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Daily Horoscopes by Michael Star

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Michael took some time off after producing Daily Horoscopes from 1998 to 2009, then resumed posting Daily Horoscopes in April 2016 at

Virgo Daily Horoscope FRI 22 SEP ©2017 Michael Star
Today you may tend to deny yourself pleasures that aren't practical. Old beliefs which now block your growth could be challenged to change. Soon you may appear attractive to a perosn who needs some tender loving care.

Virgo! Keep on being the PERFECTOR who inspires others to improve and to purify.
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??? Famous film actors Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds share the same birth place (Canada) AND the same birth Sign. Is their birth Sign: Aries, Cancer, Virgo, or Scorpio? See the answer at the Celebrities List page.
??? You would think that the eight actors who played the dashing, daring and dangerous British spy "James Bond, Agent 007" would be devious Scorpio or bold Aries types. But only two were born under the combative Sign of Aries; while all the rest were born under the peaceful Signs of Taurus, Libra, Virgo (2), and Pisces (2). Author Ian Fleming actually created the James Bond character as a Scorpio born November 11.

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Michael Star's Notes on Virgo:

VIRGO is a MUTABLE Sign (which is Adaptable) and an EARTH Sign (which lives through the Physical Senses). The ruler of Virgo is the Planet Mercury (Roman "Messenger of the Gods"), which is also the ruler of Gemini. Virgo's key themes are "ORDER" and "DISCRIMINATION" and "PURIFICATION". "Discrimination" really means "ability to DISCERN the DIFFERENCE" - and NOT "judging those who are seen as different". To be able to "discriminate" first requires that one can "perceive" or "notice" what details are DIFFERENT between people or things that may be very similar in general. The part of the Body associated with Virgo is the Kidneys, whose function is PURIFICATION of the blood, which requires detailed DISCRIMINATION between parts of the blood which are beneficial versus parts which are waste or toxic material. Note how people born under these two Signs tend to be perceptive, clever, and good "communicators". This is stronger in an AIR Sign like Gemini, which is often seen as "witty" or "quick-witted". Earth Signs like Virgo tend to be "practical" and "down to earth"; while Air Signs tend to be "intellectual" and "abstract thinkers".

The Planet associated with one's intellectual and communication style is actually Mercury, which is strongest when it is located in the two Signs which Mercury rules. Since the Planet Mercury is very close to the Sun, in a geo-centric birth chart it can ONLY be located in the same Sign as the Sun or in one of the two adjacent Signs. Thus people born with Sun in the Air Sign of Gemini may also have Mercury in Gemini, which strongly reinforces their tendency to be clever, quick-witted, and good talkers or writers. (People born with Sun in Taurus or Cancer can also have Mercury in Gemini, and share these intellectual and communication traits.) However, people born with Sun in Virgo can NOT have Mercury in Gemini, since it can only be in Virgo or the adjacent Signs of Leo or Libra. Being born with Sun in Virgo AND Mercury in Virgo does reinforce those intellectual traits, but to a lesser extent because Virgo is an Earth Sign. I did find it somewhat surprising to find so many well-known Comedians and Comedy Actors who were born with Sun in Virgo (see the list below).
Famous Virgos by Profession: Click here to see the Virgo Celebrities List.

(c)2016 Michael Star
Daily Horoscope by Zenzodiac:

In 2016 the SUN enters the Sign of Virgo on  August 22  at  12:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -4 hours).
In 2016 the SUN leaves the Sign of Virgo on September 22 at 10:21 AM Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -4 hours).
In 2017 the SUN enters the Sign of Virgo on  August 22  at  6:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -4 hours).
In 2017 the SUN leaves the Sign of Virgo on September 22 at 4:02 PM Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -4 hours).
(In other years, such as in YOUR year of birth, these VIRGO Cusp Dates could vary by one day.)

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Creative ways to misspell Virgo: Virgin, Virgi, Virgoe, Vurgo, Vergo, Viergo, Virgio, Virago, Virginian. The correct adjective for Virgo is Virgoan. Its symbol is "the virgin harvester". The co-ruler of Virgo (and Gemini) is the planet Mercury, the "Messenger of the Gods."

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