Astrology. The Love Planets: Venus and Mars
by Michael Star

a Romance Astrology article
in STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine (c)1997.

"Teach Yourself Astrology" Series - 1
The meaning of VENUS and MARS in the birth chart: how you ATTRACT or ATTAIN your desires.

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The Venus / Mars Dynamic

In our present culture there are no longer the extremes of Warrior vs Woman, or Knight vs Maiden, or Brave vs Squaw. We all contain a masculine and a feminine part in our make-up, and it is culturally acceptable for men to express their feminine side and women to express their masculine side. So in modern astrology we look at both the Venus and Mars function in any one individual. Both are a part of him or her.

Here are several ways of EXPRESSING the Venus vs Mars dynamic...

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V E N U S and M A R S /continued


The planet Venus in a woman's birth chart indicates how she acts TO ATTRACT LOVE. In any person's horoscope, Venus will be in one of the twelve signs of the zodiac, but it cannot be more than two signs away from the Sign of the Sun in their birth chart. Venus takes an average of one month to travel through a Sign, so all persons born in that one-month period will have Venus in the same Sign.

The VENUS SIGN shows the STRATEGY she prefers to use to attract love or affection or friends or lovers. You might call this her "womanly wiles" or simply her "LOVE STYLE" for VENUS.

Each VENUS SIGN has a separate strategy, which can come into play quite unconsciously sometimes; such as when a woman is in the presence of attractive males or something she wants to have. She may flirt in a certain way which uses the strategies of the Sign, or act in a certain way to GET her way. For flirting or for finagling, she'll use the same set of strategies. And so will a man, unless he chooses to go with a more aggressive Mars energy to attain his desires.

The page titled "LOVE STYLES: VENUS" (or "Flirting by Sign") details the 12 basic strategies of the 12 VENUS SIGNS, and their "acts".

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The planet Mars in a man's birth chart indicates HOW HE ACTS TO ATTAIN (or attack) THE OBJECT OF HIS DESIRE. In any person's horoscope, Mars can be in any one of the twelve Signs; but since it travels through a Sign in about two months, all persons born in the same two-month period will have Mars in the same Sign. (During occasional periods of retrograde motion, Mars may spend more than two months in a particular Sign.)

The MARS SIGN shows the STRATEGY he prefers to use to satisfy his lust, or to act to acquire what he desires. Call it his "action plan" or his "LOVE STYLE" for MARS.

Each MARS SIGN has a separate strategy, one which comes into play quite unconsciously when he is sexually aroused, or sees someone or something he DESIRES. He may flirt in a certain way, or make overt moves to gain the object of his desire. Watching the MARS ACTION and the VENUS ATTRACTION in operation together is a fascinating pastime! Many movies and TV soaps have been produced and become popular by portraying this VENUS/MARS dynamic. Witness the relationship of the characters Sam Malone and Diane Chambers in re-runs of the long-running TV sitcom, "Cheers". The styles of these characters exhibit in their game of mutual seduction seem similar to the styles of Libra (Diane) and Leo (Sam).

The page titled "LOVE STYLES: MARS" (or "Making It With MARS") details the 12 basic strategies of the 12 MARS SIGNS and their various "acts".

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"I am Woman, hear me roar!"

This declaration from an old hit song by Helen Reddy illustrates the modern-day Venus/Mars dynamic operating in one empowered individual. Women do not have to be full-time maidens or wives, nor do they have to be receptive, passive, and purely feminine all the time. They can express their masculine Mars energy when it suits them. A woman can roar, and a man can cry; and still they are who they are... a woman expressing some masculine energy, and a man expressing some feminine energy. Yin and Yang. Passive and Active. We all have both polarities operating in our psyches.

Thus women can use their Mars energy and men can use their Venus energy. When a woman feels like being assertive, or sees a man she wants, she does not have to stick with her Venus strategy and put on the "attraction act". She can also initiate an "assertive act" to pursue her prey or gain her goal by using her masculine energy in a style which fits her Mars strategy.

In any male/female relationship or encounter, BOTH the Venus and Mars energies will be active in their own ways, and in both persons. So read the LOVE STYLE for BOTH your Venus and Mars!

Be the Woman Men Adore - And Never Want To Leave!

V E N U S and M A R S /continued

LOVE STYLES of Venus and Mars
according to ELEMENT and SIGN

The following pages list the "LOVE STYLES" for people who have Venus and Mars located in various Signs in their birthchart. If you read the appropriate sections which describe your personal "LOVE STYLE" when acting TO ATTRACT LOVE (indicated by your Venus Sign), and when acting TO ATTAIN LOVE (see your Mars Sign), you will probably notice that many, if not all, of the traits are apparent in your style to a GREATER degree than the other traits listed under other Signs.

Venus or Mars in Signs of the same ELEMENT, such as the "FIRE Signs" of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, will SHARE several similar traits from the list at the beginning of the "FIRE Signs" section. But the individual Venus Signs or Mars Signs will also have DIFFERENT traits which seem STRONGER than those of persons with Venus or Mars in the other Signs of the same Element.

If a person has Venus in a Sign of one Element, and Mars in a Sign of a different Element, then it can be more difficult to identify certain traits as part of the Venus style of ATTRACTING compared to the Mars Style of ATTAINING. Both styles, though quite DIFFERENT in operation, may be operating at the SAME time. While a person is acting to ATTRACT in, say, a quiet, nurturing Venus-in-Cancer style, he or she may also be acting to ATTAIN in a more assertive and dramatic Mars-in-Leo style. He may quietly ATTRACT at one time and then act more assertively to ATTAIN at another time.

When trying to determine whether the indicated Venus style or Mars style is really apparent in a person's Love Style (or when judging the validity of these descriptions by examining your OWN Love Style), try to keep in mind that:

(1) Venus and Mars in the SAME SIGNS or Signs of the SAME ELEMENT indicate a Love Style which is consistent and very easily integrated. WHAT YOU "ADVERTISE" FOR IS SIMILAR TO WHAT YOU WANT TO "DELIVER". Venus in Aries acts like it wants action and adventure, and it may attract a Mars in Aries or Leo or Sagittarius person who actually IS active and adventurous.

(2) Venus and Mars in Signs of DIFFERENT BUT COMPATIBLE ELEMENTS (e.g. Fire/Air or Earth/Water) indicate a Love Style which is fairly consistent and fairly easily integrated. WHAT YOU WILL "ADVERTISE" IS NOT EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT TO "DELIVER", BUT IT CAN STILL SATISFY BOTH PARTIES. Venus in Sagittarius acts like it wants companionship and philosophical talks. It may attract a Mars in Gemini/Libra/Aquarius person who really IS gregarious and likes to talk about ideas or ideals.

(3) Venus and Mars in Signs of DIFFERENT AND INCOMPATIBLE ELEMENTS (e.g. Fire/Earth, Fire/Water, Air/Earth, or Air/Water) indicate a Love Style which is NOT CONSISTENT and not easily integrated. WHAT YOU "ADVERTISE" IS NOT WHAT YOU WANT TO DELIVER, AND IT COULD CONFUSE BOTH PARTIES. Venus in Leo acts like it wants to show off and spend money lavishly. Mars in Virgo or Capricorn doesn't like show-offs and doesn't like to spend money frivolously. That Venus-in-Leo person may attract a Mars-in-Leo lover whose flamboyant style seems attractive; but when the impulsive and attention-seeking Mars-in-Leo lover encounters the cautious and critical Mars-in-Virgo that lives with Venus-in-Leo in that person's horoscope chart, there can be difficulties.

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