks are advanced one hour for the summer months in North America. EST changes back to EST on the last Sunday in October, and then becomes equal to GMT -5 hours.

Phone ... 905-891-7436 from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM Eastern Time.
New York or Toronto Eastern Standard Time (EST) = GMT -5.00 hrs. Clocks on EST show a time 3 hours LATER than the local PST time in California (call 8 AM to 8 PM), and 5 hours EARLIER than England GMT (call 4 PM to 4 AM).

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First Published JUL 26 1996. Last Updated FEB 15 2017 12:00 EST.

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(c)1996-2017 Michael Star
81 Lakeshore East #51, Mississauga ON, Canada L5G 4S7

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from 11 AM to 11:00 PM E.S.T.

E.S.T. is "Eastern Standard Time" = GMT -5.00 hours. (New York and Toronto)
Clocks on Eastern Standard Time show a time 3 hours LATER than PST in California (call 8 AM - 8 PM), and 4 hours EARLIER than GMT (call 3 PM - 3 AM).

Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5) changes to Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -4) on the first Sunday in April, when local clocks are advanced one hour for the summer months in North America. EDT changes back to EST on the last Sunday in October, and then becomes equal to GMT -5 hours.

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