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Readings you won't find anywhere else:
Compatibility Analysis & Mating Rating C1
Karmic Gifts and Lessons C2
Career Counselor and Success Secrets C4
Romance Secrets P1 / Seduction Secrets P4
Psyche Secrets P5 / Lessons in Love P6

PLEASE NOTE: Please DO NOT complete this Order Form - it has been temporarily de-activated. For now, please CLICK HERE TO ORDER BY PHONE or click any ORDER FORM link below to visit the page: http://www.astrologyzine.com/order1.shtml

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but due to some changed conditions in my life I have not had time to do this work since 2009. In 2017 I have been updating my software so I can produce readings for you. Most are ready for sale as of October 2017. (The C1 Compatibility Anaysis with Mating Rating will be the last reading available, and is still NOT ready as of October 4, 2017.)  Thank you! - MICHAEL STAR

Payment options: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, Money Orders, or Cash
(and Personal Checks from AN INTERNATIONAL BANK in the U.S.A. & U.K. & Canada only).

Your Personal Horoscope Readings

©1996-2017 by Michael Star

These very personal horoscope readings and birth charts use your own unique birth data - month, day, year, town, and also the exact time (if known) - to calculate your birth chart, not just your "sign". No two birth horoscopes are the same - unless two people were born at the same place at the same time!
The interpretation of your birth horoscope is written in plain English in my own words and style, and is produced using astrology software I wrote myself. You order on-line and receive it by email the same or next day, so you get it quickly and without any costs for telephone calls or shipping.
This lets you to obtain a personal, unique and accurate written horoscope reading at a much lower cost than a handwritten, telephone, or face-to-face reading.
Your horoscope reading also provides a written record to review, discuss, or to save and refer to again at a future date. Because your personal reading is based on your natal horoscope (birth chart), it can be useful throughout your lifetime, and you may want to refer to your reading whenever it could provide helpful new insights you might have missed before.
You might also want to share or swap readings with a mate, to help you understand each other better.
You have probably never seen such intimate things about yourself written out in a clear and concise fashion.
There are links below to pages with SAMPLE READINGS, so you can see the type of information you would be getting if you order that reading for yourself.

These emailed horoscope readings in plain ASCII text can be...

  • read by any mail program;
  • forwarded to a friend, if you wish;
  • easily stored on disk or any backup media;
  • edited or re-formatted by any word-processor;
  • printed on any printer in any font style;
  • converted to HTML for viewing in a Web browser

Prices range from USD $5 to $30 for Readings on various areas of interest, and the "Six-Pack" offers a package of six popular $5 Readings at a 50% discount.

My horoscope readings are different from the kind you see elsewhere on the Web, and are not available elsewhere. I am not selling horoscope reports generated by the same commercial software many other astrologers use, but have spent years creating my own plain-English interpretations and software. The reading you receive will be unique - and uniquely your own. Some, like the Compatibility Analysis with Mating Rating, the Career Counselor, and the Karmic Gifts and Lessons readings, provide you with certain information I have not seen available in any other type of written astrology reading, anywhere.
- Michael Star.

* Compatibility Analysis with Mating Rating
* Career Counselor and Success Secrets
* Karmic Gifts and Lessons
* Romance Secrets * Aspects of Love
* Relating Secrets * Lessons in Love
* Seduction Secrets (what turns you on)
* Psyche Secrets (your inner character)
* Monthly Forecast * Weekly Forecast
* Birth Charts (natal horoscope charts)

Visa card Master Card Personal horoscope readings about you, your mate, or your children, written by Michael Star in plain English, for $5 to $30. Unlike any others - real astrology presented in an enlightening yet entertaining style. Emailed same or next day (except Sundays and holidays).
PRICES ARE IN U.S. DOLLARS. Money orders or personal checks are accepted if drawn on any branch of an American, British or Canadian BANK (also US Post Office "International" money orders).
Cash in any major currency (USA, Canadian, EURO, British, Australian, Hong Kong, Japanese) is also accepted as payment. (Send only paper bills, wrapped inside a folded piece of paper.)
Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover) are accepted on orders of $20 or more, and are processed online via PayPal using 128-bit encryption which makes a PayPal payment safer than giving your data by phone or fax, or handing over your card in a restaurant or store).
PayPal payments are accepted on orders of $10 or more (and also Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Amex credit card payments of $20 or more via PayPal). You may pay with PayPal even if you do not currently have a PayPal account. Setting up your new PayPal user account is easy and free, and you do not have to pay any fees to make a PayPal payment.


because I do not ask you to pay for your readings until after you have received them (on orders up to US $80).
Pay me securely with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express card through PayPal!
VisaMasterCardDiscoverAmerican Express
I accept personal checks drawn on Canadian, American and British BANKS (NOT a credit union or S&L); and USA electronic checks via PayPal. Through PayPal, I accept major credit cards and PayPal cash transfers in the currency of these countries: USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Hong Kong, and Japan.

What They Say
About Michael Star's
Personal Horoscope Readings

(These are unsolicited comments which clients emailed to Michael.)
"The information was incredible and insightful. I will be contacting you in the future for additional readings.
My check is on its way to you. Thank you again - you are very gifted."
- R.W. on yahoo.com from U.S.A.
"Michael, I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for sending the readings so quickly and to tell you that I was very impressed with them.
I will definitely be checking back to your page for future orders and will recommend your service to others. I was IMPRESSED!"
- D.R. on aol.com U.S.A.
"Wow!!! ... This is the most complete reading I have ever had...
I appreciate the way you do not use astrological 'jargon' in your readings. I would understand it, but most people don't."
- A.V. on flash.net from U.S.A.
"Whoa!!! Thank you very much for my readings! I have enjoyed them.
I have had other readings in Astrology before, but these really "get me" in a big way. ...I'm turning 40 soon and this reading has really affirmed my commitment to living from heart and soul and from vision and integrity.
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and gifts with the world!"
- M.W. on idiom.com from U.S.A.
"I read the readings and I must say WOW, that you were basically right on.
I am very impressed, and plan to have a few more."
- S.G. on astra.co.uk from England
"I enjoyed your readings enormously!"
- J.L.P. on gate.net from U.S.A.
"I greatly enjoyed the readings I received on my daughter.
My husband and I were amazed by the accuracy, and happy to perhaps gain a little insight on her."
- J.S. from U.S.A
For more comments on the horoscope readings and the STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine web site, click on this What They Say link to open a second window.

Some horoscope readings make excellent fund-raising items for charities and clubs.
Some may be ordered in advance for your guests (if you obtain their birth data), and then read at a group gathering like a shower or home "psychic" party or as part of the entertainment at a company function (I also do them in person as "live entertainment" in the Toronto, Canada area).

These make a great birthday gift or Christmas stocking stuffer, especially when you print them onto decorative paper stock. Or you can forward them to the recipient by email, or have me send a copy to both you and them.

Link-to: | LIST Readings | SAMPLE Readings | HOW-TO-ORDER | ORDER-FORM | Inquiries | Astrology Gift Ideas

Personal Horoscope Readings

(c)1996-2017 by Michael Star

A Canadian astrologer's insights - NOT the same reports seen on other Western Astrology web sites.

All software and interpretations written by Michael Star himself, in plain English.

(Many Readings can be done using just Month/Date/Year and Town of birth, but some Readings marked ** should only be ordered when you can provide an accurate birth TIME.)

Birth Chart Interpretations:
Based on YOUR particular place in Time and Space!

Your TRAITS and TENDENCIES in plain English, with no astrology jargon in the text. (But in some readings some astro data is included in title lines of certain paragraphs, so you have the option of looking up additional information by referring to Astrology text books.)

Personal Readings P1-P8

Each Reading P1 to P8 is one FULL typed page in length, on various topics
They may be ordered individually at the listed price of $5.

Check the "Six-Pack" price below for a half-price package.

All prices are in US$ (American dollars) or equal value in your currency, payable by personal check (USA, UK or Canada only); by bank draft, money order, cash (in any major currency); or Visa and Master and Discover Card (for orders of US $20 or more); or PayPal. Orders of $10 to $80 are emailed same day or next day (except Sundays). For details, please use the 2-ORDER or ORDER-FORM link on any page. You must be over age 18 to order.

Love and Romance Readings

(TO ORDER these Readings, specify P1, P2, etc.)

Link-to: ORDER-FORM | Readings P1-8 | Inquiries | Astrology Gift Ideas | Custom Printing | See Samples | STAR-MATES | Cupid Compatibility | Page-TOP | HOME

Compatibility | Karma | Career Readings*

(To order these Readings, specify C1, C2, etc.)


Week / Month / Year

(To order these Readings, specify F1, F2, F3)

"Hi Super Star.
My name is J.L. I really enjoy your weekly as well as your yearly horoscopes. Last year's forecast was right on the money."
J.L. on mailexcite.com


"For your entertainment." (c)1996-2017 by Michael Star.

Link-to: ORDER-FORM | Inquiries | Gift Ideas | Custom Printing | Personality P1-8 | Romance P1-8 | Compatibility C1 | Karma C2-C3 | Career/Success C4 | Forecasts F1-F3 | See Samples | Page-TOP

Gift Ideas

Michael's Horoscope Readings as Gifts or Presentations
(ask for price quote).

For VALENTINES DAY two lovers could exchange Romance Secrets Readings on each other, or read their Cupid Compatibility Reading and Mating Rating. (Emailed within 24 hours after Order Date.)


Michael's printed Readings make great gifts. Or you can have them emailed to a far-away friend on the Net, with a copy emailed to you.
Horoscope gifts give the giver an attractive
astrological air of being...

Who wouldn't want to give or be given a gift with so many astrological attributes?
For more information on Horoscope Readings printed on beautiful designer paper stock, see Readings

Gifts for Children

Looking for something suitable for children? The P5 Psyche Secrets Reading might give the parents or grandparents some help in understanding the kids... giving a glimpse of what motivates the kids, and what they need to learn.

"I greatly enjoyed the readings I received on my daughter. My husband and I were amazed by the accuracy, and happy to perhaps gain a little insight on her."
J.S. from U.S.A

If you know the TIME and TOWN of birth, order the C4 Career Counselor Reading and see what they might want to be when they grow up! Parents, relatives and friends are most aware of the child's TIME of birth on the day the new baby is born... when his or her natal(birth) horoscope has just been cast! The Psyche or Career Readings might give an interesting insight into the baby's potential personality (P5 Psyche Secrets) or potential interests, pastimes and occupations (C4 Career Counselor). The C3 Karmic Gifts Reading might also be of interest, to see what natural gifts or talents the child may develop (the GIFTS are always nice and positive in Reading C3).

Gifts for Teens

For teen-agers, try the Psyche or Career Readings above, or Relating Secrets 1 and 2, or any of the Forescasts F1-F3. If they are over 16 or so, they will find Romance Secrets 1 and 2 interesting!
(P4 Seduction Secrets is not available for persons under age 18, and P2 Aspects of Love is not recommended for kids under 18.)

Link-to: | ORDER-FORM | Inquiries |Gift Ideas |Custom Printing |ListReadings |See Samples |HOME |Page-TOP |

Custom-Printed Readings

All Horoscope Readings available by email may also be ordered as PRINTED Readings on special decorative coloured paper stock. At the present time all Readings are emailed or printed in ASCII (plain text) format which fits any 8.5 by 11 inch plain paper stock when the printer is set for 6 lines per inch (66 lines per page) and 80 columns. You may set your printer to use any fancy 10- or 12-point type-face it can print.

Print Your Own Readings on Fancy Paper

You may simply print your emailed Readings onto any fancy coloured paper using any printer, as long as the printer is set to the standard settings above, and has no decorative border more than one-half inch wide. You can align the text using your word-processor if necessary. Thus you can PRINT YOUR OWN fancy Readings AT NO EXTRA COST.

Order Readings Printed on Pretty Paper (ExtraCost)

If you wish to have your Readings sent by email, and ALSO wish to have your Readings PRINTED on fancy coloured paper, or borderless paper with an appropriate background design (e.g. pictures of money for the Career and Success Reading), the extra cost for printing hard-copy will be 20% of the LIST price, plus $2 for POSTAGE and HANDLING. See SHIPPING section below.

Order Custom-Printed Readings with Decorative Borders (Extra Cost)

For printing Readings on decorative paper with borders up to one inch on all sides, a special COMPACT format must be used to avoid printing text on the border design. This COMPACT format is presently available for the following Readings:

An extra printing fee for printing Readings on any special paper stock will be calculated as an additional 20% (or $2.00 per $10.00) of the LIST price of any custom-printed Readings. For example, the additional fee for custom-printing the C2 KARMA Reading ($15 list price) is $15.00 x .20 = $3.00. This fee reflects the extra human time plus material costs involved per page printed, the number of pages being approximately represented by the price of the Reading.

(At times the decorative paper stock becomes unavailable, and thus cannot be guaranteed. In such cases, a quality parchment-style or heavy plain bond paper will be substituted.)

Link-to: | ORDER-FORM | Inquiries | Gift Ideas | Custom Printing | HOME |Page-TOP |

SHIPPING Printed Readings by Post-Office Mail or Courier

Shipping 9x12 envelopes by first-class mail takes approximately 5-7 days from Canada to the U.S.A. The SHIPPING FEE is US $2.00 for orders under $40.01, and US $3.00 for orders over $40.00.

Shipping 9x12 envelopes by first-class mail to Canadian addresses takes approximately 3-5 days from Toronto. The SHIPPING FEE is $2.00 Canadian for orders under $40.01, and $3.00 for orders over $40.00.

Shipping by courier involves additional time and pressure at this end, and extra costs for you. It is available if you insist, but is not encouraged. At present, FEDEX and UPS do not offer international 2nd-day service from this area, so the high overnight rate is the only choice. The postal service offers a lower-cost courier service, which will be offerred if there is adequate service and sufficient interest.


Custom Programming for Astrologers (ask for quotation)

  1. Local Ephemeris - by YEAR for any major City
  2. Local Ephemeris - by MONTH(s) for any Lat. & Long.
  3. Mid-point Sort - of any birth chart, to your specifics
  4. COMPATIBILITY Ranking - you vs. each person in your list

    Using synastry techniques, it rates and ranks your birth chart against the chart of each person in a list (whose birth date/time/place are given by you). Any combination of 1-7 Factors are rated 1-99% and ranked #1-20. They can be used to rate friends, lovers, or business associates. Rating system is similar to Cupid Compatibility Reading above.

  5. BULK ORDERS - Volume discounts or commissions of 20% or more are available if you order over $200 worth of EMAILED Readings at one time and have all the Readings delivered to one email address. Agent enquiries are welcome - you can make money printing and selling Readings to your friends who are not on the Internet! Collect the fees in advance, then keep the 20% for yourself when you order at a discount. Or you can order Readings in advance by email, to be printed and given out at a psychic party or shower or other private gathering, and use the 20% discount ($40 or more) for a shower gift or prize, or to pay for the party expenses.
  6. DATE GAMES - Select the |Astrology-Games| or |DATE-GAMES| link on any menu to see how you can play THE BIRTHDAY GAME or THE GREAT DATE GAME by sending a list of the players' birth data in advance and receiving the text for their labels by email, so you can pre-print them yourself onto stick-on labels for your guests to wear. Great for a family reunion, class reunion, frat party, singles event, or other gathering where an ice-breaker and name-tags would make the party more interesting! (If you'd like to make some part-time income, enquire by email about how you can run these DATE GAMES for people in your area.)

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Astrology Games
and Live Entertainment

using Michael Star's own original software

"The Electric Astrologer" © LIVE entertainment at:
a nightclub, dance, college, high school, home party, casino night, or fundraiser;
or for PROMOTIONS at a mall, store opening, or nightclub.

Give everyone at your event a free horoscope reading quickly printed in 1 minute by The Electric Astrologer. Each one-page reading is amazingly accurate and written in a witty, entertaining style (see samples of P1-5 and F3). You may offer your guests a choice of 1 or 2 readings from your selected range of topics. Works well in combination with a corporate "The Future is Now" theme, or at a "Psychic Night" along with livecard readers. Where live readings may take too long to do for everyone, "The Electric Astrologer" can give a reading to each and EVERY guest.
Fee: $100 per hour per computer+operator (up to 50 people served per hour)

For more details and contact information, please click here.

"The Great DATE Game" © LIVE event for SINGLES at your:
* college * nightclub * dance * highschool *
Great ice-breaker for a college "frosh week" event, frat party, or any "singles dance".

The computer prints nametags with Name, birth Month and Day at top. Using real astrology, it LABELS everyone with an amazingly accurate 4-line "personal ad" too! Then at the bottom it prints the Month and Day calculated as your "Date Match" which you must find at the TOP of someone's label to win a prize. Meanwhile, reading the labels on everyone of the opposite sex is an interesting proposition! There are 8 variations on each of the 4 lines,so the GAME can be run weekly in nightclubs, with a NEW ad for everyone each week for 8 weeks.
Fee: $80 per hour per computer+operator (avg. 50 nametags per hour)

"The Birth Date Game" - LIVE event for adults
at your: * convention * reunion * meeting * dance * charity fundraiser *

As in the Great Date Game (above), everyone gets a nametag with birth MONTH and DAY; plus a witty and uncannily accurate 4-line "description" based on their birth data (not just Sun Signs); plus a "Match Date" to look for on the top of anyone else's label.
Fee: $100 per hour per computer + operator (up to 60 nametags per hour)

"The Astrology Game"- EMAILED for birthday parties/home parties/showers/dinners

Everyone gets their own personal Reading,such as Psyche Secrets, but they all have number codes instead of identifying names or dates. The host passes them out at random, then each person reads one out loud as everyone tries to guess who it describes. The comments can be hilarious! Really.
Fee: $5 per person (volume discounts...20% on $100+, 30% on $500+)

"Your Electro-Tarot Reading" - EMAILED for parties

An electronic version of a 3-card Past/Present/Future reading,
plus a 6-month reading based on one card for each month - in plain English. By email a few days before the event, order one for everyone coming to your home party, then print them out on your printer so you can give your guests their Reading when they arrive. Send a list of the first names of all your guests, so the readings will be tuned in to their life situation. Since all 78 cards are used, as well as reversed positions for each card, the possible combinations of cards and readings are endless! Please specify whether you want all the readings done with "ONLY UPRIGHT" cards, or with "UPRIGHT and REVERSED"cards, when you send your E-mail order. Using only upright cards increases the chances of a "nice" reading. Note that the name for the Death card XIII has been changed to The Transformer card, to indicate its true meaning of changing or LETTING GO of old attitudes/things/situations. But that ol' Devil card is still there to show you what fears, guilts or vices could be pulling your strings or keeping you in self-imposed bondage...
(For entertainment purposes only.)
Fee: $5 per person 1-20 (volume discounts...20% on $100+, 30% on $500+)

"IN-PERSON Tarot Card Readings" - LIVE entertainment
for your corporate event with "The Future Is Now" or "E.S.P." theme, casino night, charity event, psychic home party, fair, or promotional event.

Michael does a live 5-10 minute Tarot card reading, such as Past/Present/Future, or to answer a question. He gives an insightful and positive focus on your issues, speaking frankly in plain English. (Other Tarot card readers and psychics are available on request.)
Fee: $100 per hour (plus travel and expenses)

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Orders and Inquiries:

To order Readings from a web browser which supports forms, please select this |ORDER FORM| hot-link now.

To order Horoscope Readings please email a note with the Subject header: *ORDER READINGS to Michael@astrologyzine.com and include the following information:

  1. Real FIRST Name (and a "nickname" or alias to print on the Readings) and real LAST Name.
  2. For Compatibility Horoscopes, include second person's FIRST Name, nick-name, or an alias, (plus their real and complete birth data.)
  3. MONTH (in letters e.g. MAY) and DATE and YEAR of BIRTH
  4. HOUR and MINUTE plus AM or PM for TIME of BIRTH (on local clock)
    Please provide birth TIME if known (a MUST for Readings marked **).
  5. TOWN or CITY of BIRTH
    if a town or village, state nearest large CITY (preferably to north or south)
  7. Reading # and Name (e.g. P5 PSYCHE, C3 CAREER) and fee for each Reading ordered
  8. METHOD of SHIPMENT: Email (no shipping fee), or 1st-class mail.
  9. PRINTING INSTRUCTIONS, if PRINTED Readings are required
  10. METHOD of PAYMENT: Credit Card, Money-order, Cash or Check (in American dollars OR the equivalent value in your currency)
    payable to: MICHAEL STAR
    (Canadian and other currencies are accepted at the prevailing U.S. dollar exchange rate.
    To use today's exchange rate if it's better for you, check:
    Xenon Laboratories Universal Currency Converter.
  11. TOTAL PRICE of all Readings ordered (shown in US$)
  12. CUSTOM PRINTING FEES, if any (a percentage of Total Price)
  13. SHIPPING FEES, if any (no fee for e-mailed Readings)
    (If ALL Readings are on ONE person (may include a COMPATIBILITY Horoscope), and the TOTAL FEES are over U.S. $99.99, please enter FULL amount here, then DEDUCT $20 before entering the discounted payment as the TOTAL PAYMENT below. The discount applies on payments by certified check or money order ONLY, and for EMAILED readings only. For special rates on large orders for clubs or charity fundraisers, please enquire by email.)

  15. TOTAL PAYMENT ENCLOSED (mailed orders)
  16. TOTAL PAYMENT TO FOLLOW (Emailed orders)
    (Email orders under US $80.01 are emailed BEFORE payment is sent, usually within 24 hours of the ORDER DATE you specify. This takes the risk out of ordering on the Internet.)
    (I will do this if on the Order Form you promise to MAIL your payment within one day AFTER the date you receive your emailed Readings. Your check will take 5-7 days to arrive, so you may post-date it 5-7 days if necessary.)
  17. NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS of purchaser (or FAX or phone number)
  18. NAME and POSTAL ADDRESS of purchaser (if paying by personal check)
  19. NAME and E-MAIL ADDRESS of recipient (for emailed Readings)
  20. NAME and FULL ADDRESS to SHIP to (for PRINTED Readings)
  21. WHERE you heard about this web site and what key words you searched.
  22. DO YOU wish to have your email address added to my mailing list?

(Please do NOT adjust BIRTH TIME to G.M.T. My programs use your LOCAL birth time and town, then automatically correct for time zone and location. I check for Daylight Savings Time, but if you know if it was in effect or not, it can help if you state DST (Daylight) or STD (Standard) after the time - but please enter the UN-adjusted LOCAL CLOCK time even if you say DST was in effect, to avoid any confusion!)

Where to Send Orders and Payments:

Email... Michael@astrologyzine.com

Phone... (905) 891-7436  (11 AM - 11 PM  EST.)
(New York or Toronto "Eastern Standard Time" = GMT -5.00 hrs.)

Write... Michael Star,
81 Lakeshore East #51, Mississauga ON, CANADA, L5G 4S7

Be sure to affix stamps for international or AIR MAIL delivery to CANADA, or your letter may be returned by your Post Office for insufficient postage. (About 64 cents in U.S.A.)

Please use the on-line ORDER FORM for all orders. If your browser does not support the use of FORMS, there is an alternate order form at the same link.

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