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100% more protein.
40% less calories.
NO fructose. NO canola.

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This is NOT a "fad"
diet. Thousands
have used it since
the early 1990s!
The original "keto"
diet using ketosis
in a safe & easy way!

The One Day Diet
Pays For Itself!

You can save more
on food you don't
eat than you'll
pay for the Diet.

Fast Weight Loss
that Lasts!

One Day Diet is
a Fast and Easy
Diet Plan that
Anyone Can Do!
(Kids Too!)

  • No Deprivation
  • No Drugs of any kind
  • No Calorie-Counting
  • No Recipes
  • No Weigh-Ins
  • No Hunger
  • No Cheating
  • No Guilt
  • No Net Cost?
    (What you save on
    regular food could
    even "pay" you for
    doing this Diet.)

You Diet 1 Day,
Then Eat As Usual
for 1 Day.
One Day On,
One Day Off,
for as long
as you want.

You can SKIP
one Diet Day
or more if you
need to. Just
DON'T do two
Diet Days in
a row.
Always follow
one Diet Day
with one or
more Food Days!

  • On your Diet Day
    you eat 2 Diet Wafers
    per hour for 10 hours,
    and eat all the
    raw fruit you want.
    Drink eight
    8-ounce glasses
    of drinking water.
    No other food.
    No sugar today.
  • The next day is your
    Food Day, so
    you eat all your
    favorite foods in
    the usual quantity.
    Do NOT diet today.
  • Every 2nd day is a
    Diet Day, where you
    achieve rapid weight
    loss because you will
    get only 180 calories
    from 20 Diet Wafers,
    plus some calories
    from fruit you eat.
    The hypocaloric effect
    makes your body burn
    fat all day and night.
    It's possible to
    burn off 1 to 2
    pounds of fat
    on each Diet Day.

"You are never
more than
24 hours away
from your
favorite meal!

While using the

  • You won't feel hungry
    on your Diet Days.
  • You won't be tempted
    to snack or "cheat"
    because you can
    eat all you want
    the next day.

  • You won't lower
    your metabolism, so
    you won't gain
    weight later.

  • You won't lose
    muscle because you
    get some proteins
    every hour on the
    Diet Days.

  • The Atkins Diet
    and South Beach Diet
    are successful low
    carb diet programs,
    but the One Day Diet
    plan has got to be
    the most SIMPLE
    and EASY of the
    successful diet
  • It works WITH
    your body, not
    against it.
  • And it works
    WITH YOU, not
    against you.
  • You won't need
    a great deal of
    willpower because
    you won't be hungry
    and won't be tempted
    to give up.
  • Every 2nd day
    you get to eat
    whatever you want,
    whenever you want.

  • To maintain
    your weight loss
    use Sea Energy
    liquid vitamins
    and minerals.
  • When you get
    better nutrition
    you may not need
    to eat as much!

A 32 fl.oz. bottle of Sea Energy liquid nutrition with 52 minerals, 16 vitamins, 22 amino acids from sea vegetables growing in pristine ocean waters near northern Canada.

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How Affinity Products
Can Help You:

* Burn Fat & Build Muscle
While You Sleep

* Increase Oxygen Utilization
/ Asthma / Sleep Apnea

* Increase Energy &
Strength & Stamina

* Constipation / Irritable Bowel
Syndrome / Food Cravings

* Remove Plaque from
Arteries / Lower LDL Cholesterol

* Whole-Food Nutrition
/ Liquid Vitamins & Minerals

* Alternative Antibiotics
/ Improve Immune System

* Minimize Cold & Flu
Symptoms / Sinus Infections

What Makes You
Gain Weight?

* Refined sugar in
processed foods
* 8 teaspoons of sugar
in 12 oz. of soda pop
* Aspartame in "diet" soda
can cause weight gain
* High fructose corn syrup
in processed foods.
* Excess bad fats in
fast foods
* Not eating breakfast
* Skipping meals
* Snacking before bedtime
* Not drinking enough
water (i.e. dehydration)
* Underactive Thyroid
* Hormone Imbalance
* Stress
* Sedentary lifestyle

Holy Tea
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Weight Loss,
Colon Cleanse,
Body Detox,
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"I lost 20 pounds in 20 days - without feeling hungry!  I saved money on the food I didn't eat on Diet Days, and I saved more than I paid for the One Day Diet wafers..."   See my story.

"BREAKTHROUGH: NEW One Day Diet for Fast Weight Loss Quickly Melts Away the Pounds...
Without the Hunger, Deprivation or Drugs!"
An All-Natural Weight Loss Program That Works.

You Can DO This Diet!

"You Are Never More Than 24 Hours From Your Favorite Foods!"
Diet For ONE DAY. Eat All Your Favorite Foods Every Second Day!

You can stick to a diet for one day when you know that you can always eat what you want the very next day! You will lose weight fast without feeling hungry. You are never more than 24 hours from your favorite meal. Do the One Day Diet plan for fast and easy weight loss. The NEW One Day Diet formula contains 100% more protein to avoid muscle loss, 40% less calories for more fat loss, and tastes even better! (Beware of vendors claiming to be "the Web's only official source". They are selling you the OLD formula.)


Imagine losing 20 pounds in the next month while eating your favorite foods every second day. Forget the recipes and calorie-counting and restrictions that say you can't have the foods you want most!

For ONE day, you eat only the Diet wafers and the kinds of raw fruit you like best. The very next day, you can eat your favorite foods - so give yourself a treat!

You may be thinking this sounds "too good to be true". How can you lose weight so fast and still eat the foods you like every second day? But I know it's true, because I lost 20 pounds in 20 days using the One Day Diet. It was even easier than I expected. I was never hungry. This diet really works!

You don't need to use diet pills that make you feel jumpy or keep you awake at night. There are NO drugs, caffeine, or stimulants of any kind in the Original One Day Diet wafers, NO exotic Chinese herbs like Ephedra or Phen-Phen, and NO "secret ingredients" - just all-natural food ingredients to give you vitamins and minerals and salt for a day, plus just enough unrefined sugar (from dehydrated natural cane juice) to keep your blood sugar level constant so you don't feel hungry while your body burns stored fat all day. The NEW formula also removes the "high fructose corn syrup solids" which recent medical studies have found to be unhealthy for long-term consumption.

This diet will NOT cause muscle loss because it contains protein in each wafer, so you get some protein every hour during the day. In fact, the NEW AND IMPROVED formula now contains 100% more protein and about 40% LESS calories. It tastes even better, and is even more effective than the Original One Day Diet. Female users are reporting that the new One Day Diet works better at keeping them from feeling hungry on the Diet Days.

You don't need any other products or gimmicks to make the One Day Diet wafers help you burn off stored fat without lowering your metabolism, though exercising or just taking a 10 to 30 minute brisk walk on Diet Days will make your body burn even more fat that day. (There are some other providers of "One Day Diet" wafers who insist on selling you something called "sun crystals" (with caffeine) for extra money, but the Affinity One Day Diet works fine without them, so save your money.)

On your "Diet Day" you just chew 20 small strawberry or vanilla or chocolate Diet wafers (2 every hour), drink 8 glasses of water, and eat all the raw fruit you want - but no vegetables or any other foods until your Diet Day is over.

The next day is always a "Food Day", and you can eat whatever you want, for you are NOT trying to burn fat that day. You should try to eat healthy food, but if you indulge in some of your favorite treats it won't slow down your weight loss. On the Food Days, you need to show your body it is NOT being deprived of its usual amount of food for two days in a row, so to make the One Day Diet work it's more about getting enough CALORIES than the type of food you get them from.

In fact, you MUST eat as MUCH of your favorite foods as usual on the Food Days, so that you always give your body as many calories as it was used to getting before you started dieting. On your Food Days, you DON'T diet. You eat well, and enjoy your break from dieting. You burn fat and lose weight only on the Diet Days.

My bathroom scale tells me I lose 2.0 pounds on each Diet Day and just maintain that new weight on the Food Days. (Individual results will vary, and men lose weight faster than women.)

Contrary to what you may hear in some advertising, the One Day Diet wafers are not "too powerful" for people who only want to lose a few pounds. You CAN use the One Day Diet wafers to just do 1 or 2 Diet Days and lose a few pounds anytime you want to. After all, it IS a "one day diet"!

And since the dry Diet wafers will stay fresh for a long time, you can use the remaining wafers later on whenever you want to lose a few pounds in a few days. (Or use them as a snack food, or emergency food supply.)

The One Day Diet, if followed as instructed, will NOT cause you to lower your metabolism and gain weight back when you resume eating "normally". But after LOSING weight, you must eat less food. WHY? Because now your lower-weight body doesn't NEED as many calories of energy to move that extra weight around all day!

If you ignore this fact and DO over-eat after losing weight, you can simply use any left-over One Day Diet wafers again to do 1 or 2 Diet Days and take off those extra few pounds whenever you feel you should.

The healthiest way to maintain your weight loss is to continue the healthy habits you learn while using the One Day Diet - eat apples (the best fruit snack for weight-watchers on or after the One Day Diet) or any fresh fruit as your "snack foods" instead of those processed foods loaded with sugar and high-fructose corn syrup, and go out for a brisk walk every day or two to burn off any excess calories.

You will KNOW you can easily go a whole day without any refined sugar, because that's what you did on your Diet Days! Reducing your intake of sugar and the processed foods that are loaded with sugar (to make you crave more) will go a long ways towards keeping the weight off. Read the ingredient labels, and refuse to buy products that list sugar or sucrose or glucose or fructose as the first or second ingredient. Make your own salad dressings, for the ones you buy often contain a lot of sugar and unhealthy canola oil.

Switch from refined sugar to a safe artificial sweetener (if you can find one - it's NOT Sucralose or Aspartame!) - or to a natural sweetener like Stevia or Xylitol as much as possible, especially in your coffee or tea (each teaspoon of refined sugar adds 15 calories). Avoid soft drinks which contain as much as 9 teaspoons of sugar in a 12-ounce can! Note that your body will immediately convert Fructose to stored FAT and not try to use it as fuel, which it will do with Sucrose and Glucose. Fructose is one of the hidden causes of adding body fat, and many processed foods contain high amounts of "High Fructose Corn Syrup" which the food manufacturers try to hide because it's not only very fattening, but also BAD for your health!

NOTE: Do not lose TOO many pounds in too short a time. If you lose more than about 7 pounds in a week with One Day Diet, you should slow down by taking a short break from the Diet Days. Do a few extra Food Days in a row, and then start your next Diet Day later. You could also lose weight at a slower pace if you wish, by doing your Diet Days with 2 or 3 Food Days in between, instead of just one. Remember, it's a ONE DAY diet. The next day you are OFF the diet, but you can start again after eating normally FOR AT LEAST ONE DAY. Doing the One Day Diet, say, every third day, will still cause you to meet your weight loss goal - it will just take more days to get there!
In a hurry to get started? Then click here to see PRICES and HOW TO ORDER information. You'll be surprised at how little this Diet plan costs, because you only need to pay for a bottle of 140 Diet wafers, which lasts for 14 days on the Diet (using them every second day). You will likely SAVE more money on the food you DON'T eat in the next 14 days than you paid for the Diet wafers. With One Day Diet, you can be losing weight, while gaining money!
Obesity (20% more than normal weight) has reached epidemic proportions in North America!

The One Day Diet is a simple solution for adults, teens and children who have tried and failed weight loss programs in the past, yet still want to lose weight, gain energy, and be healthy.

For people who are chronically obese and 100 pounds overweight, "gastric bypass" or bariatric surgery has been a popular last-resort solution. But recent studies reveal the deadly dangers of this drastic measure. In a study of 16,155 Medicare patients who underwent obesity surgery from 1997 to 2002, more than 5% of men and nearly 3% of women aged 35 to 44 were dead within a year. Slightly higher rates were found in patients 45 to 54. Among patients 65 to 74, nearly 13% of men and about 6% of women died. With patients 75 and older, 50% of the men and 40% of the women died. Click to see this disturbing 2005 report at

The One Day Diet was the first major breakthrough weight loss plan of the 20th century. It's not a "fad diet" - it's been used successfully by many thousands of people since the early 1990s. Read on, and I will reveal the scientific secrets to successful, speedy, and safe weight loss - and how you can make your metabolism work as a "fat-burning furnace" without ever feeling hungry!

A Few Examples of What You'll Learn...

  • The One Day Diet is the quickest way to lose weight. You could lose as much as 10 to 15 pounds in the 14 days one bottle of Diet wafers will last - while eating all your favorite foods on 7 of those days! (Individual results may vary, and men lose weight faster than women.)
  • How to Avoid the Biggest Dieting Mistake. You don't have to starve yourself! Deprivation is what makes most diet plans fail, due to psychological AND physiological factors. Find the facts here!
  • It doesn't have to be hard! You will be amazed at the simplicity of this diet! No recipes, no calorie-counting, and only 2 simple "rules"...
    1. Eat only the Diet wafers and some optional raw fruit for ONE DAY, your "Diet Day". Drink 8 to 10 glasses of pure water.
    2. Eat the FULL amount of your usual foods the very NEXT day, which is always your "Food Day".
    Repeat these 2 steps - 1 day on, then 1 day off - for as long as you want to or need to. Anyone can do this diet, kids too, and you'll be proud of yourself when you see that YOU can do it too!
  • You Are Never More Than 24 Hours Away From Your Favorite Meal. Yes, if you like burgers and beer, you can have them on your "Food Days". Ice cream or cake too. You can even do 2 or 3 Food Days in a row if you want to (and it will just take longer to lose the weight). Eating your USUAL amount of food on those alternate "Food Days" actually HELPS you lose weight! It's "rule number 2" and it is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT. Find out why!
  • You can turn your metabolism into "a fat-burning furnace". This is how you'll safely lose weight fast - and won't gain it back! One Day Diet works WITH your body, not against it - and it won't even know you're "dieting"! You don't even need to "exercise" - but if you want to go for a walk on your "Diet Days" you'll lose weight faster and help your body remove toxins that were stored in your fat cells. You'll feel better when you walk every day. Do a "brisk" walk - but not so fast you couldn't carry on a conversation with a walking partner.
  • You could even call this the "10 Hour Chocolate Diet" if you are using the One Day Diet milk chocolate Diet wafers, for you would be eating 2 chocolate wafers per hour for the first 10 hours on your Diet Day and - and losing 1 to 2 pounds that day! You eat the Diet wafers every hour for 10 hours (or more if you normally get hungry at night) but you will burn fat for a full 24 hours on your Diet Day, even while you are asleep. Now there is a tasty Strawberry flavor as well as the Chocolate and Vanilla flavors for the One Day Diet wafers.

The One Day Diet plan is for You IF... are serious about achieving fast weight loss and you can follow a very simple diet routine - whether you want to lose only a few pounds in a few days, or lose 100 pounds or more over an extended period of time. You can skip a Diet Day or start and stop the Diet Days any time without affecting the overall Diet plan, as long as you don't ever do two Diet Days in a row! With the "One Day Diet", every other day you are allowed to "cheat". But in order for this diet plan to work...

On a Diet Day you must follow the simple guidelines that are printed on the bottle and eat only the Diet wafers, plus some fresh fruit if you feel a need it, and drink at least 8 glasses of water.
On a Food Day you just eat what you like - no calorie-counting, no measuring, no recipes, no exercises, no gimmicks, no dieting, no guilt!
Every second day you are free to eat what you want - anywhere, anytime you choose! On Food Days you MUST let your body have the same daily amount of calories of food you were normally eating BEFORE you started dieting. Don't try to cut calories, and don't skip meals on your Food Days.

Benefits |  Testimonials |  Ingredients |  Prices / How to ORDER

Here are a Few Reasons To Believe
The One Day Diet Will Work For YOU

  1. I'm not going to promise you that you will lose X pounds per month or per week. I don't know your level of commitment or determination, or your body chemistry or eating habits. How can I guarantee such a thing? But you can guarantee your success in losing weight if you can faithfully follow the simple One Day Diet Plan. And I can tell you that I lost 20 pounds in 20 days with this One Day Diet in 2003 - and that's why I decided to become a distributor so I could help many others do what I did, by referring them to the best diet product available today.
  2. We have sold this weight loss product all over the world, with wonderful results. Here you will be able to read unsolicited testimonials from people who were just like you.
  3. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on the first bottle of Diet wafers that lasts 14 days. Yet a very small percentage of our customers ever claim it. You can draw your own conclusions from this, but we think it indicates a very high degree of "customer satisfaction" with our One Day Diet. This is extraordinary, when you consider how the estimated national average for success with diet plans is so dismal - only 12 out of 100 Americans who go on any kind of diet actually lose any weight at all!
  4. This program is real, and it really works. Don't just take my word for it. Read on, for I am going to reveal the secrets of the highly successful One Day Diet plan to you. But first, read what others have said about One Day Diet...
"In 6 weeks I lost 30 lbs.! I didn't feel hungry. I've tried all other diets and, you know, you can only stick to them for a little while."
Jim B., Orange County, CA USA
"I was 'growing' daily and I didn't know how to stop. I figured that at the rate I was growing, I wouldn't fit through the front door in about 5 years. I had gone up to 296 lbs. I tried almost every diet out there and failed them all. I failed Nutri-Systems and it cost me over $1,000 to join and $70 per week, only to gain 20 pounds. I failed Over-Eaters Anonymous and Weight Watchers, and I lost count of how many different times I started Slimfast, hoping this time it was going to work."

"When all these and more failed, I then decided to create my own diet... fasting. When I almost killed myself, that's when I decided to never diet again, and that's when I started growing again. Then I was introduced to 'One Day Diet'. I didn't want to try the diet. It took my friend three phone calls to talk me into trying the diet, and needless to say, 82 lbs. and 7 dress sizes later, I thank God everyday that he never gave up on me, and for sharing with me the BEST DIET IN THE WORLD!"
Elizabeth Y., CA USA
"I appreciate your calling and talking to me a few weeks back. It has been an amazing journey for me on the One Day Diet. I have now reached my goal weight of 120 pounds. I started the diet at 141 pounds approximately 6 weeks ago. This diet is unbelievable!! When I talked to you, I was a little frustrated because I had hit a plateau and could not lose the last 9 pounds, but I want to tell anybody who hits a plateau to stick with it! I even went off it for a few days, ate regularly and then went back on it, and the next day I had broken my plateau and lost another 3 pounds. I am even skinnier than before I got pregnant with my second child. It is so much fun to wear skinny clothes, and everybody has noticed the difference. The diet is easy to follow and great because you can eat what you want the next day. Anyone can follow this diet. We are travelling overseas to see family that we have not seen in 6 years, and I feel so confident that I have reached my goal! I highly recommend this diet to everyone. All you have to lose is your unwanted weight!"
Anne Gueta, Prospect, KY USA
"I am an emotional eater. I had heard with 'One Day Diet' you wouldn't gain weight back. So I thought, 'I'm going to put this thing to the real test.'  I lost 17 lbs. in 10 days!  You can try and gain it back, but you won't."
Julie R., East Coast, USA
"A friend told me about 'One Day Diet'. I was able to lose 23 lbs. in 5 weeks! It worked for me. I failed other diets because I just couldn't stay with it."
RJ, Mission Veijo, CA USA
"My first 5 weeks on 'One Day Diet' I lost 17 lbs.! My husband lost about 12 lbs. the 1st week, and now he's lost about 35 lbs. 'One Day Diet' is the easiest diet I ever did. I feel so good!"
Joan R., NJ USA
"I've never had so much energy in all my life, using this plan! With 'One Day Diet' I lost 7 lbs. in 7 days, and snack on the wafers on my food days, too."
Christina J.

Benefits |  Testimonials |  Ingredients |  Prices / How to Order

Other Diet Plans are Pure Torture

Those strict diet plans tell you when and how much to eat, day after day. They tell you NOT to eat the foods you actually want to eat.
Now, with the "One Day Diet" plan, you are never more than 24 hours away from the best meal of your life! This diet plan is convenient, easy, and safe to use. It's a "natural" way to lose weight because it acknowledges and works with your body's natural processes, not against them. It works with human psychology too, to help you avoid feeling hungry or deprived so you're not tempted to "cheat" and feel "guilty". And the Diet wafers contain all natural ingredients, with no refined sugar or Aspartame or drugs of any kind, not even any cholesterol. Here are some of the main benefits of the One Day Diet plan...
  • No fasting, no "calorie counting", no "forbidden foods", no recipes, no gadgets, no fatigue, no weekly visits, no meetings, no public "weigh-ins", and no caffeine, no steroids, no drugs, no refined sugar, no Aspartame, no cholesterol.
  • 100% natural, safe, and effective weight loss. You don't feel deprived or hungry.
  • Quick and easy weight loss that lasts. Look good, and feel better.
  • End your diet frustrations. Diet ONE day, then eat what you want the NEXT day. It's easy!

Any fast weight loss program that does not allow you to eat every hour will create hunger pangs (as the dotted line above shows) around 10:30 A.M. - at which time they finally let you have a mid-morning snack. But by now that snack is nowhere near enough for your growling stomach, and if you are like most people, you cheat by eating "junk food". Since most junk foods and many processed foods contain refined sugar (sucrose) or dextrose which are too rapidly converted to glucose in your body, you start a major high and low swing in your body's blood glucose level when this triggers a release of insulin into your blood to deal with the excess glucose and remove it - as depicted on the following Energy Level Chart.

"One Day Diet" is different. You get to eat two tasty Diet wafers - French Vanilla or Milk Chocolate or Strawberry - every hour of the day for the first ten hours (you start shortly after you get out of bed). This not only satisfies your need to munch on food, but as the solid line above shows, it also gives your body a constant supply of nutrition and regulates your blood glucose level. This will prevent you from "binging" or "cheating".

The Glucose Factor: The amount of energy your body has is determined by the amount of glucose in your blood, since every cell burns glucose as "fuel". When you eat or drink anything with refined sugar (sucrose), or go on any diet which contains a high amount of sucrose, you drastically upset the normal level of glucose in your blood because refined sugar is too rapidly converted to glucose (so is alcohol). You get too much too fast. This actually drains your body of the energy it needs to function properly, because your body will then have to release the hormone insulin to deal with that excessive level of glucose and drive it back down.

It will often go too far down, so then you have too little glucose in your blood to supply the energy you normally need. That's why you have that tired, sluggish feeling within 20 minutes of eating something with refined sugar in it! And it just makes you feel hungry again, so you get tempted to eat even more.

So now you can guess why the food manufacturers put sugar in their products. Sugar makes you crave more sugar! But if you read the list of ingredients on the label of certain "diet" shakes and food bars (one of them has the intitials "SF"), you will often see "sugar" or "sucrose" listed there. What is refined SUGAR doing in a "diet" product that is promising to help you lose weight? Don't they know that there are other ways to make something taste "sweet"? There is no refined sugar in Stevia or Xylotol.


The graph above shows what happens to the level of Glucose (energy) in your blood when using diets with refined sugar (sucrose) versus the healthy alternative, "ONE DAY DIET".  It's when your body's glucose level hits bottom that you get those cravings to eat something, anything - especially if it's sweet!

For someone who is trying to lose weight, it's absolutely critical that the level of glucose in the blood never goes below normal. Eating two Diet wafers each hour carefully and conveniently regulates the amount of carbohydrates you are ingesting (9 calories per wafer), so the safest and healthiest way to lose weight is to use "ONE DAY DIET"!

Now you know why you shouldn't eat anything that contains refined sugar on your Diet Days, and why diets that do contain refined sugars will fail. You also know why it's very important to keep eating your 2 Diet wafers each and every hour for at least 10 hours on Diet Days (you can eat more if you get hungry at night).

There is a "fruit sugar" called fructose present in most raw fruits, which makes them taste sweet. But this is a more "complex" carbohydrate which is not quickly converted to glucose as refined sugar (sucrose) right in your stomach, so it does NOT cause those unwanted swings in blood glucose level.

But fructose does get converted to glucose in your intestine, and the excess goes to your liver where it is converted to FAT and stored in your fat cells. So you should not eat TOO much fructose on your Diet Days - which is why it is best to consume only raw fruit and NOT the juice of the fruit, because there is MUCH more fructose in the juice. Also, the less fruit you eat, the more weight you can lose on a Diet Day. Eat some fruit if you feel a need for something "solid", but don't eat more than you feel you need to. Fruit has calories too, so don't eat too much. Apples and peaches are the best diet choice, because they are relatively low in calories and their high fiber content gives you a feeling of "fullness" - and they are good for you too! (Pectin in apple skins helps lower cholesterol levels, and apples are a good source of magnesium, potassium, manganese, and zinc.) AVOID bananas, grapes, and raisins on Diet Days because they are TOO fattening. If you are not feeling any hunger (which is the ideal function of the One Day Diet wafers, but everyone is different) then DON'T eat any fruit at all!

The Diet wafers actually provide a small and regulated amount of raw, unrefined sugar (dehydrated natural cane juice) each hour in order to keep your blood sugar level constant, so you don't need to add a lot more. Eating 20 Diet wafers per day provides just enough to keep you from feeling hungry or feeling light-headed, but little enough to get your body to keep burning fat because it is not getting ENOUGH carbohydrates to convert into glucose.

Too much fruit sugar (fructose) will slow down the fat-burning process, so eat some raw fruit if you feel a need to, but don't drink fruit juice, or ANY "fruit drinks", or anything with sugar or alcohol in it on your Diet Days. Beware of "coffee whiteners" because most contain SUGAR. Avoid fructose in the form of Honey, Maple Syrup, Corn Syrup, Agave Syrup or anything you would normally use to sweeten your coffee or tea.

Putting any refined sugar (white or brown sugar) or alcohol into your stomach will quickly stop the fat-burning process! Just wait until tomorrow when it's your Food Day, and you can have whatever you want.


With STRICT diets or fasting, when you eat less food for more than 2 or 3 days in a row your body will attempt to STORE fat, and it will conserve energy by automatically lowering your metabolism (i.e. your "basal metabolic rate", the rate at which your body burns calories even while at rest).  Then when you stop your weight loss program and start eating normally again, your metabolism is so low that anything over ½ of what you used to eat will put the weight back on!

That's why you get that unwanted "yo-yo diet" effect and end up being worse off when you try a "starvation diet" or any restrictive diet plan that does not take into account that your metabolism will get lowered after 3 days of reduced calorie intake. Extended fasting actually IS a "food shortage" or "starvation", and will likely trigger a lowering of the metabolic rate if continued for more than 3 days.

Now you can see WHY you must never do two Diet Days in a row. Two days of super-low calorie intake would get you close to that 3-day trigger point for lowering your metabolic rate. You don't know if the point is actually 3 days or somewhat less than 3 days for YOUR body, so you must play it safe and avoid even 2 consecutive days of "food shortage".

Even skipping meals during 3 consecutive days could cause this to happen if the day's calorie intake is reduced, because your body will sense it as a food shortage and protect itself from "starvation" by reducing its metabolic rate. So don't skip meals on your Food Days, for you need to eat enough food to get the usual number of calories your body is used to getting. Everyone needs a certain amount of calories per day to provide the energy they need to survive.

This is absolutely critical if you want to lose weight and avoid gaining weight. If there is one single thing that makes the difference between success and failure while on your Diet plan, this is it!


Also, DO NOT SKIP BREAKFAST on food Days! Eating raw fruit for breakfast is best, not a lot of protein or fat (like bacon and eggs). Champion bodybuilders often eat oatmeal for breakfast, without a lot of sugar or cream.

The "ONE DAY DIET" is designed to keep your body from knowing it's on a diet!  This prevents your metabolism from being lowered, and helps you lose weight without gaining it back. Being in "ketosis" for ONE DAY does not cause your body to lower your metabolism. (But being in ketosis three or more days WILL - and when you stop the ketosis diet your lower metabolism will make it very hard to keep the fat from returning. To avoid this, DO NOT "DIET" on your Food Days, and DO NOT DO MORE THAN ONE DIET DAY IN A ROW.)

But let's be perfectly honest and "realistic" about "gaining it back". Let's face it - you gained weight because you were eating more food than your body needs, and the excess was stored as fat.

If you don't learn some new eating habits while on the One Day Diet, you may just start to eat too much like you did before, and will eventually put the weight back on again. All the One Day Diet can promise is that if you follow the guidelines you will NOT lower your metabolism and cause yourself to gain weight later because your metabolism got lowered by your diet program (which is what happens with many failed diet programs).

We can't promise that YOU will choose to make some changes in your foods and eating habits which will help you avoid gaining weight again after you finish your Diet plan. Let's get that straight, so you don't ever think we were promising you something that no one could promise you - except yourself.

The promise is that if you follow this plan faithfully, you WILL lose weight and WILL NOT gain it back because of your METABOLISM being lowered as a result of the diet (which is what many other diet plans and keto diets cause to happen). But you could still gain it back if YOU don't promise yourself that you will try to eat less food than before, as appropriate for your new body weight, and will try to eat less of the foods that made you gain weight.

Give up the cola drinks loaded with 8-9 teaspoons of sugar, and avoid processed foods that contain "high fructose corn syrup". Those will make you fat real fast! It would also help to cut back on carbohydrates like corn and wheat products.

That's up to you, and we hope you will learn some things while doing the One Day Diet that will help you make those important changes, so you'll never have to diet again. Like eating raw fruit as a snack instead of sugary or fatty junk food, and drinking more water. Or like knowing that you CAN go for a whole day on 300 or 500 calories and live without sugar for a day, and knowing from experience that it really isn't hard to do.

Maybe you will decide to get out walking when you know it will further increase your weight loss on those Diet Days, and then you may get to like how it makes you feel better and have more energy and mental clarity, so you'll continue to take walks for the rest of your life and stay slimmer and healthier as a result. A brisk walk is not only great for fat-burning, but also good for your heart health!

Lighter Bodies Need Less Calories

An important thing you need to remember is that the amount of food (and calories) you need each day is related to your body mass - your "weight". It's also related to how much muscle mass your body has, which is why men need more food and calories than women of the same weight. But the general principle is that moving more weight takes more energy, and moving LESS weight around all day takes LESS energy and LESS calories from the food you consume.

Imagine you had to carry around a 10-pound bag of potatoes with you all day long. That would get tiring, because it would take more energy. And you would need to consume more calories to supply that extra energy. Now, when you stop carrying that 10-pounds of potatoes (or 10 pounds of body fat) you don't need as much energy, don't need to consume as many calories, and don't need to eat as much food.

See, when you have LOST weight on your diet program, you weigh LESS - so you don't need as many calories! So you must EAT LESS food than you were eating before you lost weight, or the excess food will be stored as fat and you will just gain weight again.

Enjoy your slimmer body and be proud of your successful weight loss! But don't let your success be sabotaged by forgetting that you shouldn't be putting as much food into that body which now carries less weight around.

Don't worry! You won't have to deprive yourself to maintain your lower body weight, for the size of your stomach tends to shrink as you do the One Day Diet, so you tend to feel satisfied and "full" after eating less food. You can eat less, while enjoying it more. So you are less likely to gain weight later on.

It can also help to switch from taking hard vitamin pills (which are only 10% to 20% absorbed) to the kind of all-natural liquid vitamin and mineral supplement sold by Affinity (Sea Energy PowerMax) and get the full spectrum of nutrients, so that your body does not crave extra food because it is missing some essential minerals or vitamins.

Now let's review the importance of NOT lowering your body's metabolic rate when you are dieting...

You need to understand this... your body's metabolism is much like a thermostat in your home, and it works to maintain your current body weight. You have to respect this, because you can't change the way it works.

Unfortunately, when you try to lose weight by dieting, if you go more than 3 days in a row with a reduced calorie intake, your body mistakenly sees the lesser amount of food you're eating as a signal that you are starving, and it immediately lowers your body's metabolism to conserve and store as much fat as possible! It's a survival tactic from ancient times which your body is still programmed to use.

But with the One Day Diet your metabolism DOESN'T lower itself, because you are eating normally 1 day out of every 2 days. You could even do two Food Days in a row if you needed to, and it will only slow down your weight loss by a day. But don't do two Diet Days in a row, don't skip meals or eat less food than usual on Food Days, and do NOT do any kind of "fasting" now, or you will risk lowering your metabolism.
  • Every other day is a FOOD DAY: Eat as you would when you're not dieting! This makes your body think you're NOT on a diet!
  • Every other day is a DIET DAY: Lose weight by burning off fat on this day! Chew two tasty Diet wafers every hour for 10 hours. No other food, except fresh fruit if necessary. No sugar or alcohol. Drink only water - 8 glasses if possible.
  • Drinking more water actually keeps your body from storing water as "water weight", and it helps you avoid feeling hungry. And it also helps flush out some partially-burned fats (ketones) through urination. Drink tea or coffee without sugar or "coffee whitener "if you must have your daily dose of caffeine (adding a little milk or real cream won't be too bad), but then drink MORE water to compensate for the water lost when caffeine stimulates your kidneys to flush out more water through urination. A caffeine drink does NOT count as one glass of water!

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Finally - A Diet That Succeeds Where Other Diets Have Failed


Of the 12 who do lose weight, only 2 maintain their weight loss for more than 1 year.

That's really a sad situation, isn't it? No wonder so many people are overweight or obese. Here's WHY...

When you are trying to lose weight, there are two things working against you - your body and your mind. Your body wants to maintain its normal metabolic rate and burn the same number of calories per day it is used to getting. If you try to reduce the amount of calories for three or more days in a row, it will lower its metabolic rate to avoid using as many calories, which will make it difficult to lose weight by reducing calories.

Your mind has its own subconscious beliefs which want you to remain the way you are, for that is why you got to be the way you are, and it will secretly sabotage your efforts to change - unless you can "reprogram" yourself to believe that being slimmer is a good thing and does not threaten some other belief that being overweight will fulfill another desire ...such as to feel safe, or to feel more powerful or important, or to feel you are being noticed or respected.

Sometimes we secretly believe that we don't "deserve" to be attractive or desirable, and then believe that being overweight is a way to fulfill that false belief. Sometimes we have judged ourselves "guilty" for something even when in truth we are innocent - and then our secret subconsious agenda is to "punish" ourselves by depriving us of things we really want. We all have our own subconscious beliefs which are really not true (but we believe they are) - and some of them are related to our body weight or size or appearance in ways that will work against what we think we want.

"Guilt" is often a factor in losing weight, for we can easily make ourselves "guilty" for "cheating" on our diet plan. (The truth is that we already believe we are guilty for something, and this is just another way to keep "proving" it to ourselves - be guilty of "cheating".) Two things that the One Day Diet can do to help avoid feeling "guilty" is to let you eat what you want every second day, and to keep you from feeling hungry on Diet Days so you are not tempted to "cheat".

And remember the truth that even if you do "cheat" you are "not guilty", for you chose to do exactly what you wanted to do - and that's okay! It's your right to choose what you do in your own life. Though you may not be consciously aware that you did, long ago you once chose to gain weight and then did some things to make it happen. But now you can choose again, and choose to LOSE weight - if you really want to.

So pay attention to the subtle ways you unconsciously "sabotage yourself" to keep from succeeding in getting what you consciously think you want. For example, be aware that your mind can make you think you are hungry even when your body is not actually hungry at all, in a physical sense. Or be aware that your unconscious mind might be telling you that "You will never succeed!" - even when you are consciously determined to succeed. Take comfort in the fact that your Will is powerful and that it gets to choose the "programming" - and that you can always use your Will power to "reprogram" those beliefs from the past which are not letting you have what you want in the present. You once chose to believe those things, and now you can choose to change what you believe.

If you've ever started a weight loss program, you know how difficult, frustrating, and sometimes even unhealthy dieting can be. Thanks to the One Day Diet plan, all that has changed, and you now have a useful tool you can use to reach your weight loss goal. Now you can lose weight fast with a revolutionary diet plan that works WITH your body and not against it. It's a weight loss program that is natural, easy to stick with, and lets you eat what you want every other day! Saves you more than it costs!

Dieting is Hazardous to Your Weight!

The main reason why 98 out of 100 dieters fail is because their weight loss programs ignore simple human physiology. When you cut down your food intake for more than 3 days in a row on a strict diet or by fasting, your body mistakes this for a signal that you are "starving", and automatically lowers your metabolism to deal with the food shortage by conserving energy and storing as much fat as possible! This makes it much more difficult to lose weight! And if this happens, when you go off your diet plan your metabolic rate is slower and you don't metabolize food as fast, so that anything over approximately half of what you used to eat before you started dieting can now cause you to gain weight again!

In short, other diet plans have a built-in failure mechanism that leads to a discouragingly low and slow rate of weight loss. It is caused by that lowering of your metabolic rate.

But the One Day Diet keeps this from happening to you. You only cut calories for 1 day on this diet, then you consume the usual amount of calories the very next day. Your body never sees "3 days in a row with reduced calories", so it won't lower your metabolic rate. The One Day Diet is designed to avoid this "failure mechanism" which those many failed diets didn't pay attention to. That's one of the main "secrets" of its success. And now YOU know one of our little diet plan secrets, which you can use even if you don't choose to use the One Day Diet plan.

Remember, the best diet plan is the one that works for YOU.

The Most Effective Way To Diet...
One Day At A Time!

This plan is different! "One Day Diet" is the first major breakthrough in dieting in this century, because this weight loss program works with your body, not against it. The "One Day Diet" plan "tricks" your body into sensing that you are NOT dieting. Every other day you are free to eat what you want - anywhere, anytime you choose! That means you are only "on" a diet every other day.

Because with the "One Day Diet" plan you never actually cut your food intake for longer than 1 day at a time, your body doesn't sense that you are dieting! So your metabolism will remain at its usual level, and you'll lose weight fast because every second day you are consuming far fewer calories when it's your "diet day". The 20 Diet wafers supply only 180 calories on your Diet Days, yet they provide just enough carbohydrates to keep your blood glucose level constant so you don't feel hungry or weak - or get tempted to "cheat".

You may learn to notice signs that your blood glucose level is going down, if you pay attention to how you feel just before an hour has passed and it's time to eat another 2 Diet wafers to raise it back to the normal level. You might feel a slight pressure or odd sensation in your head, or get some other subtle feeling in your body. Perhaps you just feel like you have less energy or feel fatigued. On a Food Day, or after your Diet plan is finished, that is the same sign you will get just before you start to feel hungry between meals and will want to reach for some snack food.

You can avoid the temptation to eat fattening snack foods by eating a little fruit (or even a leftover Diet wafer) at that point. What works for you on your Diet Days will work for you at other times too.

Willpower? Who Needs It?

Willpower is another reason why other diet plans usually fail. But "One Day Diet" eliminates the willpower obstacle by making dieting a 1-day-on then 1-day-off proposition. You don't need a great deal of willpower to deal with the temptation to quit your diet plan. You only need enough willpower to diet for ONE day - because the very next day is your Food Day!

Anyone can stick to a diet for 1 day when they know they can eat what they want the next day. With "One Day Diet", you are never more than 24 hours away from your favorite meal!

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The Fat Elimination Process Explained

When you eat more calories than your body burns, the excess food is stored in your fat cells. The "One Day Diet" plan heats up your "metabolic furnace" and burns fat by the hour in millions of cells for the 24 hours of a Diet Day, even while you sleep. Your real goal is not just to reduce weight, but to reduce FAT. If you happen to be adding more muscle mass as a result of exercising at the same time you are losing fat while using the One Day Diet, the net effect may actually be a lesser weight loss or even a little weight gain, because muscle weighs nearly three times as much as the same volume of fat. But you will still be losing fat and those unwanted inches around your waist and thighs! It's not the pounds that matter, it's the inches!
Fat Cell Now
Fat Cell Now
First 12 Hours
First 12 Hours
First 24 Hours
First 24 Hours
First 36 Hours
First 36 Hours
First 48 Hours

24-Hour Fat Elimination
On Your "Diet Day"

The proprietary combination of ingredients in 100% natural One Day Diet wafers provides nutrition from the hour you wake until your head hits the pillow on your "Diet Days". With the carefully measured consumption of 2 Diet wafers each hour for 10 hours, you get just enough carbohydrates to maintain your blood glucose level and avoid feeling hungry (18 calories per hour). But you don't get enough carbohydrates for your body to convert to glucose and use as fuel all day, so it has to start using its supply of stored fat as a secondary source of energy. And that's exactly what you want to happen on each Diet Day - to reduce fat!

By eating only the tasty vanilla or chocolate or strawberry Diet wafers and a little raw fruit on your Diet Day, you will cause what is called a "hypocaloric effect" to take place in your body and allow fat elimination from your cells to occur every second of your Diet Day, until you eat your breakfast the next morning. As a result of this fat-burning process called "lipolysis" you could burn off 1 to 2 pounds of fat on that Diet Day! (Individual results will vary. Men typically lose almost twice as many pounds per Diet Day.)

Then the next day is always a Food Day, when you eat your usual amount of food to avoid lowering your metabolism. It's very important to avoid consuming any sugar or any alcohol on your Diet Days, because that would stop the fat-burning process which you were trying to start!

Lose up to 25 pounds per month as a result of those Diet Days, while eating what you like on your Food Days!

The "One Day Diet" plan can reverse your body's fat-building process and eliminate fat from millions of cells every 24 hours, even while you are asleep. You don't even need to exercise - but you could burn off even MORE fat if you go out walking on your Diet Days, because your body will need more glucose to deal with the demand for fuel from all the muscle cells you are using, and will have to burn more fat to produce that extra glucose.

How Much Fresh Fruit and What Kinds of Fruit
Should You Eat on Diet Days?

The main purpose of the raw fruit you eat on Diet Days is to give you something more substantial than the Diet wafers, if you feel you need it. But the less fruit you eat, the less calories you will have to burn off to lose weight. The 2 Diet wafers you eat each hour on Diet Days will keep most people from feeling any real hunger at all, but since everyone has a different body chemistry and body mass, you might feel hungry occasionally, especially if you see someone else eating or get thinking about "real food". Diet Tip: Drinking a glass of water can help distract you from wanting to eat when you aren't really hungry. Tell yourself you can eat AFTER you drink the water, and later you may forget you wanted to snack!

To review, the fruit is "optional" and you may not need to eat very much fruit on your Diet Days. But DO eat a small portion of your favorite fruit if you happen to feel hungry or get thinking too much about food - and then eat a little more if that was not enough to satisfy you. On your first few Diet Days, eat all the raw fruit you want and don't worry about the calories, since this will help you get accustomed to eating only the Diet wafers and some raw fruit all day. Stock up in advance with your favorite fruits so you can have a little variety to make your Diet Days more enjoyable. Apples work the best and offer other health benefits you need.

Learn what kinds of fruit are best to eat by clicking on this link to the One Day Diet FAQ page (opens a new window).

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If you are allergic to dairy products or cannot digest milk (are "lactose-intolerant") please note that the One Day Diet list of ingredients includes "condensed milk" and "whey protein". If drinking milk results in cramps or nausea, you should not use this product.
If you are diabetic, please note that the One Day Diet does not contain any refined sugar, but the list of ingredients includes raw sugar in the form of "dehydrated natural cane juice". Eating 20 Diet wafers per Diet Day will supply a total of 35 grams of unrefined sugar or 3.5 grams per hour when you eat 2 wafers per hour for 10 hours.

Important Notice:
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Each bottle of 140 New One Day Diet wafers allows you to eat 20 per day and continue
your rapid weight loss program for 14 days, consisting of 7 Diet Days and 7 Food Days.
Since 20 wafers provide only 180 calories, they should be taken only on alternate
days so that you will always resume eating regular food after each 24 hours on
the One Day Diet plan.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT "diet" or reduce total calories on any Food Days! Eat "normally" and enjoy your food.
On all Food Days, be certain to consume at least the number of calories considered "normal"
for someone of your height, weight, gender, age, and activity level.
You may reduce calories from sugar or fat IF you REPLACE them with calories from other healthier foods.
You MUST pay attention to this: DO NOT reduce TOTAL calories per day on ANY of your Food Days
or you will risk lowering your metabolic rate and cause your body to resist losing weight!

While on the One Day Diet you could save more on groceries than you paid for your Diet wafers.

One Day Diet is a fast weight loss supplement sold as a "food supplement".
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Each bottle of 140 New One Day Diet wafers will allow you to continue your weight loss program
for 14 days, consisting of 7 diet days and 7 food days.
Typical weight loss when the Diet plan is followed exactly is 20 to 25 pounds per month, but individual results may vary. Women typically lose less weight than men.

Please do not confuse the Affinity Original One Day Diet plan with any other weight loss programs such as the Summertime One Day Diet, 1 Day Diet, the Dr. Oz Day-Off Diet, Tropical 2-Day Diet, Malibu 2 Day Diet, 3 Day Diet, Tammi Flynn's Three Apple a Day Diet, 4 Day Diet, Four Day Wonder Diet, Candida 4 Day Rotation Diet, 5 Day Miracle Diet, Scottsdale 7-Day Diet, Aspen Wellness 7 Day Lifestyle Diet, 10-Day Diet, 28-Day Diet, Dr. McDougall's 12-Day Diet Meal Plan, or the "Keto" diet featured on Dr. Oz TV show.
The Original One Day Diet Plan and Diet wafers are marketed by Affinity Health Products of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. It is a scientific rapid weight loss program designed for safe and lasting weight loss by regulating the body's blood glucose levels and preventing a lowering of the metabolic rate, while providing essential nutrition from One Day Diet wafers on "diet days" and maintaining healthy hydration levels by drinking 8 glasses of water per day. On the One Day Diet, you diet for 1 day to burn off stored fat while your body is in "ketosis", then eat normally the next day (avoids lowering your metabolic rate). You can repeat this "1-day-on, 1-day-off" diet cycle for as long as you want, or you can stop and start again anytime you want to lose weight fast. With the Affinity One Day Diet you lose fat without losing muscle, because the Diet wafers deliver protein every hour for ten hours each Diet Day. The NEW One Day Diet formula now delivers more than twice the protein as the Original One Day Diet and contains NO canola oil and no high-fructose corn syrup solids.

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