Psychic Stars Oracle - do your own free psychic readings. We all have a psychic sixth sense or ESP.

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Relax, focus your thoughts, and then ask the question "Today, what do I need to pay attention to?" as you gaze at the 42 psychic stars below. Click on a star you choose, and a cryptic comment appears in the stars to guide you. Today's sign from the stars applies to you - or to one you interact with today.

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Only the message of the first star you select is significant. It is the one which tells a truth you need to see today. If you close that window and choose a second star, its message may be a secondary factor in the same context as the first message. Let your own psychic sense and insights tell you what is true for you.

Do not select more than two stars, or the psychic link will be broken and you will be misguided by any further messages. Come back after this day has ended if you wish to see another sign from the psychic stars.


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Divination actually means "to get in touch with the Divine" and this method of divination, like Tarot readings, is one way for you to connect to the wisdom of your Higher Mind, which is more connected to that higher Source which is known by many names. If your true intention is to receive insights, somehow you are unconsciously guided to choose the appropriate star which delivers in words the message your own Higher Mind wants to bring to your consciousness. Use this free online psychic tool to consult The Psychic Stars oracle once a day to see what's really on your mind - not what you think with your logical brain, not what your guilts or fears fool you into believing - but what truths your Higher Mind can tell you through Intuition! - Michael Star

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