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Daily Horoscopes by Michael Star

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Daily Horoscope by Zenzodiac:

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Pisces Daily Horoscope MON 01 JAN ©2018 Michael Star
Today you may expect someone to sense that you're needing some loving care. If you're looking for love, look to your friends for referrals. A friendship or acquaintance might alter the course of your life. Soon, someone with a powerful effect on you could change your view of Life.

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Pisces types, meaning people born with Sun and/or Moon in the Sign of Pisces (whose Symbol is "The Fishes"), are emotionally sensitive and tend to be most comfortable near bodies of water, like ponds and lakes and oceans. They tend to prefer an island or beach vacation, or an ocean or river cruise, compared to a desert or mountain vacation. They feel "grounded" and relieved of stress when near an ocean, lake, pond, stream, or river - and find a long bath, hot tub, pool, or Jaquzzi session relieves their stressful feelings. Pisces is associated with liquids, and with "illusions" such as perfumes, cosmetics, costumes, and acting. Pisces types are noted for their imagination, intuition, empathy, compassion, and often psychic sensitivity.
Pisces! Keep on showing the COMPASSION that comforts others.

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Michael Star's Notes on Pisces:

PISCES is a MUTABLE Sign (which is adaptable) and a WATER Sign (which lives through Feelings). The two Rulers of the Sign of Pisces are the Planets Jupiter and Neptune. The astrological symbol is "The Fishes" which depicts two fish which resemble Koi swimming in opposite directions and connected by a cord in their mouths. Pisces people, like the fishes, love (and need) to be in the water or close to bodies of water such as the ocean, lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams - or to be in swimming pools, hot tubs, bathtubs, and Jacuzzis. Many love to swim or snorkle or scuba dive, where their "fish" nature can be fulfilled. It is remarkable how many gold medal winners in Olympic swimming events turn out to be Pisces people - maybe because more Pisceans participate in water sports than other Signs. See the list below!
Famous Pisceans by Profession: Click here to see the Pisces Celebrities List.
(c)2016 Michael Star

In 2016 the SUN enters the Sign of Pisces on February 19 at 12:34 AM Eastern Time (GMT -5 hours).
In 2016 the SUN leaves the Sign of Pisces on  March 20  at  12:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -4 hours).
In 2017 the SUN enters the Sign of Pisces on February 18 at 6:31 AM Eastern Time (GMT -5 hours).
In 2017 the SUN leaves the Sign of Pisces on  March 20  at  6:29 AM Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -4 hours).
In 2018 the SUN enters the Sign of Pisces on February 18 at 12:18 PM Eastern Time (GMT -5 hours).
In 2018 the SUN leaves the Sign of Pisces on  March 20  at  12:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -4 hours).
(In other years, such as in YOUR year of birth, these PISCES Cusp Dates could vary by one day.)

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Creative ways to misspell Pisces: Piscies, Picies, Pisese, Pisies, Piesese, Picese, Piscese, Pieces, Picsese, Pices, Piseces, Piseze, Piskese. The correct adjective for Pisces is Piscean. Its symbol is "The Fishes". The ruler of the Sign of Pisces is the planet Neptune. Neptune was the Roman god of the Sea.

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