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Romance Secrets Horoscope 2 Reading P7

An original horoscope interpretation by Michael Star in plain English, based on Houses of the Sun/Moon/Mercury/Venus/Mars in your birth chart.

Romance: What you need, why you want it, how you attract it, how you pursue it.
This is Part 2 of the entertaining Romance Secrets Reading which is popular at psychic fairs and other events. It's serious astrology, but some people laugh out loud when they see what it says about their secret motives. Show this to your mate - it's an eye-opener!

Fee: US $5 (1 page, delivered by email)
(Must be over 18 to order)

You don't need to know your birth time to get this horoscope reading, but it would be more accurate if you provide the hour and minute as well as the month/day/year and town.  See a sample.

You should first order Part 1 for $5 and get the basics of your romance horoscope reading with an interpretation of the five "Personal Planets" in the Signs of your unique birth chart. Part 2 deals with these Planets in the Houses of your birth horoscope, and gives more details on how the psychological functions represented by each of these five Planets are expressed in certain areas of your life.

Part 1 is not very sensitive to the time of birth, having been designed for those who don't know the hour and minute of their birth. Because Part 2 deals with Houses, it is more time-sensitive; so if you don't know your time of birth then it will be based on the "solar chart" technique which assumes you were born at Noon, and that your First House cusp is at the same point as the Sun in your birth chart.

SIX-PACK Price: Romance Secrets | Aspects of Love | Relating Secrets | Seduction Secrets | Psyche Secrets 5 for $15

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 ©2004 by Michael Star

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