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Sensual Pleasures Unique Gift

Gift Ideas for Taurus Types

Here are some links to places that provide sensual pleasures, for gifts or self-indulgent shopping. Taurus is the astrological Sign which is known for its sensitivity to sensual experiences provided through the five physical senses of touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound - and its appreciation for the pleasures and comforts of life.

You're a Taurus type if you have Sun in Taurus, Moon in Taurus, one or more planets in Taurus, or if you have the Sign of Taurus on the Ascendant in your birth horoscope (Taurus Rising). If you have the Sun or Venus in Taurus, or Taurus Rising, you are especially sensual. The Sun is in Taurus from April 20 to May 20 each year, but those "cusp" dates may be one day earlier or later, depending on the actual year of birth or the time zone where you were born.
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Taurus Treats

Fabulous Feelings

For Taurus types the sense of smell is an important part of their enjoyment of life and its sensual pleasures. Being nature-lovers and down-to-earth, they tend to favor fragrances which are derived from natural sources, not artificial, and are often drawn the more "musky" scents (and are especially responsive to natural human pheremones). They tend to stick to one or maybe two favorite fragrances (Taurus is a fixed Sign).
They tend to identify a romantic partner with their scent and can get very attached to it - so if you want your Taurus type to stay attentive to you (or remember you), try as often as possible to wear that one cologne or perfume that was a turn-on for them.

Brand-name fragrances at big discount prices. Perfumes and colognes for men and women.
Fragrance Net ships original brand-name fragrances at bargain prices. Perfumes and colognes for men and women from Estee Lauder, Alfred Sung, and hundreds of other famous brands. Join the free "Reminder Club" to be reminded of birthdays and special occasions.

Love Scent pheremone fragrances

Taurus types love to touch and fondle, especially a smooth, soft skin. And with Venus being the natural ruler of Taurus, an appreciation for beauty - especially in the human physical form and face - is strong in the Taurus type.

Get Your Spa Wish Today!
Send a certificate for a sensual massage or other luxurious body or beauty treatment to someone you know could use a little stress relief or a thoughtful treat. A Spa Wish gift certificate is redeemable at day spas throughout the U.S.A., so they are a great "corporate gift" for employees or clients who deserve a treat one day. Why not send one to yourself, if you are the type who almost needs to force yourself to take some time to find such pleasures in life?

Taurus types like to put things in their mouths (and not just good food). A good-tasting, fragrant cigar is a treat enjoyed by many Taurus types as they sit in comfort and relax after a good meal.
No, Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky both have Sun in Leo - but both have Moon in Taurus, which certainly qualifies them as Taurus types. Does that answer your question? ;-) Specials.

The Eroscillator.  Dr. Ruth recommended!
The Eroscillator - recommended by Dr. Ruth!

Stimulating Sights

Taurus types love to save money, but they are also willing to spend big bucks on things that provide lasting value or lasting pleasure. Buying clothing with a designer label, quality workmanship, and a classic design that's never out of style, is a typically Taurean idea of being thrifty but not cheap. Now, if that clothing is comfortable and can be bought at bargain prices too... it's the best of both worlds!

Taurus types have a special fondness (or even fetish) for scarves and things that adorn the neck, like necklaces or chokers. After all, the part of the human body ruled by Taurus is the neck - and this is also the Taurean erogenous zone!

A fine silk scarf is the perfect gift for the sensual Taurus type, because it satisfies on several levels - the sensuous silky feel of the fabric, the all-natural source of the material which is a gift of Nature's silk-worm, the beauty of the design imprinted on the scarf or the colors of the dye, and, best of all, the sensual stimulation it gives that Taurean erogenous zone when worn by your Taurus heart-throb.
If you're a Taurus type yourself, then you'll probably want to see that silk scarf around the neck of your favorite lady or gentleman, so it makes a great gift that is less intimate than lingerie, but not less tantalizing to your Taurean eyes.

Casasilk silk sleepwear

The Playboy Store offers the Taurus type a chance to complete his collection of Playboy magazine back issues, and order his own copy of those visually enticing Playmate videos or DVD movies. For the sexy Taurus lady, sensual and seductive lingeree and intimate apparel are also available online at The Playboy Store. Pretty negligees and naughty nighties can spice up the visual appeal of a partner to the Taurus type male. When the garment has both an attractive look and a sensual feel to the fabric, it can be extra enticing to the typical Taurus type. Silks and satins should supply sensations that shall satisfy.

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Taurus types are great lovers of Nature, and many are great gardeners or growers of plants and flowers. Having fresh-cut flowers or growing plants in the home is like bringing a little of the outdoors inside! And a fragrant bouquet of flowers pleases the Taurean sense of smell, as well as their appreciation for beauty and natural things.
Growing is key word for Taurus. That's not so surprising, since the Sun is in the zodiac Sign of Taurus in the Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. If you give your favorite Taurean a potted plant, he or she will likely tend it lovingly and faithfully for years - and remember you as the thoughtful giver of a gift that keeps on growing!

1800Flowers - giftology
Delivery to 195 countries. Browse the catalogue for flower arrangements for all occasions, live plant items, gift baskets, Harry London gourmet chocolate, Fanny Mae chocolates, Cheryl's gourmet cookie gifts, The Popcorn Factory gourmet popcorn, gift cards and more. This is Taurus Heaven!  Here we find so many sense-ational gifts.  With Taurus being the earthiest of the Earth Signs, a Taurus type might prefer a gift that pleases the sense of sight in the form of a growing, long-lasting, live plant over some beautiful and fragrant but fast-fading flowers. Being the most sensual pleasure-seeking sign, Taurus will truly love a gift of tasty gourmet chocolates or cookies that is so sweetly satisfying to the sense of taste

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Vertical Garden

Taurus types are interested in nature and growing and farming and food. What better way to combine all these interests than to create a home garden that can provide healthy, organic, pesticide-free, non-GMO (NOT genetically modified) food for the entire family? For Taurus types without pets or pastures, or fields and streams, or woods and waters, that need for nature can sometimes be satisfied by nurturing house plants or growing vegetables in a home garden. Nurturing involves feeding and protecting; so growing enough healthy food at home to survive a shortage of food (or money) is a practical way to protect one's family from unforeseen disasters, as well as from diseases caused by contaminants and chemicals in store-bought foods. Using the plans for the above-mentioned 2x2-foot "vertical garden" you can easily build a highly-productive home garden that fits in a very small space - even an apartment balcony, or inside near a window - yet can feed a family of four! The downloadable plans and instructions for the Vertical Garden would be a fine "gift that keeps on giving" for Taurus (and Cancer) types. Frugal Taurus types will love NOT having to pay ever-increasing prices for store-bought vegetables - or the high cost of healthier organic vegetables. Other than the initial cost of plans, seeds and soil, the vertical home garden produces virtually free food. And because the vegetables grow in fertile soil, they absorb all the minerals that are less-and-less present in supermarket vegetables grown on "factory farms" with chemical fertilizers in soil that is long depleted by over-use. You get mineral-rich organic food that tastes better and brings better nutrition and health.

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Taurus types appreciate the beauty of Nature, and these lovely gifts from the Earth can be carried or worn, or placed on display where they can be admired and fondled by the sensual Taurus type. Remember, the Taurus type is especially partial to things that are worn at the neck, so pendants and necklaces are a preferred piece of jewelry.

Emerald (a clear gem-quality specimen of the mineral Green Beryl) is the real birth-stone for people born with Sun in Taurus, but other less expensive green gemstones may be appreciated as well, such as semi-precious Green Beryl and other stones like Green Jade, Malachite, Aventurine, Amazonite, Verdelite, Peridot, Green Agate, or Moldavite.
The color green is linked to Taurus in several ways. It is the symbolic color of the planet Venus, the ruler of Taurus. It symbolizes Nature and growing things, and Taureans are known for having "a green thumb" - that knack for growing things as successful gardeners. And the reason you often see light green paint on the walls of hospitals is that green is a color which tends to help people feel more calm and serene - two typical traits of Taurus.

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Music is a particular pleasure for the Taurus type, and many Taureans are fine musicians (like Burt Bacharach, Stevie Wonder, and Steve Winwood) and singers (like Barbra Streisand and Cher). They have a discerning ear, so when you give a gift of music to your favorite Taurus type, it may be best to ask about their preferences before your make your purchase, or browse their collection for some ideas about their musical tastes. Of course there's a collection - you could win a bet that they still have most of the old albums they ever bought. Some of the above ebooks might make a good gift for the sensual and creative Taurus type.

A Taurean is likely to enjoy a background of musical sounds in his or her home, so a casette or CD player that allows continuous play of several tapes or discs in sequence may be a continual source of pleasure. Taureans are a thrifty lot, so they may not splurge on such a device themselves - but if they get one as a gift, they can easily learn to love the luxury of not having to keep changing tapes or CDs for each new album.

A player with a wireless remote control would be appreciated by Taureans, who really like to do things the easy way.

Why are we talking about ancient technology like music cassettes and Compact Disks? Because in the past your older music-loving Taurus probably put a lot of time into collecting records and tapes and making awesome compilation tapes of his favorite songs, or burned CDs with his favorite playlists. And you know Taurus never wants to let go of things he loves - like those old tapes and CDs. Besides, it may cost a lot of money to replace all those beloved songs (if you can even find them today) in a format which will play on an mp3 player or iPod or iPad - and a thrifty Taurus doesn't want to waste money if he can help it. So the practical older Taurus would appreciate a device which keeps his tape and CD collection playable for those times when he wants to take a trip down memory lane with the soundtrack of his life. And the younger Taurus might like collecting old tapes and CDs he can find on the cheap, for Taurus and Cancer are the two Signs who appreciate and hold onto the past. There are so many 20th-century songs that still seem better than much of the modern millenium music - or bring back memories of happy times and lift one's spirits for a while.

In the summer of 2014 blockbuster sci-fi movie called Guardians Of The Galaxy it was surprising to see the hero, Star-Lord, carrying a large 1980s Sony Walkman cassette player on the belt of his spacesuit! Maybe not so surprising after all ...if he's a Taurus type!

A device which records music or movies is another fine gift for the Taurus type, for it lets them preserve their preferred performances in their collection, without actually having to pay for the CD or DVD or downloaded songs...

Ballet Dancers
can practice in class or at home to the original ballet music of composer Robert Long on CD.

This unique album contains dozens of beautiful piano music pieces for all the movements a ballet student learns in class. Original pieces performed by a talented composer and pianist who serves as the musical accompanist for professional ballet schools and recitals.
Ballet Etudes on CD - a great gift for your ballerina, or ballet school teacher!

Download hard-to-find Classical Sheet Music for a variety of solo instruments from brass to piano to woodwind, and print your scores in a beautiful format on your own printer and paper. Click to visit the highly-regarded Music Scores site. Check their many links to other great resources for music and lyrics.

Tasty Treats.

Good food is a particular pleasure for the Taurus type, and many Taureans appreciate gourmet food and fine wines. They can make eating a sensual experience, and sometimes will even emit a low "moan" when eating something that moves them to express their exquisite pleasure.
They have a discerning sense of taste and smell, and appreciate subtle flavors and interesting spices; though the fixed quality of the Sign of Taurus may lead some to want a plainer diet with an element of sameness - like the typical "meat and potatoes" man. Since the symbol of Taurus is The Bull, you may note a particular attraction to beef as a favorite meat dish.
Taureans are sometimes (unfairly) accused of gluttony, and they do have a predilection towards excess when it comes to pleasure. Falstaff and Friar Tuck were probably Taurus types, and perhaps donut-loving Homer Simpson is a caricature of one (or his creator is one). He does moan when enjoying tasty food, did you notice?
If you have a Taurus child, you will have noticed that a Fixed Sign can also be a stubborn Sign; and he or she will refuse to eat what is not enjoyed - while wanting a favorite treat more often than most people would. There seems to be a Taurean weakness for ice cream which, incidentally, is a product that comes from cows (cows/bulls/Taurus - get it?).

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Taurus types make excellent gourmet chefs and cooks when they feel like it - and want well-crafted, long-lasting, convenient cooking utensils to work their wonders in the kitchen. When they cook, they expect the clean-up to be done by someone else. Great chefs don't do dishes. An interesting cookbook is always a welcome gift for the part-time Taurus chef, especially ones with recipes for sauces and desserts.

And don't forget that Taurus types are often lovers of barbeque grilled steaks and other red meats, so some marinade or BBQ sauce recipes may be appreciated, or even a gift of a bottle of some savory sauce for basting or marinating their charcoal broiled creations. If you can't find a bottle of suitable sauce to give the gourmet guy or gal who invited you to their backyard BBQ bash, a bottle of French Burgundy red wine will do nicely, thank you. If you can afford a vintage Chateauneuf du Pape, your Taurus will be impressed. He might even share it with someone like you who appreciates the finer things in life. But if it looks like it will have to be shared with too many, forgive him if he decides to save your special gift for a time when your wonderful wine will serve to sweeten a special evening of personal pleasure in a private pas de deux.

Guilt-Free Gluten-Free Desserts

If your Taurus type gets a little plump from all those gourmet goodies, there is a simple, safe and easy Diet plan for rapid weight loss that I used myself to lose 20 pounds in 20 days, while eating all my favorite foods every second day on the Food Days and not being hungry on the Diet Days. "You are never more than 24 hours away from your favorite meal" with The One Day Diet Plan.

Here's an ideal weight loss plan for a lazy Taurus type... Lose And Snooze is a nice-tasting liquid collagen product that you drink just before you go to sleep, and it supports your body in building lean muscle while in deep sleep - and burning off stored fat as the energy source for all that muscle-building. Aside from the fat-reduction and "body shaping" that this product promotes, most users report a deeper, more restful and restorative sleep at night - plus some other really nice "side effects" like smoother and more supple skin, thicker hair, and stronger nails. Since your skin is 75% collagen, taking a collagen supplement like this while losing weight can help prevent that unsightly "sagging skin".

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